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British Dogs

Meet Wookie

Elissa’s dog Wookie may be small but, she’s bursting with energy!

Our little Yorkie, Wookie, is the light of our lives. Neither of us had ever had a small dog before, and she has been amazing since the day she came home. Wookie is bold, intelligent, and will walk miles whatever the weather. Even as a tiny, eight-week-old ball of fluff, she immediately wanted to play with our three big cats.

Wookie is truly indefatigable

She will happily wade through the mud or jump into cold water for a swim.Once, she tried to climb a tree to go after a squirrel, and she’s even chased a Muntjac deer – although what she thought would happen if she caught it, I don't know!

Wookie truly is indefatigable. I remember when we went to Mortimer Forest for the day. We walked 11 miles, and when we got home Wookie immediately picked up her ball and wanted to play!

She fills our hearts with happiness every day, and there is nothing better than rambling through the woods with her, watching her sniff, explore andrummage through the hedgerows. It was such a joy to be able to include her in our wedding, back in 2001. She was our ring bearer, and she stole the hearts of everyone there.

Meet Treacle

Jo and her dog Treacle had plenty of time to bond on their adventure through Europe

Treacle was found abandoned in the Bulgarian ski resort we were working at last winter. She was only about two months old, and not in the best condition. We took her in and nursed her back to health until she was strong enough to go outside and play in the snow. She grew into a happy, cheeky puppy who loved to spend time with us.

When the first lockdown happened, we were stuck in Bulgaria and couldn’t get home, so we found work on a campsite nearby. Treacle adored having us around all the time, and spent her days going on long walks and playing with the other dogs on the site.

She’s a major hit with all the guests

After a while, we managed to get a new job with a caravan park in the UK, and drove all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France with Treacle sleeping in the backseat. She was so well-behaved, charming every border control team we encountered and even waiting patiently when our van broke down.

Now we’re back in England, and Treacle loves her new countryside life. She likes to sit outside on the decking of our caravan and watch the world go by, or join us for a ride around the site in a golf buggy. She’s a major hit with all the guests too, and always manages to wrangle a treat out of them!


Meet Sam

Emma’s quality of life is significantly better with Sam by her side

I have owned Sam (or rather he has owned me) since he was a 12-week-old puppy. As I’ve been housebound for the last ten years, he’s been my constant companion while my husband’s at work

I love him, but he’s probably the most demanding dog in the world. He yaps and whines until he gets his own way and won’t leave me alone until I rearrange his bed for him!

He’s been my constant companion

Sam is particularly fond of cats and is friends with the three that live in the local area. He also loves walks at the beach with my husband. I treasure every single day I have with my dog, and I’m so grateful he cameinto our lives all those years ago.

Meet Playa

Susanne adores Playa for many reasons, but particularly for the way she looks out for Peanut the kitten

Playa was found with her siblings at the side of the road when she was just a few days old. The litter was fostered, and Playa was adopted but sadly returned after a while. I happened to meet her her at an adoption drive in a pet shop a few months later. I had only gone in to buy cat milk for our newly adopted kitten, Peanut, but I just knew as soon as I saw her that Playa was meant to be ours.

The two of them are inseparable

She immediately fit right into our busy household, along with our new kitten, Peanut, and two other cats. She loved Peanut from the moment she laid eyes on her, and to this day the two of them are inseparable and even sleep in the same bed. Peanut sees Playa as a toy and chase and bite her tail, but Playa just licks her back.

Playa loves everyone and everything. Our friend has a son who has autism, and he can be intimidated by dogs because of their unpredictable fast movements. But he has no fear of Playa, and loves sitting on the sofa and cuddling with her. Playa shows tremendous patience with all children and young dogs, and is always so gentle and calm around them.

Meet Winnie

Samantha knew that Winnie the rescue dog would be a perfect addition to her family

We got Winnie as a companion for our autistic son. She was due to come home to us the week of the first lock down, and sadly the process ended up being delayed. We felt so sorry for her as it meant had to stay at the shelter for a little while longer. But, we kept our hopes up and as soon as the restrictions eased, we were told we could come and collect her.

We’re always here to protect her

At first, she was extremely shy and wouldn’t come near us, but we gave her space and over time she stared to realise just how much we love her. We’ve had to build up her confidence bit by bit and show her the joys of the big wide world – but also reassure her that we’re always here to protect her.

Winnie is now a loved member of our family, and is not only a true friend to our son Jake, but also a pal to our other pets. Jake loves her so much, and she’s been a huge help to him throughout these uncertain times.

Meet Bramble

Bramble’s funny antics and endless affection always put a smile on owner Diane’s face

Bramble is such a positive influence in my life. She’s always so happy and loves nothing more than making me laugh. One of her favourite things to play with is her Frisbee, especially when we’re on the beach.

She enjoys keeping me company and is always there to lend a paw. When I’m gardening, for instance, she’ll help me out by putting her ball in the trug. Bramble is also very affectionate, and won’t go to bed until she’s had her nightly kisses and cuddles.

Won’t go to bed until she’s had her nightly kisses

As a very clever dog, she knows exactly when it’s time for her treats in the morning and afternoon. I often find her waiting for me by the cupboard, and she won’t move until I’ve handed them over! Bramble has a love-hate relationship with our cat Alfie. I know she adores him, but he often rejects her with just a flick of his paw – it never seems to deter her from trying though.

Having a dog is great because they always wants to go for a walk. This means that even on the most wet and dismal days, I’m forced to get out and enjoy some fresh air, which really does help to keep me fit. Every day is special with Bramble in my life – she gives me a reason to carry on.


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