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British Dogs

Meet Pixie

Raven’s dog Pixie might be getting older, but she’s still got the same zest for life she’s had since she was a puppy

Pixie is a feisty, scruffy little black Border Terrier Miniature Poodle cross. Her well-earned nickname as a puppy was Taz, after the Tasmanian Devil, as she was a whirlwind of destruction. Keeping her well plied with toys saved our own toys and furniture!

Pixie has only ever known love and comfort

She’s a very sweet little dog, who loves everybody, even the family cat. Despite being 15 years old, she’s still very agile and lively with no stiffness. She still loves her favourite toy – a squeaky, startled baked potato that she’s had since she was a puppy.

Pixie has only ever known love and comfort, and she’s a great snuggler at night. She’s family.

Meet Maisie

Maisie takes it upon herself to look after everyone, her owner Louise and their pet guinea pigs included!

Maisie is a loving, sociable dog. Even though she has doggy dementia, she still adores life and loves long walks, body boarding and rock pooling! I love going with her and watching her snorkel – once she even caught a crab!

She treats our guinea pigs like her puppies

She also loves little kids and treats our guinea pigs like her puppies, grooming them and sharing (or stealing) the veg from their plates as she loves sprouts! She will do a repertoire of tricks if you don’t give her a treat.

She is intelligent, stubborn and intuitive and can identify when my partner is in pain to the point when she will lie against her back and refuse to move when she has a flare up. Maisie has also helped me through tough times, allowing me to gradually get from agoraphobic to being able to go out with her by my side.

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Meet Poppet

She may be tiny, but Poppet has made a huge difference in Sasha’s life, from making her laugh to helping with her mental health struggles

Poppet is a tiny Chihuahua but has the biggest heart and the craziest, most infectious personality.

She never fails to make me laugh, whether she’s zooming across the landing to air dry herself after the bath, leapfrogging over people in the park who then unexpectedly find a Chihuahua in their lap, or falling in love with the new neighbours!

I find nothing more fulfilling than sharing my life with her

Poppet makes everyone smile. I have been in a very dark place with my mental health and sometimes it’s a struggle to get out of bed, but Poppet always makes my day worthwhile.

I honestly find nothing more fulfilling than sharing my life with her. It gives me a purpose. She’s not just my dog, she’s my best friend and I don’t do anything without her!

Meet Lexi

Thanks to clever Lexi, Dominic knows when he’s going to have a diabetic episode

I have type 2 diabetes and Lexi has never been trained to know when I'm about to experience either hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia due to my diabetes, but over the first year we had her, my wife noticed she would come and lay down beside me when I was about to have one or the other.

She is my little life saver

So now, when Lexi comes over and lays down next to me, I know I'm about to have either a hypo or hyper, and my wife can test my blood sugar levels. She is my little life saver.

Meet Baxter

Not only has Baxter helped Jenny through her struggles with depression, but now he’s inspired her to start her own business

We adopted Baxter from a rescue around six or seven years ago when he was two years old. He was found abandoned! He is now about nine and he has helped me through bouts of depression which I get from time to time. He knows when I am struggling mentally and doesn't leave my side.

The pure, unconditional love I feel from his cuddles is so healing

The pure, unconditional love I feel from his cuddles is so healing. He is brilliant with the children, and we adore his huge tongue that constantly sticks out of his mouth like a piece of ham! Baxter snores like a tractor, but he still sleeps in our room like a king. He loves his walks and meeting new people – he’s so loving.

Baxter, along with my other dog Lola, have inspired me to bite the bullet and start my new dog walking business, which also benefits my mental health hugely. This has led me to researching dog behaviour, body language and lots more to give my dogs the best possible life, as a thank you for what they do for me every day.

Meet Bramble

Jodie loves Bramble for all of her talents, but she’s particularly proud of the way she helps others

Bramble is the most incredible dog in every sense. She has done TV and film work, performed in plays on stage, has achieved the highest level in agility class, was crowned a winner in dancing at Crufts and last but certainly not least, has made a huge difference to my life.

I suffer from depression and PTSD, and because of that I sometimes have dissociative episodes. When I do, Bramble will lie on my chest and lick my face, which can help stop the episodes from getting any worse. She is also trained as a hearing dog for my sister, who is deaf, and can alert her to noises, help her to cross the road and even bring her items.

She always stays positive

I’m a dog trainer and behaviourist and Bramble works with me as a ‘stooge dog’, which involves helping in the rehabilitation of anxious dogs and puppies. Her brilliant personality has helped build confidence in so many others. She also works with people who have severe dog phobias and has visited primary, secondary and special education schools to educate them about her fellow four-legged friends.

Recently, Bramble has been a bit poorly and is unable to do everything she normally loves – but she always stays positive, and makes the most of the things she can still do, like going for walks and snuggling on the sofa. She truly is an incredible dog.

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