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British Dogs

Meet Riley

Whether he’s playing with her niece and nephew or checking in on her mum, Riley is loved by everyone in Lisa’s family

Riley is my best friend, and the most loveable, funny dog you could wish to meet. We brought him home when he was a tiny puppy to make sure he would be comfortable with my young niece and nephew.

He's so attentive and caring. He loves other dogs and people, especially my now eight-year-old niece and six-year-old nephew. We walk every day, which I need to do as I’ve had back problems for more than 20 years, and it keeps me moving.

He’s the most loveable, funny dog you could wish to meet

Riley waits at the window for me to come home from work and always lets me know when it's time for his walk. We often visit my mum, who lives a few minutes away, and he pops in to check the house is okay when we get there.

He’s struggled with allergies since he was a baby. They’ve made him quite ill at times, but he’s never let that get him down and he's always up for an adventure. After lots of tests, we now know what to avoid to keep him happy and healthy.

Meet Lilly

Whether they’re out for walks or snuggling up at home, Sam’s puppy Lilly has been the light of her life for the past year

Ever since I got Lilly, my Spanish Water Dog puppy, she’s brought me lots of love, happiness and fun. In January this year, my beloved dog Zuky crossed the rainbow bridge at the old age of 15, but Lilly has been a wonderful companion. She checks up on me to make sure I’m OK, and she’s helping me cope with the huge loss in my heart.

When I went to see Lilly as a puppy, I entered the room and she came over, licked my face and snuggled up. They do say a puppy chooses their owner! Before I got her, my health was declining rapidly. Now I feel like a different person. Not only has she been excellent for my physical health, but she’s helped my confidence with meeting people – something I find difficult due to a neurological condition I have.

Lilly’s more than just a dog

Every day we go for a walk, come rain or shine. We have lots of fun walking in the countryside, and then in the evening, we relax watching our favourite nature documentaries with David Attenborough. She gets the zoomies every evening. And she has loads of different toys, but her favourite is my outdoor Crocs!

Lilly’s more than just a dog, she’s my world. She loves her life and has everything a young dog needs to remain happy and healthy. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s also doing really well with her training as I have lots of dog knowledge, so she’s a very good puppy. She’ll soon be at her teenage stage, which could be a challenge, but I’m ready for whatever comes our way.

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Meet Bella

After Bella was diagnosed with heart failure last year, Kelly has been treasuring every moment she spends with her

Bella, my dachshund, has brought immeasurable joy and positivity to my life through her quirky behaviours, love and companionship. She has a few endearing quirks, such as barking for food and nudging her bowl for water, which add structure to my day and strengthen our bond. Bella also enjoys sitting at the window and watching the world go by, which is calming and relaxing for both of us.

Despite Bella's positive impact on my life, we received the devastating news on Boxing Day that she had heart failure. It was heart-breaking to hear, especially after she had already undergone spinal surgery to treat intervertebral disc disease. However, we are doing everything possible to ensure Bella is comfortable and receiving the best care possible. Though it is a challenging time for our family, Bella's resilience and determination continue to inspire us.

Bella's positive impact on my life is immeasurable

Bella's spinal surgery and recovery was a long process that required patience and care, but the experience brought us closer together. Her resilience in the face of adversity was nothing short of remarkable, and her recovery has been a testament to the enduring bond between pets and their owners. Today, Bella is back to her playful and energetic self, and we are grateful for the veterinary care and support that helped her heal.

Bella's constant companionship, love and affection have provided me with a sense of purpose and responsibility. Her presence has also increased my physical activity and appreciation for nature. She inspires me to spend more time outside and to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Despite the challenges we face with Bella's heart failure, we are cherishing the time we have left with her. She continues to provide us with love and companionship, and we are thankful for every moment we have together. Bella's positive impact on my life is immeasurable, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her as a companion and pet.

Meet Sonny

Sian was so convinced Sonny was the one for her that she travelled 1,000 miles to bring him home

Sonny is such a character, I'm not sure where to begin. We did a 1,000-mile round trip to get him! After leaving Shetland, the most northerly island in Scotland, we travelled 14 hours overnight on a ferry and then drove all the way from Aberdeen to Herefordshire on the Welsh/English border.

We did a 1,000-mile round trip to get him!

After picking him up, we spent a night in Blackpool and drove all the way back up, staying at dog-friendly services by Kendall and getting back on the boat for another night to get him home. All in the heat of 2017 summer – it was 34°C on the day we picked him up!

I could have gotten a dog closer to home, but I knew he was the one. I'd previously worked with his owner (a veterinary surgeon) and his mother was the best Labrador I'd ever met – well-behaved, loving and smiled on command!

Meet Daisy

After spending her whole childhood wishing for a dog, Kate finally got Daisy, and she’s brought nothing but love into her life

For my whole life, I wanted a dog but, despite my protests, my parents never gave in. When I went to visit Daisy, the first thing she did was climb onto me and steal my keys. The breeder and I spent ages trying to get them off her but, being the cheeky madam she is, she was not giving in! In that moment I knew the little monster was mine.

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t fallen for her charm

Daisy is the most loving dog, although she does have an independent streak. She absolutely loves other people – I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t fallen for her charm. When I worked in a girl’s boarding house with children from across the world, she was a lot better at soothing them when they were sad than I was.

Daisy has no dramatic story. She doesn’t know many tricks and she isn’t the most obedient (unless very good treats are on offer!) but I love her to pieces and can’t imagine life without her.

Meet Ayda

Ayda is always by Alyson’s side, whether she’s heading to work or healing from an injury

Ayda is an ex-racing Greyhound. During the first COVID lockdown, when there was no Greyhound racing, her trainer put her up for adoption with a local rescue. From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us.

From the minute I saw her, I knew she was coming home with us

She’s the most gentle dog. I take her to the care home where I work, and everyone loves her. I also volunteer for the small rescue who rehomed her. We stand outside supermarkets raising much-needed funds for them.

Ayda loves people and she’ll draw you in with her eyes, then she’ll lean on you with all her weight. Recently I broke my ankle, and I don't know how I would have coped without her. During the day, she was my only company – and a good listener, too. She means the world to me. She's my best friend and a truly amazing dog.

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