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British Dogs

Meet Teddy

At the end of a long day, Claire looks forward to coming home to her dog Teddy, who helps wash the stress away.

My lovely Teddy has been the best possible medicine for me over the Covid-19 crisis. I work as a complex care nurse, and he helps me to unwind after a busy and stressful shift. There’s nothing better than being greeted at the door by my big, happy, soft boy.

His happiness is contagious

We like to go out as soon as I get home from work and walk in the local valley, Teddy chasing the squirrels and splashing about it the local stream. His happiness is contagious and I can soon feel the stress of the day leaving my body.

Teddy is true to his name, he is so soft and gentle. He loves to play with all the dogs in our local park and is a bit of a local star in our village, everyone knows him (my husband and myself, don’t get a look in!).

Meet Bobby

Bobby fills Stephen’s days with love, laughter and endless affection

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in most of my joints, so I struggle with mobility. My dog Bobby is a great companion for me, as I don’t get out very often. He’s so funny and full of life, he makes my days a lot more bearable.

He can also be quite mischievous

Bobby enjoys going out for walks with my wife, and he also attends doggieday carewhere he gets to play and socialise with other dogs. He’s very friendly and especially loves children, but he can also be quite mischievous. Bobby has been found guilty of digging holes in my garden, and sometimes when we have guests round, he’ll pinch the television remote so he can present it to them as a gift!

I’m so glad we have Bobby, because he brightens up our life a great deal.


Meet Norman

Carole adores her cheeky chappy Norman, even if he does have a habit of going walkabout.

As a pup, Norman was a bit of an escapologist. He managed to escape out of the house and run off round the corner. He got into a garden and went in through an open back door. He was discovered by the homeowner when he heard a noise, turned around and found Norman sitting watching tv with him and his family!

Norman was a bit of an escapologist

Another time, he managed to squeeze under our garden fence and make his way into our neighbour’s house… where he was eventually found in her upstairs bedroom.

Meet Ziggy

Alison knows her strong-willed dog Ziggy is one of a kind – but that’s what makes her so loveable!

Our Ziggy is a real character. She’s extremely friendly with everyone but like most dogs, she has no concept of ownership and is very proud of the fact that she can carry two tennis balls in her mouth at once. This would be funny, but usually, the tennis balls belong to other dogs, and she’s stolen them without any remorse!

She’s stolen them without any remorse!

It’s now getting so embarrassing that we’ve had t-shirts and neck ties printed for her. They read ‘Tennis ball thief’, and the idea is to give other dog owners a heads-up, as Ziggy tends to steal a ball or two and then head off into the distance as fast as she possibly can. I usually have to take the owner’s number so we can return their pet’s favourite ball at a later date.

The goal for 2021? To finally break the habit of a lifetime and stop that thieving Madam in her tracks!

Meet Hopper

Carly created a loving home for Spanish rescue Hopper, and now he has a real spring in his step.

We adopted Hopper six months ago. He is a Galgo from Spain and was rescued just before Christmas last year. He was taken to Galga del Sol, a charity I am involved with. After a visit to the vets, an x-ray revealed that his leg had been broken so badly it would need to be amputated.

He has really come out of his shell!

It was touch and go after the surgery, but with intense nursing and care he turned a corner and started to improve. We adopted him officially at the end of March this year. At first, he was really timid and scared of people but over the last six months he has really come out of his shell!

We fundraise for this charity and he comes along with us – he has become a bit of an ambassador in my local area. He now loves attention from people and has become a gorgeous, goofy hound who makes us laugh every day and does not let the disability of missing a leg hold him back at all!

Meet Bea

No matter what life throws at them, Carol and her dog Bea know that they can get through it together.

Me and my best friend Bea have supported, and in some ways saved, each other in the four years since we met at a local rehoming centre. Bea came to me after being picked up on a motorway, having been hit by a vehicle. After six months of rehabilitation, which saw her learn to use her leg again after losing around 4cm of bone, she was on the road to recovery.

Bea gave me purpose to continue

It was during this time that a life-changing event happened in my life – one that brought me great loss and grieving. If it wasn’t for the love of my girl Bea, I would have struggled to carry on, but to know that she was there and needed my help, gave me purpose to continue. I saved her, so in turn she saved me. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal and loving companion.


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