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British Dogs

Meet Sammy

Sometimes Sammy has so many people waiting on him, Stephanie thinks he’s more human than dog

He’s the best thing since sliced bread – a human with four paws. He's not easy to wake in the morning because he likes to stay wrapped up in my dressing gown until I get sorted.

He enjoys the perks of two houses, as he passes between ours and the neighbours via his own self-made gate in the fence. He goes there to play and comes home to sleep.

He’s the best thing since sliced bread

He loves ‘hunt the treat’ games, as well as the usual doggy toys. He asks to go out for a wee by peeping round the corner of the room and giving a small 'chuff' sound. He also makes the same noise when he wants to come up on the sofa – he’s a dog with manners.

He has his own masseuse (my friend), his own eye cleaner (my husband) and his own bottom cleaner (me). Can you get any more human than that? Or is he just a spoilt pooch? We love him loads, for all his traits.

Meet Buddy

Ever since he came into their lives, Buddy has been Victoria’s daughter’s closest companion

Buddy belongs to my 14-year-old daughter, Abbie. For four years, from the age of three, she wanted a dog. Eventually, she chose Buddy, a two-day-old red Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and we visited every other week until he could come home with us.

Abbie has been committed to Buddy ever since. She’s been taking him training twice a week, every week, since he was old enough to go to puppy classes. She feeds him and bathes him and does everything for him. She has even researched the best food for maintaining his health.

The bond they have is wonderful to see

The bond they have is wonderful to see. When Abbie is unwell or struggling with her asthma, Buddy never leaves her side, choosing to lay next to her until she is well. As a team, they have worked together, competing in Obedience and Rally shows around the region. They’ve also competed at Crufts and won first place many times. This year, they were even chosen to be part of the Northern Team for the Interregional Rally competition at Crufts, where they won first place again.

As well as training, they love to play. Buddy loves balloons and will bounce around for hours with one. He often has Abbie in fits of giggles. When it snows, Buddy tries to help Abbie build snowmen but usually ends up digging them until they fall! He doesn’t like water and will do anything to avoid puddles, but if he sees Abbie going into the sea, he always makes sure he stays with her.

Abbie is quiet around people, but Buddy gives her the confidence to talk. He’s brought her out of her shell and together they are amazing. He really is a special dog. Best friends for life!

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Meet Leri

Brave, loyal and the best teammate, Leri gives Katy a lot to be proud of

Lerihas recently retired from his role as a Protection Dog for the British Army. I first met him when he was two years old, after he had been postedto my unit fresh out of training. He was my first Military Working Dog and together, we guided each other through.

We guided each other through

We absolutely smashed our last licensing, and were awarded an advancedpass, something that has not been achieved in more than ten years at my unit. I have learnt so much from Leri and I’m honoured to have been able to take him home at the end of his service. I owe him all that life can give and I love him so much.He’s my big, slobbery, brave boy!

Meet Evie

FAngela adores her dog Evie, especially for her positive outlook on life

My Chocolate Labrador was the smallest of her litter, weighing only 1.5kg at eight weeks old. We spent a lot of time building her up, as she lives with two other, larger Labradors. She thrived on the attention, food and exercise, and is now a healthy 27 kg.

She keeps us going

When she was one, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. I am so proud of herand the way she just gets on with life. We treat her the same as our other two dogs, so she enjoys going on walks, eating and playing. With her happy-go-lucky character, she keeps us going, always reminding us to stay positive. Evie has taught us that life is too short to spend it worrying. We admire her so much.

Meet Drax

Jennifer’s dog Drax may be clumsy, but that just makes him all the more adorable

We think our dog Drax may actually be a small bear. He’s huge, huggable and absolutely ridiculous. We rescued him from being put to sleep just two days before Christmas, and it’s still impossible to believe no one wanted him!

He’s actually the clumsiest animal

Drax look majestic and is very handsome, but he’s also extremely clumsy. He knocks over pretty much anything in his path, will break through closed doors if you shut him in a room even for just a minute, and always shouts at you if he doesn’t agree with what you’re doing. But Drax is also the most loveable dog I’ve ever met – and that’s saying something, because as fosterers, we’ve encountered a lot.

We may have rescued Drax, but really, I think he rescued us more.

Meet Ayda

Ayda is always by Alyson’s side, whether she’s heading to work or healing from an injury

Ayda is an ex-racing Greyhound. During the first COVID lockdown, when there was no Greyhound racing, her trainer put her up for adoption with a local rescue. From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us.

From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us

She’s the most gentle dog. I take her to the care home where I work, and everyone loves her. I also volunteer for the small rescue who rehomed her. We stand outside supermarkets raising much-needed funds for them.

Ayda loves people and she’ll draw you in with her eyes, then she’ll lean on you with all her weight. Recently I broke my ankle, and I don't know how I would have coped without her. During the day, she was my only company – and a good listener, too. She means the world to me. She's my best friend and a truly amazing dog.

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