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British Dogs

Meet Zeus

Zeus has been through so much himself that he knows just how to help Sandra through the dark times.

My boy is amazing. Three years ago, he went for routine op and sadly became very ill and near death. Through all the treatment he had, he survived and stayed loving, and now we have diagnosed a haemophiliac dog.

That dog has saved my life

His life has changed, but he's the most loving, happy dog. Every day, I wake up to him wagging his tail because he’s so pleased to see me. He has helped me during the worst times – I lost my brother during lockdown and also had a heart op, but that dog has saved my life.

The strength he has to be happy and to go through so much being so ill means I couldn't wish for a better dog. He’s my life. Bless him.

Meet Alfred

Alfred is an empathetic dog and a loyal companion, especially to Julia’s daughter – and his quirks just make him all the more loveable!

Alfred is a Weimararner. He gets really anxious if he is left alone and is a very much-loved part of our family. We have a daughter with autism and Alf is her companion and helper, who always seems to sense and know when he needs to be with her and when she needs him. He is also my husband’s personal trainer, getting him outdoors and exercising.

Alf has some strange habits

Alf has some strange habits – he likes to sleep across the arms of two sofas, or if he’s on the sofa then he sleeps with all four legs in the air! He loves the freedom to run around the Dorset meadows at the end of the lane that we live on and is a happy chap with our two cats and always greets them by licking them.

He is such a handsome boy that people always comment on him when he is out and about. He is playful and has a box of toys, his favourite being Gilbert the sloth! He has a favourite kennel, which is in Turnpike in Motcombe Dorset and all the kennel workers love him! He like to ride in my car in the front seat, especially in the Summer with the top down and the wind blowing in his ears!


Meet Chloe

When it comes to who’s in charge, Leigh is under no illusion that it’s her dog Chloe who rules the roost

Chloe lights up my day every day. When I come home from work she’s so happy to see me, it’s almost as though I’ve been gone for months. She’s a very clever dog, so we have to watch what we say around her – for example, she used to get so excited every time she heard us use the word ‘chicken’, we now have to refer to it as ‘cluck’!

A little ray of sunshine

One of her favourite things to do is chase the wildlife living in the garden – that is, when she isn’t playing with her extensive collection of toys. She adores her little stuffed bear, which she’s had since she was tiny. Chloe also loves to snuggle, so every night at around 7pm, she’ll sit and nudge her blanket until you move it onto the sofa for her to cosy up under!

I couldn’t imagine my life without my beautiful dog – she is truly a little ray of sunshine and joy. Even though she’s nearly nine years old now, she’s still a lively little puppy at heart.

Meet Jester

Lockdown has been tough on Barbara, but Jester’s love and personality are just what she needs to get through.

Jester is just three months old but has already made a big difference to my life. I was widowed suddenly last year and I am classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, so found the first lockdown very hard. My daughter and family did all they could but obviously cannot be here 24/7.

He has already made a big difference to my life

This lockdown is hard, but I have a purpose: woken at 6.30am, puppy training, regular meals, games and enforced rest whilst he sleeps – usually on me, given the chance!

He may not be able to talk but he cocks his head and listens, probably thinking ‘is she going mad?!’ Help in the garden involves digging, pulling trailing plants, collecting and dispersing fallen apples.

Meet Mickey

With non-stop kisses, it’s no surprise that Claire has given Mickey the nickname ‘Licky Mickey’!

Mickey is my sons’ best friend. As teenage boys go, that dog certainly gets his fair share of cuddles and kisses off them!

If any of us feel down, sick or just want to have a cuddle, then Mickey is there. Mickey is the best companion to all of us and he is not happy unless he is sat with – or on top of – someone.

He just loves to share his love!

He has a soft caring nature and always wants a kiss. I'll admit his nickname is ‘Lickey Mickey’ because we get non-stop kisses from him. He just loves to share his love!

Let's just say, Mickey also likes the finest thing in life as you can see in his picture!

Meet Rhian and William

Rhian and his family fell for William as soon as they saw him, and now he makes the perfect addition to their happy family.

We visited Llys Nini RSPCA rescue centre back in the Summer holidays, and instantly fell in love with William the Corgi. We’re told that William and his brother Harry had been found wandering the streets of Swansea. He was extremely unkempt and malnourished.

He is thriving!

After lots of socialisation visits, William finally came to his forever home a few weeks later. As you can see, he is thriving! He’s now a healthy, happy little dog and entertains us every day. As we live near lots of beaches, he enjoys long beach walks (although he’s yet to get his paws wet in the sea!) and cosy evenings in front of the fire.

My daughter was diagnosed with a chronic condition in May and William never fails to cheer her up on her down days. They are the best of friends. William really is the best dog ever.


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