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British Dogs

Meet Tilly

Rhiannon had never really wanted a dog before, but her life is infinitely better now Tilly is in it

At 62 years old, I got my very first dog. I didn't know I liked dogs until I met little Tilly, my Toy Poodle.

I now never have a bad day

Tilly is my unconditionally loving companion, who has ensured I now never have a bad day. She sits on my bed every morning and eagerly waits for just one of my eyes to open. Then that is officially the start of happy time.

She faceplants me with licks and hugs me between her paws. Her zest for discovery, fun and nature has given me back my purpose in life.

Meet Bonnie

Patrizia and her sister may not know Bonnie’s history, but one thingthey are sure of is her wonderful personality

My twin sister and I already had two dogs in our family when we recently decided to foster another. She’s called Bonnie and she’s just seven months old. We got her from a charity called Underdog, who rescued her from Romania.

Loves making new friends

We don’t know her breed but whenever we go out people love to guess. Most seem to think she’s some sort of Husky, Lurcher and Terrier mix, but the jury’s still out on that one!

Bonnie has something of a sheepdog mentality, and always tries to herd other dogs together. She’s so sociable and loves making new friends. During the day she’s crazy and energetic, but as soon as it gets dark, she loves nothing more than crashing out and curling up on our laps.

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Meet Kyra

As an older dog, Kyra has spent a great many years looking out for Marigold and her family

Kyra is an amazing Bernese Mountain dog who’s reached the amazing age of 12 years and six months. She’s a very fit, healthy and loving girl, and she’s very protective of me and my grandchildren.

When one of the grandchildren fell at the age of three, Kyra ran over to protect her and pick her up. Or whenever the grandchildren had a sleepover, she would go to their bedroom, listen to their bedtime story, and then go to sleep between their beds.

She’s very protective of me and my grandchildren

Once after I had a hip operation, I decided to go for a little walk with her, and a man came creeping out of the woods. She stood between me and him to protect me.

When I leave my jacket around, she’ll empty the pockets of dog treats. And every morning she comes over to my bed to give me a good morning kiss and bring me my clothes.

Meet Tamia

Last year, Linda decided to adopt a deaf puppy as a companion for Tamia, and the pair have been best friends ever since

Tamia came to live with us just over two years ago. We love having her and she goes just about everywhere with us – camping, events, markets etc.

We always felt she was missing out on a doggy companion. Then last autumn, her breeder told us she had a deaf puppy and she needed to find the right home for him. When Tamia met him, they adored each other from the start.

They are both trained using sign language. They play, travel and are generally inseparable. She is his ears and looks out for him. When we need to recall him in the field, we ask her to find him, and she brings him back. They are the most beautiful pair, and she’s the best big sister a deaf pup could have.

She’s the best big sister a deaf pup could have

Meet Pickle

Pickle has helped Haelee through a tough time, bringing laughter into her life and even into her office!

Pickle was the last one in her litter, but even if we had an option we would always have gone for her. She is absolutely the one!

She has never left my side

She has brought a life to the family and she makes home ‘home’. She recently has helped me to go through the loss of my dad. She has never left my side and has always been the bouncy social butterfly jumpy Pickle.

We can also take her to the office, where she is helping me to get through this difficult time with my colleagues. I cannot love her enough!

Meet Jax

Ian knows that he’ll never find another dog as loving and loyal as Jax

Jax is the happiest, craziest dog I have ever met.He has an abundance of energy, but as soon as one of our young children enters the room, he’ll instantly calm down and settle with them.

He loves everyone and everything

I had a serious accident not long after adopting Jax, and though I was still fairly new to him, he never left my side. He loves everyone and everything, including our other dogs and cats. He’s even great friends with our rabbit!

I have always been canine-crazy and very close to all my past dogs, but I’ve never had a bond as special as the one I have with Jax. He’s my sidekick, my rock and my very best friend.

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