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British Dogs

Meet Dougie

With her hilarious dog Dougie in tow, Sophie can’t get away with much!

Dougie is a young pup in an old dog’s body. If he doesn’t get his way, he goes in a huff and digs up his bed. He also sits and frowns if we stay up later than his bedtime, at which point he’ll try and nudge us upstairs. Then, he’ll follow us into our bedroom and make sure we’re tucked in on our own sides of the bed, before finally retiring to his own!

He goes in a huff

He may have some funny habits, but Dougie is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. There’s a stray cat that lives in our area and the two of them have become best friends, which is great as it means we can keep an eye on her and gain her trust.

Dougie can be best described as a good friend, a loyal pup and a massive bed head!

Meet Barney

Sally can’t resist Barney’s cuteness – she’s just got to hope that everyone else feels the same way!

My Cavapoo Barney is such a huge part of my life. During all the lockdown periods, he has always been the one who cheers me up, makes me laugh and most importantly, doesn't judge me for my questionable fashion choices!

He is a very sensitive dog and reacts to my moods, especially if I’m feeling down. When he can sense that I’m upset, he’ll comfort me by cuddling up for a snuggle.

He can sense that I’m upset

Barney is very cute, but he knows it, and so he’s always trying to wrangle an extra treat or two. This would be fine if it was just from me, but he has been known to creep up behind strangers in the park because he can smell treats in their pockets. We try to be strict with him, but we’re yet to succeed with that.


Meet Geezer

Despite everything life’s thrown at him, Louise’s dog Geezer always finds a way to stay optimistic

Geezer came into our lives last September. We found him at our local RSPCA centre and instantly fell in love with his infectious zest for life. He may only have three legs, but this doesn’t stop him from doing all the things he enjoys, usually at full speed!

His infectious zest for life

Our dog has taught us no matter how tough life can be, there is always a brighter day coming. He may stumble sometimes but he always gets backup, with a smile on his face and a wagging tail.

Meet Bob

Abigail got her sassy little Chihuahua Bob as soon as she moved into her first home at the age of 21.

I got Bob from Gumtree, because his old owner said he didn’t get along with her other dogs. At this point he was 18 months old and had never really been on a walk outside, he had always been pushed around in a dog pram because he just refused to walk!

The special thing about Bob is he has three legs, as his front left leg never properly formed. The day he came to live with me I popped him down on the pavement and with no issue at all he started hopping along next to me! He now loves his long walks along the local canal with my grandad, my mum and her dogs, managing about eight miles which is pretty good for a three-legged Chihuahua!

He now loves his long walks

He hasn’t just brightened up my life but also all of my family members lives too. The first thing any of them say to me is always ‘How’s bob doing?’.

This cheeky little monkey loves nothing more than playing fetch, eating lots of treats and receiving lots of belly rubs. His favourite place in the world is the beach, although he thinks he owns the place once he gets there!

He is such an inspiration with how he gets on with his life and adapts to everything in his path no problem. More recently, throughout this pandemic he has been a true star. Things were so strange, but getting out every morning for a long walk with Bob really helped me through it all. I can’t say the same for the poor little guy though, he couldn’t wait for me to stop working from home so he could enjoy his naps uninterrupted!

Meet Coll

Coll came into Michelle’s life when she needed a furry companion the most

We rescued Coll from our local animal shelter almost six years ago. When we got him, I was at a low point, having just lost my dad and undergone surgery. I wasn’t able to work, and I was struggling with feelings of boredom and depression.

Coll came into our lives just at the right time

Coll came into our lives at just the right time. He gave us a reason to get up and out every day. He motivates us and makes us laugh, and we’re so very proud of how far he’s come since we adopted him. It’s not always been easy but he’s a quick learner who’s eager to please, and always gives us lots of cuddles. Coll is our best friend who we love unconditionally.

Meet Broden

Christine has countless precious memories with her charming dog Borden

Broden has been part of our family since he was just eight weeks old. He’sthe kindest, most gentle and handsome dog, but can also be very stubborn and greedy when he wants to be!

He made people smile

He’s travelled with us on boats and trains and has even been on cable cars in the mountains. When he was younger, he became a Pets as Therapy dog, and for five years he visited schools, day centres and care homes where he made people smile and helped children learn how to read.

Since my husband retired, Broden has been his daily walking companion. Although Broden is getting old, they often cover five miles each day, which helps both of them to stay active. Our dog brings us so much joy and he is loved by everyone who meets him.


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