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British Dogs

Meet Brewster

Life isn’t always easy for Rachel, but Brewster does everything he can to make each day a little better

Brewster is a rescue dog, but I think he’s saved me just as much as I saved him. I have severe endometriosis which causes me a lot of pain and I can sometimes feel very low. Brewster has only lived with me for a short while, but we already have such a strong bond, and he's changed my life immeasurably.

He loves exploring outside and has learned how to walk nicely on his lead. I'm so proud of him. Keeping active is good for me too, and I can already feel my health and mood improving because of our daily adventures.

I can already feel my health and mood improving

Brewster is such a perceptive boy and can always tell if I'm having a difficult day. He loves to play and can be quite boisterous, but when I'm feeling low, he's so gentle and will just come and rest his head on my leg or put his front paw over my hand. He lives for cuddles and adores having his face stroked.

I work from home, and Brewster likes to lie on the floor and keep my feet warm – which is always very welcome on those wet and cold days! My dog has had such a huge impact on my life in such a short space of time. He's loving, friendly and fun and I feel like the luckiest dog mum in the world.

Meet Trixey and Detchko

After three wonderful decades of marriage, Denise’s husband, Pete, sadly passed away this year. But through the good times and the tough, Trixey and Deychko have been a real pillar of support.

My dear husband Pete lost his fight for life on Saturday 25th January 2020. We had been together for almost 32 years.

Naturally I have been devastated and lonely since my loss. I have two dogs Trixey, a Doberman Pinscher, and Detchko, a Yorkshire Terrier.

My husband and I rescued Trixey when she was just over 15 months’ old. Trixey then went with us to Babbington Rescue Centre where she selected Detchko.

I am so grateful for their companionship and love as it makes the long and lonely days feel a little brighter

Trixey is a very sensitive and highly intelligent dog. She immediately sensed that there was something wrong. I feel she must have communicated this to Detchko as she was making strange sounds and a different type of bark.

For the past couple of months, she has always been by my side and has given such an out pouring of love that one cannot begin to imagine.

Without Trixey and Detchko by my side I would be a very lonely old age pensioner. I am so grateful for their companionship and love as it makes the long and lonely days feel a little brighter.


Meet Bobby

Gordon has suffered tremendous loss. And though nothing will ever truly ease the pain, Border Collie Bobby has been his rock.

I lost my daughter 11 years ago on 12 June 2009 and Bobby came into my life four years later. I already had a wonderful black and white Border Collie called Sky who sadly passed away due to sarcoma cancer. After losing my daughter, I felt I needed another companion to compliment the companionship of my Border Collie Sky.

He has bought untold joy into my life

Bobby is such a loving, intelligent character. He has bought untold joy into my life and helps me get through difficult periods such as the anniversary of my daughter’s passing and her birthday. I can always rely on Bobby's loving nature to help me through difficult times.

He loves to lick everyone’s ears and is everyone's friend. He really enjoys our walks and retrieving the ball. Bobby is constantly by my side and brings so much joy into my life. I love him dearly. He's part of our family. Bobby really could do with some recognition because of what he has done for me. I'm extremely proud of him.

Meet Bowie

Bowie has a huge heart and a kind soul, and the effect he’s had on Carina’s life is nothing short of transformative.

Bowie is a ‘Huskador’ – his mum was a Siberian Husky and his dad was a chocolate Labrador. Bowie has chocolate fur with a Husky tail and ruff around his neck and chest. He also has one brown eye and one blue eye!

I got him after my daughter took her puppy, who had been living with me, back to live with her after the first lockdown. There was a huge empty space in our lives, which Bowie has filled for us all.

Has even learned to kiss on command

He has quite the fan club going in the village where we live. It’s not surprising, given he has so many adorable traits – like when he barks and it sounds like he’s shouting 'Hello' at us and our cat! He’s got such a gentle nature that he never barks at other dogs, doesn't chase cats and has even learned to kiss on command.

I’ve had two spinal surgeries, and this in addition to lockdown meant I stopped going on walks. Since Bowie is always keen to go out and explore, he’s succeeded in getting me out for walks up to three times a day!

Meet Lucy

Geraldine’s dog Lucy has a big personality – and she’s not afraid to let you know it!

Lucy is the happiest, cheekiest little pup there is. Although she has arthritis, she still loves to play and always keeps a teddy bear close by. In her prime she loved to chase cats around the garden, but now she’s older she enjoys just lying down and waiting for them to approach her. She’s also obsessed with cold things, and will sit and growl at her bowl of water if it reaches room temperature until we replace it!

Lucy is also the neighborhood watchdog

Initially, my son was uninterested in her, but now they’re best buddies. He gives any of his leftover food to her and she’s always more than willing to eat it. Lucy is also the neighborhood watchdog. Every night, she sits outside just watching the world go by and doing her part to protect us all.

Meet Dudley

With Dudley around, Caroline knows life could never be boring!

Dudley is clever, funny and loves nothing more than to be in the garden with me. Once, he tried to open my green house to run away with the plant pots, which have no chance of surviving if he gets his paws on them.He also has a habit of chewing all my flower heads off!

Run away with the plant pots

He is very affectionate and loves to go on walks, especially with my grandsons, who he is very gentle with. He also enjoys stealing laundry from the washing machine and using it as a chew toy. Dudley has captured our hearts, and always makes everyone around him smile.


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