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British Dogs

Meet Yogi

After helping Sarah recover from the loss of her first pup, Yogi is now supporting his local community as well

Yogi Bear brings light and love into our lives. We had a puppy before him, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition – we looked after him until the end. Then Yogi healed our scars.

Yogi healed our scars

I soon realised he was incredibly sociable, and people loved him. I started taking him to the care home that backs onto our garden. Some of the patients never speak, but they can all say ‘Yogi’!

He also visits a local nursery, and the kids LOVE him. You always want to give back to the community, and Yogi is my faithful pup helping me do that. He’s my shadow, so kind and gentle. But if you drive an Amazon van, he suddenly thinks he’s a Doberman!

Meet Millie

Nick might have rescued Mille from a shelter, but the favour has more than been returned.

Millie came to us from a rescue shelter based in Romania. She's been a positive influence in our lives in from the day we got her, which seems fitting seeing as she was a gift for my wife to celebrate six months of sobriety.

Mille has been my motivation

I live with a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia. Since diagnosis, my general health and mobility has been declining due to pain and fatigue. Millie has been my motivation to become more active and get out of the house every day. It's such a joy to see her having fun, and she's even enabled me to forge new friendships.

My illness isn't going away, but thanks to Millie, my quality of life has improved immeasurably. She's a rescue dog, but really, she rescued me.

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Meet Alfie

Thanks to her dog Alfie’s unconditional love and support, Debra knows she can face even the hardest of days

Alfie the Springer Spaniel is my best friend. He loves nothing more than spending time outdoors and so we spend hours exploring forests and nature trails together. He also enjoys snuggling and snoozing, and most evenings you can find him curled up on my daughter’s bed – she’s the family member that spoils him most!

Alfie always knows how to brighten my day

He is such a well-behaved dog. Recently, I was diagnosed with a visual impairment and started to struggle both physically and mentally. Luckily for me, Alfie always knows exactly how to brighten my day – it’s almost as if he can sense that I’m having problems with my sight. He sticks closely by my side no matter where I go and always likes to make sure I’m not left alone to struggle. He is my very own adorable hero.

Meet Spirit

With Spirit by her side, Joleen can live life to the full and make the most of every day

Spirit came to me as a rescue dog. She was very troubled with behavioural issues, but that hasn’t stopped her from massively improving my life for the better.

I have suffered with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, but training and rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on. It’s forced me to get up every morning on days when I’ve wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world. Together, we have built up a successful dog walking business and now I’ve gained qualifications, I can even help other people with their dogs.

Rehabilitating Spirit has given me something to focus on

As Spirit is getting older and her mobility is failing, we are now doing Mantrailing, which involves training dogs to find missing people. She’s shown me such love and devotion over the years,and I’d be lost without her.

Meet Monkey

When Monkey isn’t competing in shows with Diana, he’s spreading cheer to those who need it most

Named after his love for climbing trees, Monkey enriches my life as well as the lives of many others.

The change he makes to my life is remarkable

We volunteer with Therapy Dogs Nationwide where he brings joy to people in a dementia home, school and prison – all of which are places where the comfort of a dog can brighten difficult days.

The change he makes to my own life is remarkable, too. He loves agility, so we compete in shows. I’m a pensioner but it provides me with a great social life as well as a reason to stay fit and active!

Meet Atlas

Atlas has been Jacqui’s rock, helping her recover from a breakup and supporting her family during difficult times

At the start of 2021 I was really anxious. I was working from a friend’s house and saw the advert for him. I called and he had already gone. He was advertised to a good home because Atlas is a deaf Dalmatian.

I had a call nearly a week later to say he was still available and to come and get him. I didn’t tell my now boyfriend and we drove for an hour to get him. I had moved back to my parents and didn’t tell them either.

We couldn’t be without him now

Since getting Atlas I’ve not been anxious. I’m so happy and feel so positive and I know he needs my love, time and patience. He’s very loving and clever and adores my nieces. My family love him and we couldn’t be without him now.

We have nicknamed him The Pickle! I don’t even know where we got the name from. He is also a great companion to my dad, who just had a cateract operation and is undergoing cancer testing, and keeps him amused. He really is the dog we never thought we’d need.

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