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British Dogs

Meet Dora

After being rescued from her abusive trainer, life has only got better for Dora since she joined Claire’s family

Dora was rescued by the RSPCA in September 2022, and came into our lives when we adopted her in May 2023. She had survived starvation and neglect at the hands of her trainer, who was sentenced to 32 weeks in prison and given a lifetime ban from owning animals.

Dora is a sweet, bright and affectionate baby. She’s quite the comedian and wakes us up every morning by howling in our faces. She loves to 'curtsy' to greet people when they come into the house. She lightens up our work calls by laying on her back behind us and pulling goofy faces.

I want to give her as many experiences as I can to make up for her life before

Her favourite trick at the moment is to jump as high as she can when we leave the house on our walks. She also likes to outrun her best friend, Jadzia the German Shepherd, and play chase with her.

To me, Dora is an inspiration. She’s a reminder than no matter what you go through in life, you can't stop and wallow in misery. She’s a brave girl who genuinely loves humans and craves attention and affection. She makes my life better and I love thinking about the happy days I will give her.

She inspires me to look after myself, so that I can look after her. I’ve been to places I never would have gone, just because I want to give her as many experiences as I can to make up for her life before. She’s the best decision I've ever made.

Meet Indie

Lena struggled with Indie as a pup, but 13 years later, she’s more than happy she persevered with her

I rescued Indie when she was six months old. By then, we were already her third owners. She’s a Great Dane Labrador cross and she’s going to be 13 in April.

I’ve had many wonderful years with her

She was certainly a challenge and we shed a lot of tears. My husband at the time even wanted to rehome her. But she’s such a character and I’ve had many wonderful years with her since.

She’s one of seven dogs that I own currently. Six of them are rescues from Apollo’s Angels, which is a charity in Cyprus I’ve been involved in running for the last 10 years. We’ve now rehomed more than 1,200 abandoned hunting dogs from Cyprus to the UK. This July will be the charity’s 10th anniversary.

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Meet Casper

Casper’s cheerful demeanour and cheeky sense of humour make him a great addition to Kay’s family

Our lovely Casper is 13 in March and this is his and our story so far. We went to meet him and his brothers and sisters and my son said which one should we choose. My son was sat on the floor and Casper had fallen asleep on his knee. We pointed out that Casper had chosen him and us.

A few weeks before we were due to collect Casper we got a call from his breeder saying that he had to have a little op and we didn't have to have him. My son said Casper was definitely ours.

Casper has some lovely traits and everyone who meets him loves him commenting on his gentle friendly manner and his waggy tail. He is very cheeky. For our doorbell we have a plug-in tester inside our house. It has a button on it and it lights up and the bell rings if pressed. When we are not watching Casper presses it with his nose. The bell rings and Casper barks as if someone is at the door and looks towards it. We go to see who is at the door and realise what our cheeky Casper has done. We look around at him and he is wagging his tail!

Casper's favourite place is the beach. He loves a stone being kicked for him so he can chase it, dig a hole around it and lay outstretched in the hole with the stone looking out. He makes us smile and other people on the beach.

I was recently unwell and sitting on the sofa. Casper gently jumped up resting his paws on my knees to comfort me. He is very caring and thoughtful. Casper is 13 next month and just as playful as he was as a puppy. He is so very special.

He is very caring and thoughtful

Meet Oscar

At a stressful time in her life, Paula knew she could rely on her dog Oscar to help her feel better

Five years ago, I was the victim of an armed robbery attack at my workplace. I was left badly shaken and very frightened. As soon as I was brought home from the police station, Oscar came to me and sat with me, and when I went to change from my uniform he followed me closely.

He’d stay close by my side

Not long after the incident, my dad had to go and visit my mum in hospital, which meant leaving me home alone. Oscar lay beside me the couch for the entire time dad was away. And, for the whole week I was off work Oscar followed me around the house, sitting in the bathroom doorway and sleeping right beside me every night. Even when we were out on a walk, he’d stay close by my side if someone came towards us.

Throughout the months it took me to recover Oscar was there – and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Meet Ayda

Ayda is always by Alyson’s side, whether she’s heading to work or healing from an injury

Ayda is an ex-racing Greyhound. During the first COVID lockdown, when there was no Greyhound racing, her trainer put her up for adoption with a local rescue. From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us.

From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us

She’s the most gentle dog. I take her to the care home where I work, and everyone loves her. I also volunteer for the small rescue who rehomed her. We stand outside supermarkets raising much-needed funds for them.

Ayda loves people and she’ll draw you in with her eyes, then she’ll lean on you with all her weight. Recently I broke my ankle, and I don't know how I would have coped without her. During the day, she was my only company – and a good listener, too. She means the world to me. She's my best friend and a truly amazing dog.

Meet Paddy

Sarah adopted Paddy when he needed her most, and now he’s able to help other vulnerable dogs just like him

Paddy was brought into a rescue center where I was working as a dog walker. He had been found on a busy road near Newark, and was very thin and dirty. It took him a while to warm to us, but after a lot of perseverance – and the offer of food – Paddy came home with me as a foster dog.

He’s such a gentle soul

Of course, I failed as a foster parent and adopted Paddy not long after. He’s such a gentle soul, and has proved to be extremely loving and very happy in everyday life. Over the years, he’s attended fundraiser events with me, to raise money for other dogs in recuse centers and to promote awareness of how Lurchers can make lovely pets.

To this day, Paddy loves food, and will pretty much do anything if you bribe him with something tasty! He also enjoys woodland walks, but his favourite thing to do is curl up on the sofa for some cosy snuggles.

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