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British Dogs

Meet Ruby

Not only does Ruby help with Amanda’s anxiety, but she also brings endless fun and laughter into her life

I suffer from anxiety and Ruby has helped enormously. Stroking her always makes things feel better.

She may be 12 now, but she still loves to play games

But more than that, she makes me laugh every day. We have conversations and she copies my tone of voice. She may be 12 now, but she still loves to play games and tease me.

She gets incredibly excited if we play ‘round and round the garden’ when she’s lying on her back – and I swear she laughs when we get to ‘tickle you under there’!

Meet Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a family dog through and through, who looks out for Gill and his other humans as much as his fellow four-legged companions.

Rhubarb, our Cocker Spaniel, was born to one of our other Cockers Poppi. Sadly, she only had two pups and Rhubarb was the only one to survive.

Rhubarb became a firm favourite in our household and quickly settled in with his mum and his ‘Uncle Bruce’, another Cocker eight years his senior. He followed Bruce everywhere and loved nothing better than to snuggle up with him. One day, we had gone out and left our daughter asleep in bed, with the back door left open for the dogs to go in and out. Rhubarb started barking and running around our daughter’s room. He wouldn’t stop, so she followed him out to find Bruce in the Koi fish pond! 

Rhubarb had saved his life

The gate had been left open and Bruce had fallen in and couldn’t get out. He was swimming out of his depth and tiring quickly – he was getting old and had poor eyesight, which didn’t help. Luckily, my daughter is a veterinary nurse and she quickly pulled him out and put him in a warm shower. Rhubarb had saved his life.

Thankfully, Bruce suffered no long term consequences from his adventure and lived until he was 13. Rhubarb has continued to be a wonderful friend and constant companion to us all since. He loves playing with his toys and running around the estuary beach near our home. He will always be our little hero.

He’s on the far right in the photo, with his mum on the left and ‘Uncle Bruce’ in the middle.

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Meet Coco

Both Daniel and Coco have overcome hardship to be all smiles with each other

I am a serving police officer, and have been for the last five years. I recently suffered a breakup with a long-term partner and went through the torrid time of organising the separation and dividing assets. Once this was completed, I looked to adopt a stray puppy, a puppy that I could come home to and who would give a bit of companionship.

All she asks for in return is a bit of cuddling on the sofa and some attention

I found Coco online and couldn’t resist applying for her having heard how she was found hung up in a bag in a tree and just abandoned. I was successful with my application and this little bundle of fluff came into my life. She’s been so good with everything that’s been thrown at her – her training is going well, she walks on the lead nicely, she listens to commands, and all she asks for in return is a bit of cuddling on the sofa and some attention.

She is the same colours as the rugby team I play for, and is a firm club favourite whenever I play, finding herself on the sideline distracting people from the game. I’ve attached the photo that shows her favourite place in the house, a little sun trap that overlooks the street we live on, where I will always find her when she isn’t snoozing away on the sofa.

Meet Xander

Lynsey is so grateful for the joy Xander has brought into her life

I have a severe mental health disorder and was told that looking after a dog could improve my wellbeing. When I got Xander, I knew he would be apositive influence in my life, but I never could have guessed how much he’d change my whole world

He howls at the ice cream van

Xander has given me a purpose, helping me to get out of the house and meet new people. He always knows when I’m having a bad day, and he’ll lay his head in my lap or put his paw on my leg. It’s enough to make me feel loved.

He has so many funny quirks, like the way he howls at the ice cream van whenever we walk past. Xander also has a cheeky side, and whenever youtell him off, he barks back at you!

Meet Luna

Emma’s brain condition makes everyday tasks difficult, but Luna always helps her out when she needs it

I’ve had Luna since she was eight weeks old. Even though she’s been a crazy one from the start, she’s also been a godsend for me. I have a brain condition that affects me daily, and it also means I struggle with my back. I have more bad days than good, and Luna has noticed this as she has got older.

She’s been a godsend for me

I think because I’m the only one who walks and feeds her, we have a very strong bond. If she sees me struggling to get up when I’m in pain, she’ll come and grab the cuff of whatever I'm wearing and pull me up. If I'm having to walk slow when we’re out, she’ll walk slowly by my side.

Sometimes if I'm having a bad moment of sleepiness and have to lean on something, Luna will come over and nudge me from behind or appear beneath me and stand up to help me up. I know when she’s just being a playful pup, but I can also tell when she’s being genuinely caring and trying to help me.

Meet Captain

10 days was all it took for the ultimate friendship to blossom between Captain and his owner Danny

I looked after Captain for 10 days while my friend went on holiday, and within those 10 days we built such a great friendship, in the park playing ball, taking pictures.

He was more of a kitchen dog and stayed in the hallway at my friend’s, but I had him on my lap, sleeping next to me in my bed with loads of cuddles. When my friend came back and I had to give my new best friend back, I was in bits crying like a baby. That night I felt so lonely and sad. I missed the little man so much, the next day at work I had to ask how Captain was. “He’s OK but seems a tad sad,” they said.

Apparently he started to whine and howl a lot and would not get out of his bed – he was heartbroken. The following day my friend approached me and said “would you like to have Captain back for good?” Now at this time captain was 11 years old, but those 10 days changed his life. It was a dream come true: “yes yes yes I want him!”

I had to wait two days before I could collect him. The days dragged but Sunday finally came. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get him, and when he saw me he came running and jumping at me. He could not wait to come back. He’s now 16 and won’t leave my side, cuddles me all the time, and he actually smiles in his sleep. He changed my life so much, he’s my best most loyal friend. He helps with my mental health and gives me a reason to make my life better!

He actually smiles in his sleep

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