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British Dogs

Meet Willow

Willow’s always looking for attention, whether that’s from Alexa and her partner or simply strangers in the street

Willow is a super positive influence in our lives. As you can imagine, we don’t get the best of weather in the North West but every day she looks at us as if to say, ‘Come on paw-rents, take me out, take me out!’ This particularly helps as we both work from home, so getting out the house for three walks a day is a must.

When we’re out, she thinks that every human wants to say hello and she has a special commando move of crawling up to them and sitting right at their feet with her head up, asking to be petted. It’s not often people can resist!

She loves a good pose for attention

She is very independent and likes to be defiant at times with a look of ‘I know what you’re saying but not today, mum.’ Plus, you’ll rarely see her without her favourite ball in her mouth, even if she’s sleeping.

She knows the name ‘daddy’ and if we ask ‘Where’s daddy?’, she’ll always jump on his lap and stand right over him so he has no choice but to pet her. We like to do this just to wind him up!

Her favourite snacks are natural treats and cheese. She won’t do anything at training unless cheese is involved, and that also includes fetching the ball. She’s currently scared of water and will do her best to avoid puddles.

She’s also a bit of an Instagrammer and loves a good pose for attention! I can honestly say Willow has really helped with my mental health by giving me a focus and a reason to get up and out. She even joins us on runs! She’s certainly made us a lot healthier and she’s the best furfriend I could ask for.

Meet Tiggy and Bumble

Tiggy and Bumble were a much-needed addition to Rosie’s family after two long years away from home

We are lucky to have two beautiful dogs – Tiggy the springer, who turns two in September, and Bumble, who turns one in May.

After a very testing tour in the Middle East with the forces from 2019 to 2021, when we had to rehome our three beautiful dogs, coming home to the UK and being able to have dogs straight away was so important.

They bring so much fun to our family

They make us all happier and Bumble in particular does not miss a chance for a walk. So, you should never put your jacket on until you’re completely ready to go.

Tiggy, our little springer, is amazingly calm in the house and she cuddles in like a human. They both bring happiness, calm and so much fun to our family.


Meet Vega

Debs couldn’t be without her loyal dog Vega, who does everything she can to make her owner’s life easier

Vega is my trainee Disability Assistance Dog. Lockdown has put a stop to training sessions and temporarily prevented her from becoming fully qualified, but in our home, she’s become our very own saviour.

On my bad days she stays close by my side so she can help me out. She picks up things I drop, fetches numerous ‘named’ items on request such as shoes and medication and even takes off my socks, jumpers, trousers when asked. She also does a lot to help around the house, like fetching the phone when it rings and tidying up after my two other dogs.

She’s become our very own saviour

When I’m in a lot of pain, Vega lies across my legs to comfort me. Of course, I’m not the only one she helps – my older dog, Skye, has early dementia, and when she’s having a bad day, Vega will lie with her and help to calm her down. She even knows to pick up the dog bowls after dinner time and take them to the sink!

The greatest gift Vega gives me is her company. She is always close by and I know I can rely on her when I need help. This year, we’ve both learnt to understand each other, which has really strengthened our bond. She teaches me just as much as I teach her.

Meet Bruno

Kirsty is incredibly grateful for Bruno’s infectious love for life

Bruno came to us at just four months old. He is so lively and happy, and nothing ever brings him down. We could never have anticipated how greathe would be for us, or how much he would help our mental health. It’s like he knows when we’re having a bad day and does everything he can to make us feel better.

We honestly can’t imagine life without him

Even though he is a big dog now, he still believes he can sit on our laps. We honestly can’t imagine life without him and it’s even more difficult to remember what it what like before him.

Bruno wants to play with every other dog he sees. His favourite places to walk are along the river or down the beach, though he isn’t a big fan of the sea. We share our love for him on his Instagram page. We just hope that if people are having a bad day, they stumble across his cute pictures and find a reason to smile again.

Meet Cooper

Cooper may keep Louisa and her family on their toes, but it’s impossible to get mad at him

Cooper came into our lives in December 2019. He is the most laid-back but equally energetic dog I've ever met. A lot of Cooper's development time was spent during lockdown, which was wonderful. He was my little working companion – he would sit on my knee and nap, and now, even though he's almost fully grown, he still does the same! He is a pleasure. He helps to wake up my two young sons every morning. I say: "Go and get the boys", and he runs upstairs and licks them until they get up!

He makes us all smile, every single day

One day, we were practicing recall while on a walk with Cooper. It was going great until he spotted a squirrel and did a complete U-turn and chased after it! Off into the bushes he went. They lead into the woods, so we were all shouting him back, but he didn't come back. The kids were distraught. I retraced the whole of our walk, shouting for him, asking passers-by if they’d seen him. No joy. I headed back to the field and told the kids to go home and wait on the step. I carried on the search, as did my husband, and were both becoming increasingly worried.

My husband called me 30 minutes later. I'd still not found him, nor had he. We both carried on searching, but it was getting dark. Another 20 minutes later my husband called saying, "He's home, he's with the boys". Cooper had come tottering back home, covered in all kinds, with a look on his face as if to say, "Where did you go?". We were over-joyed. We couldn't even be mad at him because of this look he had on his face. He makes us all smile, every single day.

Meet Poppy and Sam

Jon loves nothing more than fossil hunting with his furry companions, Poppy and Sam

Poppy and Sam are my beach-walking adventure buddies. We live in rural Somerset on the Jurassic Coast and go for walks daily, for both fitness and fun. I’m a keen photographer and amateur fossil hunter (as well as a professional psychiatric nurse).

My beach-walking adventure buddies

Poppy is a great fan of muddy, wet walks and they both love to run around Bristol Channel Beach, playing in rock pools and waiting for me to turn over rocks to see what we find. It’s great fun chasing eels through rock pools, though we’re yet to actually catch one.

Poppy is good at picking up small, flat stones for me – she once even brought me a small ammonite fossil! In the photo, you can see both of them with a 197-million-year-old Ichthyosaur fossil we found while playing on Stolford Beach.


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