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British Dogs

Meet Gimli

Since Rosie’s children have left home, Gimli has filled the gap they left with lots of laughs and constant support

Gimli is our sixth rehomed dog, and has been with us nearly five years. He's a joy. He loves humans and always invites them to tickle his ears. He also loves playing with the dogs he sees regularly on his walks.

His dedication to sniffing when he's outside always reminds us of a reader with a very good book. My husband now calls his walks ‘going to the library’.

Gimli stops us being empty nesters

Gimli’s my constant companion. When I fractured my femur last June, we had to wait 10.5 hours for an ambulance. For all that time, he sat quietly and supportively by my side, near the fracture. When the ambulance team came, he welcomed them and stood back quietly as they manoeuvred me onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Our children have flown the nest now to have their own lives (rightly so), but Gimli stops us being empty nesters. He fills the house with fun and welcomes all the affection we used to give the children with genial appreciation.

Meet Chance

Eleven months ago, Chance and his siblings were found abandoned in a park, but the love and care of Lauren and her colleagues has transformed him into a happy, healthy pup!

Chance was found in a park with his four litter mates at just a day old. They were dumped in a cardboard box and left for dead!

A lovely member of the public brought them in to the vets where I work, and the whole team rallied together to hand-rear the five puppies. This involved lots of feeds, throughout the day and night, whilst also doing our jobs.

He was found in a park with his four litter mates at just a day old

It was touch and go as to whether they would survive or grow into normal dogs as they didn’t have the influence of their mum, who would normally teach them a lot of life lessons.

But Chance is 11 months old now and he’s absolutely huge. He’s coming on so well with his training! He has lots of little quirks, like he has to bring something to show you when he greets you. He LOVES people and dogs, especially children, and he knows quite a few party tricks, including ‘commando’ where he crawls along the floor like an army man.

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Meet Daisy Mae

Rosemary took Daisy Mae in when she was left without an owner, and in return she’s helped her heal from the loss of her previous dog

Daisy Mae lost her owner a few months ago. He had dementia, so she’s now overweight due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. Her owner’s son found me through a rescue centre, and she came straight to me.

She's a failed foster, as I'm adopting her!

She's been through a lot, but she has a lovely temperament and is ever so good. She's my fourth dog, as my last furbaby died nearly two years ago from serious heart disease, which left me heartbroken. But Daisy Mae has mended my heart and brought me such joy.

She's a great companion, and she’s a Staffy, so she’s full of happy wags and lots of kisses and smiles. I live on my own, so she also helps with any feelings of loneliness. And now, she's a failed foster, as I'm adopting her!

Meet Millie

Corrie has so many fantastic memories with dogs Thor and Loki

Loki came to me as a five-month-old pup. Sadly, he needed one of his front legs removing following an accident. Having only three legs has never slowed him down, and his enthusiasm for life is infectious. He has walked up mountains with me, gone camping in Scotland and assisted me in the running of my B&B. Currently, he’s supervising the new patio area we’re creating, which I’m sure he’ll love to sunbathe in!

I sometimes see Loki roll his eyes at Thor

Loki may be small, but he has a large personality and an even bigger heart. He loves our other dog, Thor. They’re so funny together, and I’m sure I sometimes see Loki roll his eyes at Thor when he’s being silly. It’s so adorable to see them snuggled up or enjoying a game of tug and war.

My dogs are my whole world, and I’m so glad Loki found me when he needed my help.

Meet Bruno

Bruno has been helping Rachel and her family heal after the tragic loss of their previous pup

Bruno is my whole life! In April 2020, at the beginning of Covid, we were lucky enough to become paw-rents to Barnum, our first Newfoundland. Our love for Barnum was instantaneous and we enjoyed watching him grow. But just after he celebrated his first birthday, he became ill with a large tumour in his liver. We had no choice but to put him to sleep. My heart broke.

I never imagined my heart would ever heal, or that I’d be able to be happy again. But in May 2021, Bruno was born. Sadly, his mum passed away from heart failure after a c-section, so he was hand reared, and I knew I would have to be an extra special mama to him.

Eight weeks later, he came to live with us in Scotland. My very broken heart was about to start healing. From the first moment I saw Bruno, I knew Barnum had sent him to help me heal. It was instant love, and it has grown every day.

Bruno is 22 months old now and is the most gentle and loving dog. He knows when I’m sad and he’s always there to make me happy. Even when I’m happy, he has the ability to make me happier. He has healed our hearts and makes us smile every day.

He’s the sweetest puppy, but he weighs in at 66kg, so his zoomies are something special, especially when he’s running over for a cuddle. He loves to kiss, cuddle and sit on our feet – or sometimes even our knees! He’s the biggest bundle of love and I love absolutely everything about him. His love is special – there are no words to describe it.

He has healed our hearts

Meet Teddy

As a Tibetan Terrier, Teddy’s unlike any of Michelle’s previous dogs, but she loves him more than words can express

I grew up with dogs, as did my husband. So, when we got married, we decided we wanted to get our own dog. My husband had grown up with Tibetan Terriers and said we had to get one. I’d never heard of the breed, but I did a bit of research, found a breeder and Teddy came along in August 2019. He totally changed our lives!

Everyone says their dog is the best, but I know mine really is

Teddy is stubborn, fussy, wonderfully intelligent, independent, loving on his own terms, funny, playful, and full of character. He’s almost human and loves being outside – he’d probably live outside if I let him!

He’s the total opposite to the dogs I had growing up, but I wouldn’t change him for the world, and I’d never get a different breed now. I can’t put into words how much I love my furry boy. He’s loved so much, and he knows it! Everyone says their dog is the best, but I know mine really is.

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