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British Dogs

Meet Dougie

With her hilarious dog Dougie in tow, Sophie can’t get away with much!

Dougie is a young pup in an old dog’s body. If he doesn’t get his way, he goes in a huff and digs up his bed. He also sits and frowns if we stay up later than his bedtime, at which point he’ll try and nudge us upstairs. Then, he’ll follow us into our bedroom and make sure we’re tucked in on our own sides of the bed, before finally retiring to his own!

He goes in a huff

He may have some funny habits, but Dougie is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. There’s a stray cat that lives in our area and the two of them have become best friends, which is great as it means we can keep an eye on her and gain her trust.

Dougie can be best described as a good friend, a loyal pup and a massive bed head!

Meet Bella

For owner Jacqueline and family, Bella has proved to be the best companion they could’ve hoped for

Bella is an amazing girl. I waited almost three years for her from her breeder, and it was a bittersweet moment that the day we were to pick her up was the day our old horse died unexpectedly.

She's a real family friend

She gave us something to focus on. She's a real family friend and is gentle and adored by our grandchildren, who have one of her puppies, now 5. Bella has accompanied my husband to work in a psychiatric rehabilitation unit, and has proven that a non-judgemental smiling Goldie is the best medicine.

She loves visitors, but she is a great watch dog, loving nothing better than to sit on the chair by the window and watch the world go by. Like a lot of Goldies, she mumbles and mutters, saving that method of communication for her human friends. She has been a fantastic foundation bitch for me, although now retired (she had two litters) her children and grandchildren share her amazing temperament.


Meet Toby

After many years of working as a sheep dog for Lauren’s family, Toby is enjoying a well-earned retirement

Toby is a working sheep dog! He’s been the best dog we’ve had on our farm – no job was ever too big or too small for him. He has been my companion and best friend since I was two.

He has been my companion and best friend since I was two

Toby only retired from rounding up sheep and farm work around two years ago so has had a very long working life. He’s still going strong and now enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle just pottering around the farmyard. He’s a caring, gentle boy, and a big softy at heart. Plus, he knows how to pull at the heart strings to get his own way!

Meet Dudley

Kareen admires the way her dog Vizsla always stays positive, no matter what life throws at him

Dudley is a Hungarian Vizsla who was born with a deformed front leg. By the time he arrived at the rescue centre it couldn’t be corrected, and so he underwent amputation surgery at just ten weeks old. I decided to foster him on the night of his surgery and subsequently adopted him permanently

Always shows his loving, caring and empathetic side

We knew this lad was special, but he has really shone during lockdown. Last year, we had to shield to protect our son Jack who has Downs Syndrome and is waiting for a new heart valve. Our crazy, rambunctious pup always shows his loving, caring and empathic side whenever he's withhis best friend Jack, but he stayed especially close to him during this tough time.

Dudley’s antics make us laugh and his cuddles warm our hearts. He’s helped us to stay positive and has fast become the centre of our family.

Meet Koko

Katie knows how special her dog Koko is, and everyone that meets her can’t help but agree

I got my dog Koko when she was just six months old. She settled in straight away, and even though she had never been around children, she was absolutely amazing with my three right from the start.

Koko has a lovely temperament, she’s so calm and chilled that I really feel as though I have the perfect dog. When I first got her, I was able to spend pretty much all day keeping her company, since we were in lockdown at the time. After I went back to work, I was worried she wouldn’t adjust, but she took it all in her stride.

She behaves just like a cat

One of the funniest things about Koko is that she behaves just like a cat. She sleeps a lot and loves lazing around, so she’ll only go on a walk if you make her. I think she’d rather stay curled up on the comfy sofa all day long. When we do get out of the house, people always make a fuss of her because she’s so striking – you don’t see many Japanese Shiba Inus around here.

Koko also has a penchant for toffee popcorn, which is rather unusual for a dog. Her previous owners told us this and we were sceptical, but if you open a bag in another room she always comes running straight in!

Meet Bobby

Gordon has suffered tremendous loss. And though nothing will ever truly ease the pain, Border Collie Bobby has been his rock.

I lost my daughter 11 years ago on 12 June 2009 and Bobby came into my life four years later. I already had a wonderful black and white Border Collie called Sky who sadly passed away due to sarcoma cancer. After losing my daughter, I felt I needed another companion to compliment the companionship of my Border Collie Sky.

He has bought untold joy into my life

Bobby is such a loving, intelligent character. He has bought untold joy into my life and helps me get through difficult periods such as the anniversary of my daughter’s passing and her birthday. I can always rely on Bobby's loving nature to help me through difficult times.

He loves to lick everyone’s ears and is everyone's friend. He really enjoys our walks and retrieving the ball. Bobby is constantly by my side and brings so much joy into my life. I love him dearly. He's part of our family. Bobby really could do with some recognition because of what he has done for me. I'm extremely proud of him.


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