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British Dogs

Meet George

Over the past five years, Liz has watched George transform from a naughty little puppy into the best dog she could ask for

George was the most mischievous pup ever. He was banned from two different dog training classes and the trainer refused to have him. He was also banned from our local pub for trying to bully the landlord’s dog. At home, he chewed through kitchen work tops, chair legs, cushions etc... I could go on.

Now, he’s the best boy ever. Our family wouldn’t be without him. At the age of five, he’s already blind in one eye, but it doesn’t hold him back. We just love him.

George was the most mischievous pup ever

Meet Ned

Ned’s visual impairment hasn’t stopped him from being a wonderful friend to Lindsay – as well as a fantastic worker

This is Ned, our English springer spaniel. He lost his sight in one eye shortly after he was born due to a detached retina, but it doesn’t stop him from being a brilliant working dog, a great big brother to 18-month-old Flo the springer, and the best companion to our two children.

We wouldn’t be without him

Ned loves exploring new places with his partners in crime by his side. He’s a loyal, loving, high energy bundle of fun. We wouldn’t be without him!

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Meet Doris

Doris supported Alice through her struggles with depression, and now she continues to fill her life with love and laughter

Doris is my rock. She is the four-legged love of my life and my absolute best friend. She was by my side through my depression and just understood – she knew I needed her.

She was, and still is, my reason to get out the house each day, even though she is a complete princess and HATES wind and rain. She’s the reason I laugh and smile so much.

She is the four-legged love of my life

She’s also a complete sass queen and will always refuse to leave the beach. She’ll walk round any puddle and go to extreme lengths to avoid mud, but will charge straight into the sea!

Doris will shred a tennis ball in seconds, but will treasure any cuddly toy for months – or years. Her favourite game is chase but, if no one’s around to play, she’ll take a toy to the top of the stairs and launch it down by herself on repeat!

Meet Ferdie

Dea’s Doberman Ferdie is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

20-week-old Ferdie was a hard decision to make honestly. We lost our previous dog three years ago and were heartbroken. He had been a rescue dog and no other could replace him. We agreed to wait until we had more time on our hands before we would consider getting another. We occasionally talked about getting a dog but that was as far as it went until we were told about some Doberman puppies. I was very reluctant as I wasn’t used to a large breed of dog and I’d heard some (incorrect) bad press stories about the Doberman dogs. My partner was more enthusiastic than I was but we decided to go and investigate. And, as they say, we never looked back!

He has given us a new lease of life

This charming boy came along at just the right time. He has given us a new lease of life. Like any puppy he’s been hard work, but we’ve been rewarded with the most gentle and soppiest of dogs. There’s not an aggressive bone in his body and he has such a lust for life. In fact, he’s got so little aggression that all his toys remain intact. He has one downfall though – he’s not keen on getting his feet wet and we live right by the sea. Even damp sand causes a disdainful look! He is a regular window ornament and likes nothing more than to lie there and watch the world go by. I have plenty of doggy nose art to clean on a daily basis!

Meet Bailey

Chloe went to the pub one night and came home with a dog – all because she couldn’t stand watching Bailey suffer at the hands of her former owner

I met Bailey in the local pub when she was brought in by her previous owner. She was a five-month-old purebred Labrador, but she looked about 12 weeks old. She was skin and bone and she looked exhausted. I offered her some chips from my plate and a drink of my water, but her owner told me not to feed her. He said she’d had her weekly feed as she poops in the house otherwise.

She has made me a dog person

Bailey kept coming back to me while we were in the pub. I think she saw me as her safety net. The owner kept grabbing her by her scruff and dragging her back to him, but she kept wanting to cuddle up to me.

I offered to buy her from him as he had mentioned he works 12-hour days and leaves her all day. I bought her then and there, and she came home with me that evening. She’s been mine ever since and she’s made mine and my partner’s lives wonderful.

She’s got such a wicked personality in comparison to the exhausted, malnourished puppy we met in the pub. She’s insanely clever and LOVES eating squares of cheese! She has made me a dog person and I would never be without her. I’m so thankful I went for a drink that night.

Meet Honey

Liz’s dog Honey is quite unusual, but that’s what makes her so special

We rescued Honey when she was just three months old. She has a very unique personality and hates all other female dogs but is very friendly with people.

She has a very unique personality

Honey has kept my husband and I sane during lockdown, and together we’ve discovered new walks and how therapeutic it can be to spend time outdoors. Honey is getting old now and so we can’t walk as far as we usedto, but we still have a lot of fun together. She loves playing ball and especially enjoys being around water.

Honey also has a cheeky side and is not afraid to let you know when she wants food!

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