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British Dogs

Meet Sally

Tan’s dog Sally didn’t have the best start in life, but she still manages to find the sunshine in every day

We adopted Sally from a rescue charity called Wolfies Legacy.She was originally a street dog in Tunisia where she suffered a gun wound. Both of her front elbows were severely damaged, and as she didn’t have access to a vet, her front legs ended up becoming set in a bent, upright position.

Despite all she’s been through, Sally is the most loving and trusting dog you could ever wish to meet.She's adapted to walking on her elbows, which we pad to protect, and can sit on her hind legs when she’s begging for treats or if she wants to be picked up.She’s incredibly fast when she wants to be and knows how to jump and hop at speed.

She’s a dog that lives for the moment

We run a home-boarding dog business and Sally is our guidance dog for all the new arrivals.She is super friendly and always makes them feel safeand welcome.Some dogs are a little puzzled by her, as they can't quite figure out why she won't run around with them, but we've noticed how easily they learn to play in ways that accommodate her. It’s truly heart-warming to watch how the dogs interact, accept and embrace Sally’s disabilities.

Being unable to walk very far hasn't stopped Sally from loving life and exploring.We take her out in her buggy every day, and she loves nothing more than to watch the world go by. She’s a dog that lives for the momentand enjoys everything life offers her. Having Sally is a constant reminder that life is what you make it.

Meet Angus and Will

Always there with endless love, Will and Angus are more than just dogs to owner Anita, they are family

My dogs, Angus and Will, are the reason I get up in the morning. They keep me going when things get difficult, make me smile, keep me sane and convince me life is worth living.

I am an elderly, arthritic, asthmatic widow without neighbours or family, not unlike many pensioners in this country. However, the difference is having Angus and Will in my life – they are my family.

I am honoured (Will) has transferred his love and loyalty to me

Angus is a laid-back, rehomed springer with a joint problem who shadows me all day (and night). Even when I’m gardening, he has to lie down at my feet, covering up all the weeds. In the spring, his waving tail ‘picks’ daffodils to take into the house.

Will is a complex rescued sprollie who had a difficult start in life and desperately wants to be loved. His grin is priceless. He was my husband’s companion, happy to do a bit of gardening or DIY. He stayed with my husband before he died, keeping him company and keeping him warm. Now I am honoured that he has transferred his love and loyalty to me.


Meet Scooby

If Neville was ever in trouble, Scooby would break down any barrier to be by his side.

My dog Scooby is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Schnauzer. He’s now eight years old. When I and my now departed wife went to the farm with our daughter, he was the last puppy left all alone in a barn. He was just too lovable to be left on his own.

He was just too lovable

He is a very friendly boy and always looks for attention. I am 69 and currently in isolation with an underlying health condition. I had to go to the hospital at the end of March and the poor little soul didn’t know what was going on – he broke through the fence looking for me! My son-in-law went looking for him and I got a call from the person who had caught him. Luckily, I came home that night and we were reunited.

I also have a Husky (Mia), a kitten (Tommy) and a budgie (Clyde). They all get on with each other, which is a blessing in the current climate!

Meet Roco

Chris will never forget how Roco the goofy pup helped to save his partner’s life

Roco the rescue pup joined our family when he was 18 months old. When he came to live with us he was very excitable and really bouncy. He is a Labrador Husky cross with a 'wonky' ear (one sticks up and one hangs down). He craved fuss, attention and love, and so that’s exactly what I gave him.

My partner Graham has had some serious health issues in the past, and eventually had to spend a few days in hospital. When he came home, Roco was delighted to see him, but clearly sensed he was not well so was very gentle around him, which must have been hard for him given his excitable nature.

Roco saved Graham’s life that night

One evening, Graham headed to bed early as he was very tired. I sat watching TV downstairs and Roco stayed with me. After a short while he disappeared upstairs, and then came back a few minutes later and stood looking at me. Several times, he went to foot of the stairs, looked up and then came to me and nudged my leg. Eventually, I followed him as he trotted ahead of me, until I got to our bedroom and found Graham collapsed on the bed – there was clearly something very wrong.

Roco – normally bouncy and full of life – sat quietly at the foot of the bed, as I called for an ambulance. A couple of times he came over to me and leaned against my leg for comfort. Roco saved Graham's life that night. The ambulance crew said he was in a bad way and was later diagnosed with a serious chest infection. I will never forget what my dog did to get me upstairs that evening.

Meet Bruno

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that Lucie has Bruno in her life!

Bruno was a rescue dog from a family who couldn't give him the love and time he needed. He was born with only one eye – he doesn't let that hold him back though, and he can run as fast as any other dog. He's wary of strangers and new environments, but once he gains your trust, he's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know.

He loves to play games like hide-and-seek and chase. And he loves to learn new tricks, too. He loves to crunch on all fruits and vegetables. As soon as hears the vegetable drawer in the fridge open, he dashes to get a treat!

He's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know

The most amazing thing about him is that if you spill or drop something edible in the kitchen, you just need to shout "clean up team". No matter where he is in the house or garden, he will come dashing in to find you and will lick it up immediately. If he can't see it straight away, just point and he will find it.

He is the most amazing dog I have ever met and my family and I would be lost without him.

Meet Brodie

With Brodie around, Lara’s days are always filled with laughter

Brodie is known as the ‘sun worshipper’, because he likes to carry his bed around the house and place it wherever he can soak up the best rays! Another of his hilarious antics involves finding and carrying sticks that are at least three times as large as him. If you get in his way, he won’t walk around you but instead keeps bashing into your leg until you move.

Keeps bashing your leg until you move

He likes to help me in the garden – although help is a loose term, as mostly he just puts his tennis ball where I’m about to plant something. Brodie didn’t have the best start in life, as he was put into a recuse centre, but now he’s truly flourished and is our very own little prince.


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