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British Dogs

Meet Treacle

Jo and her dog Treacle had plenty of time to bond on their adventure through Europe

Treacle was found abandoned in the Bulgarian ski resort we were working at last winter. She was only about two months old, and not in the best condition. We took her in and nursed her back to health until she was strong enough to go outside and play in the snow. She grew into a happy, cheeky puppy who loved to spend time with us.

When the first lockdown happened, we were stuck in Bulgaria and couldn’t get home, so we found work on a campsite nearby. Treacle adored having us around all the time, and spent her days going on long walks and playing with the other dogs on the site.

She’s a major hit with all the guests

After a while, we managed to get a new job with a caravan park in the UK, and drove all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France with Treacle sleeping in the backseat. She was so well-behaved, charming every border control team we encountered and even waiting patiently when our van broke down.

Now we’re back in England, and Treacle loves her new countryside life. She likes to sit outside on the decking of our caravan and watch the world go by, or join us for a ride around the site in a golf buggy. She’s a major hit with all the guests too, and always manages to wrangle a treat out of them!

Meet Mei

Charlotte had always been scared of dogs, but Mei helped her to overcome her fears

When my parents first came home with a hyperactive Springer Spaniel puppy in their arms, I was sceptical to say the least. I have struggled with a phobia of dogs since I was a child, crossing the road whenever I came within barking distance of a dog, no matter how small they were. So, the day they adopted Mei I sat alone by the backdoor, watching my family interact with this tiny, floppy-eared being rolling in the grass and scampering under the garden furniture.

I stopped flinching at every bark

Eventually, my mother dragged me out into the garden and sat me on a deck chair, in the centre of all the action. Mei immediately bounded over to me, sniffing and biting my shoelaces. It was the closest I had been to a dog my whole life. She must have liked the smell of my shoes because she soon fell asleep on them. While she slept, I felt brave enough to strokeher fur.

Over the coming months, I stopped flinching at every bark, and I even played with her and taught her a few tricks. Now, when I come across a dog in the street or park I react with interest and joy, rather than the fear and anxiety I had always lived with.


Meet Charlie

Whether she’s out in the garden or snuggling up on the sofa, Karen can always rely on her dog Charlie for company

Charlie helps me to keep a work life balance and to stay healthy. I work as a nurse and no matter how exhausted I am, he gives me a reason to get up and make the most of each day

Charlie has encouraged me to get outdoors

Over lockdown, Charlie has encouraged me to get outdoors and to start growing my own vegetables. He loves it, as he gets fed fresh peas, peppers, and other scrumptious home grown produce as a treat when we are gardening. He also gives the best cuddles in the evening when we’re tired from a day of fresh air. Charlie is my best friend and I couldn’t be without him.

Meet ruby

Diana wasn’t sure about dogs, but Ruby came into her life and changed that forever

We treat Ruby like she’s our third daughter.I’d never had a dog before and I was scared about getting one, but having Ruby has made me see that all dogs are absolutely lovely. She has always been a mummy’s girl, and she won’t go for a walk with anyone else. We go to France twice a year and Ruby has come with us every time. It’s a long day of travelling, but right she’s always good as gold.

She won’t go for a walk with anyone else

She is so affectionate and loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. If you’re sad, she will snuggle and kiss you even more. I am so pleased my husband and children talked me in to getting a dog, as Ruby has made the past ten years of my life the happiest yet.

Meet Molly and Poppy

Molly and Poppy are happy helpers for school chaplain Alison, and the pupils love them too

I have two border collie dogs: Poppy (who is 11years old) and Molly (8 months). Molly was a lockdown rescue pup when her owners bought her then decided not to have her! I am a Chaplain in a school and take both dogs in with me every day.

Poppy and Molly deserve a treat!

They are great pastoral assistants! Poppy is a big teddy bear who loves to be hugged, Molly is a mischief and allows some of our ‘naughtier’ children to relate to her! We’ve worked all the way through the lockdown and Poppy and Molly deserve a treat!

Meet Lola

Gill is so proud of how kind and intuitive her dog Lola is, especially around those who need her most

Lola, a white and black Staffie, burst into our lives in 2018 as a seven-year-old rescue dog. Our other dogs had died that year and Lola was the bundle of joy we all needed. She came on a visit from the Rescue centre and never left.

She gets super excited every time she sees an adult and always greets them with enthusiasm. When she sees children, however, she’s much calmer and more relaxed. Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend.

Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend

Once, a little lamb found its way into our garden and got its head stuck in the fence. Lola stayed beside the lamb and started to bark until I came to find her. She helped me to save that small creature’s life, which is just another example of how loving and sensitive she is.


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