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British Dogs

Meet Toby

After many years of working as a sheep dog for Lauren’s family, Toby is enjoying a well-earned retirement

Toby is a working sheep dog! He’s been the best dog we’ve had on our farm – no job was ever too big or too small for him. He has been my companion and best friend since I was two.

He has been my companion and best friend since I was two

Toby only retired from rounding up sheep and farm work around two years ago so has had a very long working life. He’s still going strong and now enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle just pottering around the farmyard. He’s a caring, gentle boy, and a big softy at heart. Plus, he knows how to pull at the heart strings to get his own way!

Meet Tony

Ruby and her dog Tony are total opposites – and that makes them the perfect companions

Tony, a scruffy little Brussels Griffon pup, has completely changed my life since I brought him home four months ago. As a visibly physically disabled person, I was always aware of people looking at me when I was out and about, but now it's Tony who gets all the attention – which both he and I love!

He brings a smile to my face

He's given me a reason to get up and out in the morning. He brings a smile to my face every time I look at him, even when he appears with my shoes, socks or even my coat in his mouth, and I cannot imagine life without him.

He's a real 'Velcro' dog and I wouldn't have him anywhere other than right by my side – even when his chosen sleeping place at night is on my head!


Meet Lexi

Thanks to clever Lexi, Dominic knows when he’s going to have a diabetic episode

I have type 2 diabetes and Lexi has never been trained to know when I'm about to experience either hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia due to my diabetes, but over the first year we had her, my wife noticed she would come and lay down beside me when I was about to have one or the other.

She is my little life saver

So now, when Lexi comes over and lays down next to me, I know I'm about to have either a hypo or hyper, and my wife can test my blood sugar levels. She is my little life saver.

Meet Bruno

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that Lucie has Bruno in her life!

Bruno was a rescue dog from a family who couldn't give him the love and time he needed. He was born with only one eye – he doesn't let that hold him back though, and he can run as fast as any other dog. He's wary of strangers and new environments, but once he gains your trust, he's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know.

He loves to play games like hide-and-seek and chase. And he loves to learn new tricks, too. He loves to crunch on all fruits and vegetables. As soon as hears the vegetable drawer in the fridge open, he dashes to get a treat!

He's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know

The most amazing thing about him is that if you spill or drop something edible in the kitchen, you just need to shout "clean up team". No matter where he is in the house or garden, he will come dashing in to find you and will lick it up immediately. If he can't see it straight away, just point and he will find it.

He is the most amazing dog I have ever met and my family and I would be lost without him.

Meet Teddy

Stuart’s dog Teddy has transformed his outlook on life, and now he starts every day with a smile

Just as my parents before me, we finally succumbed to my daughter’s persistent requests to get a puppy. A few months later we arrived home with Teddy, a 12-week-old Golden Retriever. I’ll admit, before Teddy I never would have classed myself as a dog-fanatic – but oh how my opinion has changed!

I'm 51 and have suffered with severe anxiety all my life, but Teddy’s smiling face and unconditional love have uplifted me beyond belief. I had could never have imagined the positive impact he’d have on my wellbeing, but he really has had a hugely profound impact on all of our lives.

Uplifted me beyond belief

Because of my anxiety, I tend to wake up very early every morning, which can be frustrating. But now that I have Teddy I’ve started using that time to get out for a walk in the woods, which always helps me to start the day in a better mood. Watching him bound around and explore with such energy and relentless enthusiasm just makes me so happy. He’s always so determined to catch a bird, but hasn’t yet grasped the fact that he can’t fly!

Before Teddy, I never truly understood what it meant when people referred to dogs as ‘man’s best friend’ – but now, I couldn’t be without him. Just looking at his smiling face fills me with joy and makes me feel optimistic about the day ahead.

Meet Poppy

Poppy is a huge inspiration to Joanna – no matter what life brings her, she keeps on going!

Poppy was the runt of her litter and was going free to a good home. She has had so many things go wrong in her life, but she takes it on the chin and just accepts them as being part of life. Last year she was diagnosed with low-grade mouth cancer and had a month of radiotherapy treatment. The treatment was successful, and it has not returned, but during a check-up scan in February, we discovered her gall bladder was in a poor state and she had to go on liver support meds. A scan in September found it to be worse, and she had to have it removed in October.

She brings joy to each and every day

Her recovery has been impressive, and she’s just got on with her life. On top of this, she has an allergy to certain types of pollen and requires a monthly immunotherapy injection to combat it. Poppy remains the most positive of dogs though and is a lesson to us all about accepting knock backs and getting back up and dusting yourself down again. I would be lost without her. She brings joy to each and every day with her positive outlook on life especially in the darkest of years that 2020 has been.


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