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British Dogs

Meet Teddy

At the end of a long day, Claire looks forward to coming home to her dog Teddy, who helps wash the stress away.

My lovely Teddy has been the best possible medicine for me over the Covid-19 crisis. I work as a complex care nurse, and he helps me to unwind after a busy and stressful shift. There’s nothing better than being greeted at the door by my big, happy, soft boy.

His happiness is contagious

We like to go out as soon as I get home from work and walk in the local valley, Teddy chasing the squirrels and splashing about it the local stream. His happiness is contagious and I can soon feel the stress of the day leaving my body.

Teddy is true to his name, he is so soft and gentle. He loves to play with all the dogs in our local park and is a bit of a local star in our village, everyone knows him (my husband and myself, don’t get a look in!).

Meet Max and Millie

Max and Millie might be chalk and cheese, but they are the perfect pair and together they’ve brightened up Charli’s life.

We had not long moved into our first home, and decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local rescue centre. After looking at a couple, we eventually went to Birmingham dogs home where we set our eyes upon Max. He looked so sad in his kennel, he had no name and apparently, he was a stray. After getting him out of the kennel into the exercise area, he loved being outside and running around. He gave us that ‘feeling’ and four days later we brought him home.

We noticed an instant change

It was the start of a journey — he was scared of everything. However as soon as you let him off his lead, his half-greyhound side comes out and boy does he love to run! The woods are his favourite place to explore and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Although we had made progress with him, it was clear he needed a friend so we were advised to get another dog— and this is where we welcome Millie!

From the same rescue home, Millie was six when she came home with us. We noticed an instant change in Max. He was more confident, not so scared of the big wide world. As Millie likes to socialise with other dogs (typical Labrador trait) we started to meet with other dog owners in the local park, and now at least once a week we meet up and let the dogs play.


Meet Drax

Jennifer’s dog Drax may be clumsy, but that just makes him all the more adorable

We think our dog Drax may actually be a small bear. He’s huge, huggable and absolutely ridiculous. We rescued him from being put to sleep just two days before Christmas, and it’s still impossible to believe no one wanted him!

He’s actually the clumsiest animal

Drax look majestic and is very handsome, but he’s also extremely clumsy. He knocks over pretty much anything in his path, will break through closed doors if you shut him in a room even for just a minute, and always shouts at you if he doesn’t agree with what you’re doing. But Drax is also the most loveable dog I’ve ever met – and that’s saying something, because as fosterers, we’ve encountered a lot.

We may have rescued Drax, but really, I think he rescued us more.

Meet Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a family dog through and through, who looks out for Gill and his other humans as much as his fellow four-legged companions.

Rhubarb, our Cocker Spaniel, was born to one of our other Cockers Poppi. Sadly, she only had two pups and Rhubarb was the only one to survive.

Rhubarb became a firm favourite in our household and quickly settled in with his mum and his ‘Uncle Bruce’, another Cocker eight years his senior. He followed Bruce everywhere and loved nothing better than to snuggle up with him. One day, we had gone out and left our daughter asleep in bed, with the back door left open for the dogs to go in and out. Rhubarb started barking and running around our daughter’s room. He wouldn’t stop, so she followed him out to find Bruce in the Koi fish pond! 

Rhubarb had saved his life

The gate had been left open and Bruce had fallen in and couldn’t get out. He was swimming out of his depth and tiring quickly – he was getting old and had poor eyesight, which didn’t help. Luckily, my daughter is a veterinary nurse and she quickly pulled him out and put him in a warm shower. Rhubarb had saved his life.

Thankfully, Bruce suffered no long term consequences from his adventure and lived until he was 13. Rhubarb has continued to be a wonderful friend and constant companion to us all since. He loves playing with his toys and running around the estuary beach near our home. He will always be our little hero.

He’s on the far right in the photo, with his mum on the left and ‘Uncle Bruce’ in the middle.

Meet Teddy

Teddy provides Victoria-Ellen with support as well as a laugh.

Teddy has a mischievous streak. Last Christmas, my mum made a super trifle. Unfortunately, no one noticed Teddy climb on the chair to reach the table, where he promptly started to eat it! My mum straightened up where he had nibbled and none of us noticed what he had done.

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love

I had his DNA done, and he is a real mix – he’s part Dachshund, part Yorkshire Terrier and part Shih tzu!

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love and seems to know how I am feeling. I have a learning disability and Teddy is a fantastic support to me.

Once a month he has a hydro session to help his front legs and ease his arthritis. He really enjoys this swimming and it is nice for him and me to do something together just the two of us.

Meet Wolfie

Wolfie has brightened up Tatiana’s life with his playfulness and friendliness, and he has even helped her to make the office a happier place!

We rescued Wolfie six months ago, and since then he has made our life so much better and happier. Wolfie is perfectly trained, super intelligent and has managed to learn six new tricks even though he is an old dog! He is sensational at the park and we often get stopped because people want to say hello and take pictures of him. He even comes with me to work and is our office pet.

Everyone that meets him loves him

He also has the cheekiest but funniest personality. You would never guess that he’s 10 years old, and everyone that meets him loves him. He adores playing with all dogs in the park and sometimes forgets how big he is – it’s so funny seeing him play with a tiny puppy!

He is affectionate and loves children, and has made our little family so much happier.


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