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British Dogs

Meet Teddy

Even though he’s just a puppy, Teddy has already had a hugely positive impact on Jean’s mental health

Teddy is one of three pups my Chihuahua, Pip, gave birth to, which is why the two of us have such a close bond. One of the pups unfortunately died, but him and his brother both thrived and got lots of care from their mum.

Seeing him grow has really helped with my anxiety and other mental health issues, from the first time he opened his eyes to his first burst of personality and the many times he’s made me feel better.

Teddy is three quarters Chihuahua and a quarter Yorkie, which explains his great personality! He has explosive zoomies around the house and garden, he likes to show off how ‘buff’ he can be to other dogs, and he barks at his brother whenever he has a bone.

Teddy loves playing and he’s loved almost every single toy or game he’s ever been introduced to. But the game he loves the most is being chased by his brother. Even though his legs are small, he can run super fast!

Overall, Ted’s really improved my wellbeing, as I’m always happy to go home and see him and receive his little kisses. It’s like he understands my bad days and good days.

I’m always happy to go home and see him

Meet Chubbs

After a turbulent start in life, Chubbs finally found a home when Vicki and her family came to visit his rescue centre

Chubbs is a black and white rescue dog, a Staffy Collie cross, who originally hailed from Ireland. His Mum was a stray, who was taken into MADRA, with a litter of eight puppies in August 2019.

Chubbs was originally rehomed to a lovely family but sadly their circumstances changed and a few months later they had to give him back. He was then transferred to Birmingham Dogs Home in Wolverhampton for rehoming in the UK, and his siblings went to homes in Galway, the Midlands and Dublin.

Our daughter works at BDH Wolverhampton and we’d spent a long time deciding whether getting a dog was right for us. One day we went to visit her at work and the rest, as they say, is history!

He’s made our world complete

There was this beautiful floof of a pup, sat looking goofy in his window. We walked past him several times and each time he caught our eye. We looked at lots of residents that day, but it was Chubbs that tugged our heartstrings the most. So, a week later, we drove home with our new family member.

I was intrigued to know more about him, and through the power of Facebook, I was also able to trace some of his siblings. We still exchange messages with their owners today!

He was called Chubbs as a pup, and though we toyed with other names, it didn’t seem quite right to change. He’s VERY food oriented, and as I always say, ‘Chubbs by name and nature’.

I said that Chubbs is a ‘rescue’, but what I didn’t make clear is that he also rescued us. He’s brought so much love and happiness into our lives. We now have a purpose – a reason to get up, a reason to go out in all weathers, a reason to explore new dog-friendly places and a reason to rush home as soon as we can for more love, fun and adventure. He’s made our world complete.

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Meet Schubert

Though Schubert can be a bit crazy at times, he always knows when Megan needs him, whether she’s studying for her PhD or helping a stranger in distress

Schubert entered our lives in May 2021. Both of us are currently studying for PhDs and Schubert has been a real lifeline to get us through that. He is clumsy and a hilarious ball of energy, but he also knows when we need calm and he’s sensitive to our needs as well as his own.

He’s sensitive to our needs as well as his own

Just recently, we took Schubert on a walk up the Wrekin in Shropshire and on the way down we encountered a woman who had fallen and broken her ankle. She had three young children with her. Normally Schubert is not brilliant with children, but he could sense how upset they were, and he sat very calmly for nearly two hours, allowing them to hug him, stroke him and just gain comfort from him. Once we were eventually able to continue the walk down the Wrekin, it was completely dark, and Schubert led the way to ensure a safe path for us all. We were very proud of him that day.

Schubert has also suffered a lot with allergies since March this year. He was very subdued for a few months, but we recently added a new puppy, Heidi, to our family. Since then, Schubert has really regained the spring in his step and returned to his playful self. He is still suffering from with his allergies, but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Meet Orrin

Mandy adores the way Orrin takes care of everyone around him

Orrin is my rock. I suffer from panic attacks and whenever I feel one coming on, he’s always there to ground me until I have it under control. He’s also a blood donor and has saved many lives over the years. My dog is so compassionate, he’ll care for anyone who needs him.

One night, we were called to the vets as they needed blood urgently. When we arrived they were very busy, so we sat quietly in a corner and waited. We saw a distressed lady come in with her ill dog. The nurses all rushed to the dog and left the lady alone, so Orrin went up to her and quietly put his head in her lap until she calmed down a little. He came back over to me eventually, but I could tell he was keeping his eye on her the whole time.

He’ll care for anyone who needs him

A little while later, the same thing happened with someone else and again, Orrin made it his mission to make sure they were ok. Everyone in the vets soon started to realise what he was doing and some of the staff even had tears in their eyes.

After he gave blood, he refused to leave until we’d checked on the two people he’d helped. Orrin truly is my very special boy.

Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a treasured member of Aynslie’s family

Our beloved boy Mackenzie has given us so many precious memories. From jumping onto a stranger’s skateboard when we walked past a group of teenagers to running into a shop and stealing a bread roll, we’re alwayslaughing when he’s around.

We’re always laughing when he’s around

We have our ups and downs as a family, but Mackenzie is the glue that holds us all together. We’ll cherish our time with him forever.

Meet Bobby

Bobby fills Stephen’s days with love, laughter and endless affection

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in most of my joints, so I struggle with mobility. My dog Bobby is a great companion for me, as I don’t get out very often. He’s so funny and full of life, he makes my days a lot more bearable.

He can also be quite mischievous

Bobby enjoys going out for walks with my wife, and he also attends doggieday carewhere he gets to play and socialise with other dogs. He’s very friendly and especially loves children, but he can also be quite mischievous. Bobby has been found guilty of digging holes in my garden, and sometimes when we have guests round, he’ll pinch the television remote so he can present it to them as a gift!

I’m so glad we have Bobby, because he brightens up our life a great deal.

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