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British Dogs

Meet Zayat

Whether she’s stealing tea towels or picking up things they drop, Zayat is always making Mandy and her family laugh with her cheeky antics

Zayat is such a character. She does so many funny things, and always makes us laugh. She’s also very clever, so if we drop anything, even if it’s tiny, she’ll find it, put it between her lips and look at us. Then we’ll ask her ‘what’ve you got?’, and she finally spits it out so we can see what it is.

We call her the phantom tea towel snatcher

We can hide anything, say ‘go find it’ and she would sniff it out. She often understands what we’re saying, so she knows people by name, and can read our body language. If we need cheering up, Zayat will always make us feel better.

She loves to take our socks off and our hats. We call her the phantom tea towel snatcher as she will steal the tea towel at any opportunity. We don't even realise she’s taken it as she does it so craftily, then she runs off with it so proudly. Life would be very dull without Zayat – she’s a one off!

Meet Archie

Archie loves taking his owner Phoebe (and his duck toy) on new adventures.

Archie went into the RSPCA at just three months old after his owner had abused and neglected him. He had broken his back leg, which was left to heal naturally, so he now has one leg slightly shorter than the rest, but he’s still a happy boy!

When we met him, we fell in love with him instantly

When we met him, we fell in love with him instantly and couldn't wait to bring him home. He’s incredibly intelligent and will run for hours, so he’s a handful but a very fun one at that! We spend a lot of time hiding treats, playing puzzle games and finding new exciting walks for him to run and sniff to his heart’s desire! He’s such a loving dog considering his difficult start in life – he loves people and other dogs. His favourite things in life are his duck toy, his bone, laying out in the sun and exploring new places.

We’re not sure if he’s ever been to the coast and I just know he would love it! Anything new is so exciting for him, so we’d love the opportunity to take him away for a mini break and experience beach walks. Holidays have changed for us and we’re excited to explore more of the UK with Archie in tow instead of travelling abroad.

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Meet Nova

Leanne couldn’t imagine even a day without her beautiful dog Nova, who’s constant affection and positive energy brighten up her world.

My life has been filled with laughter, love and slobbery kisses since we got Nova just over a year ago.  She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met and always looks so happy.

Always looks so happy

She loves car rides, where she sits with her head and tongue sticking out of the window. She also enjoys doing zoomies in the park and diving headfirst onto the sofa. She is especially talented at giving the best hugs.

Sharing a bed with her can be quite a challenge, as she kicks out her hind legs to get comfy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Going on walks and chatting to her every day is my saving grace and a happiness that can’t be replaced.

Meet ruby

Diana wasn’t sure about dogs, but Ruby came into her life and changed that forever

We treat Ruby like she’s our third daughter.I’d never had a dog before and I was scared about getting one, but having Ruby has made me see that all dogs are absolutely lovely. She has always been a mummy’s girl, and she won’t go for a walk with anyone else. We go to France twice a year and Ruby has come with us every time. It’s a long day of travelling, but right she’s always good as gold.

She won’t go for a walk with anyone else

She is so affectionate and loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. If you’re sad, she will snuggle and kiss you even more. I am so pleased my husband and children talked me in to getting a dog, as Ruby has made the past ten years of my life the happiest yet.

Meet Spirit

With Spirit by her side, Joleen can live life to the full and make the most of every day

Spirit came to me as a rescue dog. She was very troubled with behavioural issues, but that hasn’t stopped her from massively improving my life for the better.

I have suffered with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, but training and rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on. It’s forced me to get up every morning on days when I’ve wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world. Together, we have built up a successful dog walking business and now I’ve gained qualifications, I can even help other people with their dogs.

Rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on

As Spirit is getting older and her mobility is failing, we are now doing Mantrailing, which involves training dogs to find missing people. She’s shown me such love and devotion over the years,and I’d be lost without her.

Meet Brodie

With Brodie around, Lara’s days are always filled with laughter

Brodie is known as the ‘sun worshipper’, because he likes to carry his bed around the house and place it wherever he can soak up the best rays! Another of his hilarious antics involves finding and carrying sticks that are at least three times as large as him. If you get in his way, he won’t walk around you but instead keeps bashing into your leg until you move.

Keeps bashing your leg until you move

He likes to help me in the garden – although help is a loose term, as mostly he just puts his tennis ball where I’m about to plant something. Brodie didn’t have the best start in life, as he was put into a recuse centre, but now he’s truly flourished and is our very own little prince.

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