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Why choose Winalot?


Why Choose Winalot

Dogs have an unrivalled ability to make us laugh, keep us company and help us to stay active. Our furry companions truly are our everyday heroes, and naturally, you want to make sure yours is as happy and healthy as possible.

That’s why for more than 90 years, Winalot ® has been feeding the greatness in dogs. Each of their products contain essential nutrients for your furry friend designed to help support healthy digestion, vitality and a shiny coat. It’s a formula that’s been trusted by generations, so you can rest assured it will work for your dog, too.

Why Choose Winalot

Winalot’s wet dog food pouches are clean, hygienic, and easy to feed with. You can choose to mix in with dry, or simply use them on their own. What’s more, the cardboard packaging is widely recyclable and Winalot has partnered with the Flexible Plastic Fund, so you can easily dispose of the plastic pouches sustainably.

There are several Winalot ranges specially tailored to suit your dog’s stage of life or specific needs.

Which Winalot range is right for your dog? Read on to find out…



Winalot®’s adult range features a wide variety of flavours. Their succulent meaty chunks are made with natural ingredients*, without artificial flavours or preservatives and come in an easy to serve no mess pouch. So why not try their grain-free meaty chunks mixed in jelly today!

Small Dogs


Winalot® Small Dog has been specially designed for small dog breeds that weigh between 1-10kg. Developed by pet nutrition experts, these pouches contain flavoursome, bitesize pieces for small mouths that have been grilled to perfection!



A little extra care goes a long way. That’s why Winalot ® Puppy has been specially formulated to help support the health of your growing puppy. Every bit tasty as they are nutritious, these succulent meaty chunks are mixed in gravy and made with natural ingredients*.

Senior Dogs (age 7+)


Maturing dogs have changing needs, which is why Winalot Senior (7+) has been specially formulated to help support the health of your older dog. Serve up wholesome, nutritious meals, made with natural ingredients* today!

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*Ingredients from natural origin

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