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British Dogs

Meet Morgan

Suzanne and her faithful rescue dog Morgan have an amazing bond

Morgan is from the local rescue centre, but I’m not sure if I rescued him or he rescued me!

With just one look, we made an instant connection at the centre, which was only one month after I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, he’s faithfully been by my side.

Each morning, he nudges me with his nose when it’s time for me to get up, waiting patiently while I struggle to get moving due to stiffness and pain. He carries my socks downstairs from the bedroom and helps me load the washing machine, keeping watch as I load it and spinning round once the task is complete.

Thank you for being my special friend

He loves the pop-up toaster and yelps with excitement to let me know when the toast is ready, but his favourite part of the day is his walk, which he encourages me to do regularly. I feel so much better after seeing him run so freely with his friend Jessie. He brings me great joy.

Finally, after his tea and when it’s time for bed, he pushes the recliner chair footrest in for me and off we go to bed. He curls up next to me making me feel contented and safe.

Thank you, Morgan, for being you and for being my special friend.

Meet Broden

Christine has countless precious memories with her charming dog Borden

Broden has been part of our family since he was just eight weeks old. He’sthe kindest, most gentle and handsome dog, but can also be very stubborn and greedy when he wants to be!

He made people smile

He’s travelled with us on boats and trains and has even been on cable cars in the mountains. When he was younger, he became a Pets as Therapy dog, and for five years he visited schools, day centres and care homes where he made people smile and helped children learn how to read.

Since my husband retired, Broden has been his daily walking companion. Although Broden is getting old, they often cover five miles each day, which helps both of them to stay active. Our dog brings us so much joy and he is loved by everyone who meets him.

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Meet Jester

Lockdown has been tough on Barbara, but Jester’s love and personality are just what she needs to get through.

Jester is just three months old but has already made a big difference to my life. I was widowed suddenly last year and I am classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, so found the first lockdown very hard. My daughter and family did all they could but obviously cannot be here 24/7.

He has already made a big difference to my life

This lockdown is hard, but I have a purpose: woken at 6.30am, puppy training, regular meals, games and enforced rest whilst he sleeps – usually on me, given the chance!

He may not be able to talk but he cocks his head and listens, probably thinking ‘is she going mad?!’ Help in the garden involves digging, pulling trailing plants, collecting and dispersing fallen apples.

Meet Vincent

Emma’s dog Vincent is a caring companion to all creatures great and small!

Vincent is a Kelpie Hunteraway cross. He’s extremely loving and is always happy to meet new people, even if he does put them off with his barking! He enjoys singing too, and will happily howl along to any tune he hears on TV. He may not be the most talented, but he certainly makes up for it with his determination and the joy he brings us all.

He has many jobs around the house, his latest of which is to keep an eye on our pet rabbits. Vincent reminds us to let them out first thing in the morning, and won’t stop pestering us until we do. You can often find him keeping a watchful eye over them throughout the day.

He happily goes off to fetch any strays

Another of his responsibilities is to round up the chickens and put them to bed in the evening, and he takes this very seriously. He happily goes off to fetch any strays, and sometimes even brings his feathered friends into the house to say hello!

His main job is just to be himself and be a part of our family. He’s been there with us through some difficult times over the past couple of years, and is always there for a hug and a stroke, which will never fail to put a smile back on your face.

Meet Sam

Lynda was devastated when Sam suddenly went blind last year but, to her amazement, he hasn’t let that slow him down at all

Sam has shown me that even in dark times, there can still be light. Up until September last year, he was a fun-loving, adventurous young Collie who lived life to the full. Then he went blind, almost overnight. Long story short, despite tests and an excellent specialist, the reason for this remains unknown.

My husband and I were devastated and our other Collie, Caley, soon realised something was wrong as her playmate could no longer see her to play. However, despite the shock and heartache, I immediately started looking into how a blind dog could still live a full and happy life.

Sam has shown me that even in dark times, there can still be light

Sam and I have worked together, learning new commands such as ‘step up’, ‘step down’, ‘careful’ etc. Caley and I wear bells when we are out so he can hear where we are. As a result, he is still able to walk off lead in most places. We live in the Scottish Highlands and he was used to a lot of freedom before he went blind, so it's fantastic that this hasn't been taken away from him along with his sight.

He still enjoys swimming and belts around the garden as if he were sighted. He has inspired me every single day. My sadness for him is still there, but he’s taught me that, despite your setbacks, you can still get on with life and live it to the full. He is absolutely amazing, and I hope he goes on to have many years of adventures up here in Scotland.

Meet Bailey

Chloe went to the pub one night and came home with a dog – all because she couldn’t stand watching Bailey suffer at the hands of her former owner

I met Bailey in the local pub when she was brought in by her previous owner. She was a five-month-old purebred Labrador, but she looked about 12 weeks old. She was skin and bone and she looked exhausted. I offered her some chips from my plate and a drink of my water, but her owner told me not to feed her. He said she’d had her weekly feed as she poops in the house otherwise.

She has made me a dog person

Bailey kept coming back to me while we were in the pub. I think she saw me as her safety net. The owner kept grabbing her by her scruff and dragging her back to him, but she kept wanting to cuddle up to me.

I offered to buy her from him as he had mentioned he works 12-hour days and leaves her all day. I bought her then and there, and she came home with me that evening. She’s been mine ever since and she’s made mine and my partner’s lives wonderful.

She’s got such a wicked personality in comparison to the exhausted, malnourished puppy we met in the pub. She’s insanely clever and LOVES eating squares of cheese! She has made me a dog person and I would never be without her. I’m so thankful I went for a drink that night.

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