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British Dogs

Meet Eddie

Eddie joined Sam’s family as a companion for her other dog Alfie, and since then he’s made everyone’s lives better!

When we got Eddie, we already had one dog under the age of two called Alfie. Alfie has always been full of energy. He loves playing with other dogs in the park, particularly when he’s being chased, so he can show off his speed! We knew Alfie would love a dog companion, so we brought Eddie home.

From day one, they became best friends

From day one, they became best friends, doing everything together! They spend most of the day playing with the same toys and chasing each other around the park, garden or house, and then evenings are spent cuddling up and sleeping together.

Eddie adores his older brother, following him around everywhere and copying everything he does. Because of this, he’s learnt everything so quickly! Eddie is also one of the cuddliest puppies I’ve ever known – he loves being around people and his favourite thing is to snuggle in the evenings on the sofa. Eddie has brought both us and Alfie nothing but joy!

Meet Cooper

For Hollie, Cooper is a happy reminder of the two years she spent travelling around Canada

Cooper is everything to us. He came into our lives when we were travelling in Canada and got stuck in a small prairie town during Covid. The lady who ran the local dump (it was so remote there was no bin service!) used to have at least 15 dogs, three cats and a horse. They would run around her farm property and none of them were neutered. So, naturally, when she offered us this little golden mutt (a Chihuahua Jack Russell type), we just said we’d make it work.

A few months later, our immigration fell through, and we had to leave the country. We were devastated. It was something we’d worked towards for so long and leaving was so hard. When we came back, Cooper was immediately our source of comfort and familiarity during a time of culture shock and grieving.

He came from such a specific part of our journey and now he is always with us to symbolise that. He helps us through sad times and knows exactly what to do to cheer us up. He’s the happiest dog of all time (people say it regularly!), so having him around is a blessing.

He has quite a strong set of adorable quirks too. He was born with a natural mohawk that never went away, which is always a great conversation starter with other dog owners. He also has the longest and loudest yawns known to man. For a tiny pup, he’s so full of life!

He’s the happiest dog of all time

Meet Drift

Amy was always unsure about getting a dog until Drift was born right next door

We had deliberated for years over getting a dog. Was it the right time? Were the children the right age? Would our cats cope? What kind of dog would suit our lifestyle?

We keep wondering why we never had a dog before

Then a litter of Dalmatian puppies was born on the farm next door and the time was right. And... Dalmation puppies... NEXT DOOR! Drift joined our family in December as our first ever dog and it’s like he has always been here. We keep wondering why we never had a dog before.

He has been a joy to train, and we are so proud of the calm and confident young dog he is becoming. Evenings are spent blissfully entangled with spotty limbs on the sofa, and we can't wait for a summer of adventures with him in our camper van.

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Meet Dali

Victoria’s anxiety has often made everyday life a challenge, but Dali is always there to lighten the load

As someone who has suffered with social anxiety for many years, Dali has always been there for me, whether he’s accompanying me to shops, or sitting with me when I'm tearful.

Dali suffers from bad arthritis in his legs, so he has to travel by buggy now. But no matter what, he’s always a happy waggy dog who never leaves my side.

Dali has an amazing personality and one of his favourite things to do is sing to music! He howls away to his favourite singers, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Little Mix. He’s the best little thing to ever happen to me.

He’s the best little thing to ever happen to me

Meet Mabel

Sharon has a soft spot for Mabel the mischief maker.

Mabel is a blonde bundle of fluffy fun, with a laid-back personality. She loves everyone and she thinks that everyone automatically loves her!

She thinks that everyone automatically loves her!

I love that she is a bit of a monkey, who totally doesn’t care if she has done something wrong. She just looks at you with her big brown eyes as if to say ‘what’s the problem?’

My favourite thing to do is cuddle her, as well as teaching her new tricks. Now she can high-five, beg, give a paw and roll over.

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