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British Dogs

Meet Vincent

Emma’s dog Vincent is a caring companion to all creatures great and small!

Vincent is a Kelpie Hunteraway cross. He’s extremely loving and is always happy to meet new people, even if he does put them off with his barking! He enjoys singing too, and will happily howl along to any tune he hears on TV. He may not be the most talented, but he certainly makes up for it with his determination and the joy he brings us all.

He has many jobs around the house, his latest of which is to keep an eye on our pet rabbits. Vincent reminds us to let them out first thing in the morning, and won’t stop pestering us until we do. You can often find him keeping a watchful eye over them throughout the day.

He happily goes off to fetch any strays

Another of his responsibilities is to round up the chickens and put them to bed in the evening, and he takes this very seriously. He happily goes off to fetch any strays, and sometimes even brings his feathered friends into the house to say hello!

His main job is just to be himself and be a part of our family. He’s been there with us through some difficult times over the past couple of years, and is always there for a hug and a stroke, which will never fail to put a smile back on your face.

Meet London

London the dog was the most meaningful gift Verity could have ever received, and she is forever grateful for him

My mum bought London for me in the summer of 2017. I went all the way to Germany to collect him. She was so happy with our new puppy – he was sweet and gentle with all our other dogs. Mum knew that I would enjoy showing him off at dogs shows, talking him for long walks and grooming him.

She also knew that she wouldn’t be with me for much longer. By November, she had passed and I was devastated. But having London gave me the strength to carry on. Just as she’d hoped, I went out for walks and took him to dog shows – he gave me a reason to keep going, day in, day out.

Gave me the strength to carry on

London was patient with my tears, staying by my side throughout everything. Now, slowly and gently, he guides me through life. From the moment I get up in the morning to the moment I arrive home from work, he’s always there for me. Recently, he became a father to a wonderful puppy called Aster, who has been like a shining light of hope for the whole family this year.

My dog London truly is the gift that keeps on giving. He enhances my existence every day, and I couldn’t be without him.


Meet Cara

Cara may be a dog, but Maria-Elena believes we can all learn from her kindness

Cara comes from Romania, which is also were I’m from. She never stops surprising me with her endless love and empathy. One of the things I admire most about her is the way she cares for others. If she finds someone in trouble, she’ll immediately alert me so I can help them. She also protects anyone or anything she deems vulnerable and is a great friend to birds and small creatures.

My dog is magic

She quickly adapted to living in Devon and has even joined me in working at a nursing home. Cara helps to make the residents there smile again, bringing them some joy and laughter in their darkest moments. My dog is magic, and I could never even come close to helping others in the way shedoes every day.

Meet Pablo

Yvonne can’t believe how much Pablo has transformed her daughter’s life

My five-year-old daughter, Macy, is registered as Severely Sight Impaired (blind).She has a life-limiting genetic condition called Alstrom Syndrome and has been matched with Pablo by the Guide Dogs charity.

He is her Buddy Dog and has improved her life immeasurably.Buddy Dogsare pups that have been bred by Guide Dogs but couldn’t continue on the training programme.They are then given the opportunity to help a visually impaired child.

Pablo has helped improve Macy’s confidence

Pablo has helped improve Macy’s confidence, given her more independence, and provides her with the constant companionship she needs. They’re totally inseparable, and with him by her side, she can be more active and playful.

Meet Wolfie

Wolfie has brightened up Tatiana’s life with his playfulness and friendliness, and he has even helped her to make the office a happier place!

We rescued Wolfie six months ago, and since then he has made our life so much better and happier. Wolfie is perfectly trained, super intelligent and has managed to learn six new tricks even though he is an old dog! He is sensational at the park and we often get stopped because people want to say hello and take pictures of him. He even comes with me to work and is our office pet.

Everyone that meets him loves him

He also has the cheekiest but funniest personality. You would never guess that he’s 10 years old, and everyone that meets him loves him. He adores playing with all dogs in the park and sometimes forgets how big he is – it’s so funny seeing him play with a tiny puppy!

He is affectionate and loves children, and has made our little family so much happier.

Meet Bailey

Despite everything he’s been through, Bailey will always be able to make owner Serena laugh

Bailey is the most amazing little best friend. He is a very cheeky chap and very quirky indeed. He has the craziest fun personality.

He has defied the odds and been a little hero

He has a heart murmur, has had 18 teeth pulled in one op and only last year decided to swallow a fisherman's hook, bait and line. But he has defied all odds and been the little hero throughout. He is also very talented and has a party piece of ringing the service bell for a treat. He makes us laugh, makes us smile but most of all he is full of endless love.


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