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British Dogs

Meet Pickle

Whether Pickle’s chasing, cuddling or finishing ice creams, owner Stephanie finds she’s always a pleasure to be around

We’ve had Pickle since she was two years old, when another family decided they no longer wanted her.

Our youngest daughter had been suffering from mental health issues for several years and persuaded us that a therapy dog would really help her move forward in a positive way.

She brings great joy to our lives

In actual fact, Pickle has been a blessing to the entire family. From daily dog walks, chasing squirrels and learning new tricks, to constant cuddles, making us smile and finishing our ice creams, she brings great joy to our lives.

Pickle has saved our family and helped us navigate difficult times. We cannot imagine life without our gorgeous furry friend, and we love her to the moon and back.

Meet Juno

When Laura’s spirits needed lifting, her dog Juno showered her with love and affection

I recently had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. My Leonberger, Juno, has been an absolute life saver. After being released from hospital, she instinctively understood that she couldn’t jump up on me or paw me in the stomach – she was so gentle and careful.

She made me smile with her sweet, goofy face

When I was at my lowest, she made me smile with her sweet, goofy face or had me laughing as she played tirelessly with her favourite squeaky ball. She really is an incredible girl, and everyone who meets her falls in love.

Her favourite activities are bog snorkelling and visiting the local farmer’s market, where the stallholders always spoil her with treats and attention. I’m truly blessed to have this special girl in my life.

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Meet Dusty

For many years, Dusty has been an invaluable source of support for Heather’s son, despite his health challenges

Our eldest son, who is six now, was born with several medical conditions. Dusty has always seemed to know this. From a puppy, she was always next to Stanley. Stanley was unable to see for a significant time and Dusty would bring her ball and drop it into his hand so he could throw it for her. Then she’d chase it, bring it back to him and place it in his hand again.

Stanley was also born with complete weakness on his right side, so he struggled a little with his walking. So, Dusty would press herself against him to support him whilst he was going about his day-to-day business. When our youngest was born, Dusty became protective over him too, but she always knew Stanley needed a little more help.

She almost sees herself as a sibling to the boys

Thankfully, an operation back in March 2020 meant that Stanley’s vision was much improved. Old habits die hard though, so Dusty still treats him as though he has trouble seeing. She sleeps at the end of the bed. If he wakes up in the night, she guides him to the bathroom and back to bed. And if he rolls too close to the edge, she lies alongside him to keep him from falling out.

It seems like she almost sees herself as a sibling to the boys. She joins in with their games and follows them round. Quite often, she sits next to the play kitchen while they ‘cook’ her dinner, or helps them dig in the sandpit. She even follows them around in the sea on holiday! Then she rounds them up and she makes sure that nobody is left behind.

Dusty goes everywhere with us. As soon as we open the car door, she jumps straight in. She’s a best friend to both of our sons and our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

Meet Ivy

Ivy has helped Izzy love life again, whether it’s taking on new adventures or simply cuddling up in bed

Ivy in nature is a wild plant that winds its way, gripping onto surfaces it comes into contact with. My Ivy dog is dependable and perseverant, always beside me on my journey, entangled in each other’s lives just like the plant.

Arriving when I had lost all hope, in the depths of mental illness crisis, her dependable companionship provided me with the reassurance and safety I was so desperately seeking. She has helped me feel grounded through continued distress from mental ill health, a constant physical reminder that she needs me.

Sitting cosy in bed sharing some marmalade on toast before we start the day is one of her favourites

She looks back up at me constantly checking in, a calming influence. She aided my return, and her introduction to being active, living and loving outdoor adventures. Biking, paddling, walking, climbing, she’ll go where I go and I feel I’ve lost something when she’s not there. We look out for one another, swimming rapids to help each other.

Having PTSD often means that nights can be filled with colourful lifelike dreams. Ivy sleeps touching me, often a nose or paw in the face as she wriggles to be comfy. Her presence and understanding comforts me. We share many special moments but sitting cosy in bed sharing some marmalade on toast before we start the day is one of her favourites.

She not only helps me but is a companion and presence within a special needs school that we work at together. Ivy is just 16 months of age, but her maturity keeps her steady in temperament and character. I look forward to many more adventures together in the future.

Meet Mac

Mac is constantly making his owner Grace laugh with his hilarious antics

Mac is a two-year-old Golden Retriever and he is the most wonderful boy. He loves toys, especially stuffed animals. His favourites include a shark, a teddy bear, two hedgehogs, two sheep plus many more.

He loves toys, especially stuffed animals

Whenever someone comes to our front door, Mac always greets them witha toy, regardless of whether they want it or not. He’s got such a friendly nature that he insists we say hello to all of the dogs and people we see on our walks. He also adores running, sliding and rolling around outside, particularly when it’s snowy or if he’s near the water.

Working from home has been a strange adjustment but having Mac around has made it so much easier, and he gives me the motivation I need to carry on each day. It’s amazing the difference a happy dog can make to your life. Mac is a bundle of joy.

Meet Spirit

With Spirit by her side, Joleen can live life to the full and make the most of every day

Spirit came to me as a rescue dog. She was very troubled with behavioural issues, but that hasn’t stopped her from massively improving my life for the better.

I have suffered with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, but training and rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on. It’s forced me to get up every morning on days when I’ve wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world. Together, we have built up a successful dog walking business and now I’ve gained qualifications, I can even help other people with their dogs.

Rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on

As Spirit is getting older and her mobility is failing, we are now doing Mantrailing, which involves training dogs to find missing people. She’s shown me such love and devotion over the years,and I’d be lost without her.

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