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British Dogs

Meet Roky

Jennifer looks forward to coming home every day because she knows Roky will be there to greet her

I can't help but smile when I see my buddy, Roky.There's something about coming home and opening the door to a burst of energy powering towards me that makes my heart sing and melts away all the negativity from my day.

Helps me to get out and connect with the world

Not only is Roky good for my soul, but he's good for my health too. He gives my life a structure and makes sure I never lack purpose. He helps me to get out and connect with the world around me.

He's such a beautiful dog that people often stop to ask me about him. Thisis both a blessing and a curse.I get to meet so many new people, but he'salso very protective of me, and that means he's not always as interested in those new people as they are in him.

Roky doesn't like little dogs who are cuter than him, or anyone dressed in bright colours. It makes putting his raincoat on a nightmare!

Meet Alfie

Thanks to her dog Alfie’s unconditional love and support, Debra knows she can face even the hardest of days

Alfie the Springer Spaniel is my best friend. He loves nothing more than spending time outdoors and so we spend hours exploring forests and nature trails together. He also enjoys snuggling and snoozing, and most evenings you can find him curled up on my daughter’s bed – she’s the family member that spoils him most!

Alfie always knows how to brighten my day

He is such a well-behaved dog. Recently, I was diagnosed with a visual impairment and started to struggle both physically and mentally. Luckily for me, Alfie always knows exactly how to brighten my day – it’s almost as if he can sense that I’m having problems with my sight. He sticks closely by my side no matter where I go and always likes to make sure I’m not left alone to struggle. He is my very own adorable hero.


Meet Molly and Poppy

Molly and Poppy are happy helpers for school chaplain Alison, and the pupils love them too

I have two border collie dogs: Poppy (who is 11years old) and Molly (8 months). Molly was a lockdown rescue pup when her owners bought her then decided not to have her! I am a Chaplain in a school and take both dogs in with me every day.

Poppy and Molly deserve a treat!

They are great pastoral assistants! Poppy is a big teddy bear who loves to be hugged, Molly is a mischief and allows some of our ‘naughtier’ children to relate to her! We’ve worked all the way through the lockdown and Poppy and Molly deserve a treat!

Meet Angus and Will

Always there with endless love, Will and Angus are more than just dogs to owner Anita, they are family

My dogs, Angus and Will, are the reason I get up in the morning. They keep me going when things get difficult, make me smile, keep me sane and convince me life is worth living.

I am an elderly, arthritic, asthmatic widow without neighbours or family, not unlike many pensioners in this country. However, the difference is having Angus and Will in my life – they are my family.

I am honoured (Will) has transferred his love and loyalty to me

Angus is a laid-back, rehomed springer with a joint problem who shadows me all day (and night). Even when I’m gardening, he has to lie down at my feet, covering up all the weeds. In the spring, his waving tail ‘picks’ daffodils to take into the house.

Will is a complex rescued sprollie who had a difficult start in life and desperately wants to be loved. His grin is priceless. He was my husband’s companion, happy to do a bit of gardening or DIY. He stayed with my husband before he died, keeping him company and keeping him warm. Now I am honoured that he has transferred his love and loyalty to me.

Meet Pippit

Irene and her husband are so grateful for the endless love, affection and laughter that Pippit has brought into their lives

We sadly lost our Springer Rowan about the same time that Pip was born. Rowan had travelled all over Europe with us in our caravan and was our constant companion. Losing him broke our hearts, but Pip mended them.

Pip has so many funny quirks

He’s a working Springer, but his favourite place to be is on the back of the sofa, where he sits crouched like a rather odd-looking leopard. Pip has so many funny quirks, like taking his bed out of his crate every morning. He always looks so proud trotting up and down the corridor with it, and he’s kept us going through lockdown just by making us laugh every day.

Pip has a long coat over his shoulders which curls the wrong way, which can sometimes make him look as though he’s got a lion’s mane. One of his favourite things to do is search for treats I’ve hidden around the house for him. In the evenings, he likes to curl round my neck to watch TV. He really is an adorable, loving little chap.

Meet Nora

Thanks to her dog Nora, Lorna has reclaimed her life and discovered a new sense of happiness

Nora is the dog that saved my life. When I was 27, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of arthritis and was in constant pain. Small tasks such as putting on my socks became difficult, and had it not been for Nora, I think I would have given up.

Because of my dog, I have a purpose

She was always there for me, helping me through the pain and giving me a reason to carry on. Taking her on walks got me up and out in the morning. It took me almost a year to be officially diagnosed and then another year to get the right medication so that the pain was tolerable. I’ve had to give up so much since then, but Nora has remained by my side throughout it all.

If I’m having a bad pain day she seems to know and will do something silly just to make me smile. On good days, we enjoy going out together and taking in the fresh air. Nora has given me back the dreams I thought I’d lost. Because of my dog, I have a purpose. With her by my side, I can take on any challenge that life throws at me. We’ll get through it together.


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