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British Dogs

Meet Pixie

When Pixie’s previous owners put her up for adoption, it was love at first sight for Janice and her husband

We found Pixie from an advert on Facebook. Her owners were looking for someone to take her as they had a new baby. When my husband phoned, they said he’d be in a queue with 12 others, but we could go and meet her. As soon as we walked in, we fell in love with her. We also understood why they wanted to rehome her, as the baby wouldn't leave Pixie alone and kept pulling her ears and tail. They also already had another massive dog and two cats.

At the end of our meeting, they said they wanted us to have her. After making sure our home was suitable, they told us they needed to have her spayed as they didn't want her used for puppy money. We agreed, so they let us have her over the weekend to see what she was like with us. She was brilliant and made no mess at all.

As soon as we walked in, we fell in love with her

After her operation, they kept her at their house to keep an eye on her. I was so worried that we wouldn't have her back, but after two days they said we could go and pick her up. She had a neck shield on, but she was okay, and we brought her home.

She settled in brilliantly, but did come with some issues. She doesn’t eat her food straight away, and if we give her a treat, she goes under the table to eat it. She had a dog crate in her last home, so I think she spent a lot of time in there to escape from their other dog. But now she comes everywhere with us, and we don't leave her on her own for one minute. She’s so loving and gentle and I wouldn't be without her.

Meet Jarvis

Pamela has hours of fun with her dog Jarvis, who is always rearing to go and ready to play.

Jarvis is such a character, he always makes me smile!

He likes a lot of cuddles and kisses, and thinks he's very funny when he leaps onto the sofa and then bounces and gives you a kiss on the nose, even though I end up spilling a lot of tea! He will not get up to get a biscuit, but expects them to be brought to him.

Gives you a kiss on the nose

When he was a puppy we use to play a game called ‘put the puppy in the box’ – I would sit on the floor with a box and Jarvis would run and bark at me. I would say ‘put the puppy in the box’ and he would run off but he would keep coming back barking – he loved it!

He likes to go for walks and is always popular with people we meet – and he knows it! He loves it when people stop to give him a cuddle. He is our first dachshund and he has been amazing.

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Meet Poppet

She may be tiny, but Poppet has made a huge difference in Sasha’s life, from making her laugh to helping with her mental health struggles

Poppet is a tiny Chihuahua but has the biggest heart and the craziest, most infectious personality.

She never fails to make me laugh, whether she’s zooming across the landing to air dry herself after the bath, leapfrogging over people in the park who then unexpectedly find a Chihuahua in their lap, or falling in love with the new neighbours!

I find nothing more fulfilling than sharing my life with her

Poppet makes everyone smile. I have been in a very dark place with my mental health and sometimes it’s a struggle to get out of bed, but Poppet always makes my day worthwhile.

I honestly find nothing more fulfilling than sharing my life with her. It gives me a purpose. She’s not just my dog, she’s my best friend and I don’t do anything without her!

Meet Fibee

Even though some people didn’t think Fibee was beautiful, it was love at first sight when Kat became her dog sitter

Fibee came to me through a dog sitting site, five years ago now. Her owners were French and wanted somebody to look after her when they went back to France, sometimes for weeks at a time. At first, Fibee was very nervous, but I took her everywhere with me and she slowly became more confident. She trusted me.

I didn’t even notice what bad shape she was in. She had decayed teeth, a scabby eye and no hair. I don’t really know how to explain it. Everyone else reacted with a slight recoil, but I thought she was lovely. And love is blind.

The more time she spent at mine, the happier she seemed to be there. Three years ago, her owners asked me whether I’d like to look after her full time. They were having babies so she was being more and more neglected, and she just loved her visits to mine.

I can’t believe how lucky I am

I honestly couldn’t believe it – I could have never imagined such an outcome when I first met her. But I said yes, without hesitation.

Before Fibee, I was a bit wild, spending weekends out with mates. Nothing too crazy, but nothing too healthy either. Fibee changed all that. She gave me a routine. I knew I needed to take care of her and make her feel safe.

No vets could tell me what was wrong with her skin. But I got her teeth sorted and slowly, with a grain-free diet, her eye got a lot better.

Now it’s like she’s had a second lease of life. She comes on hikes with me, 5+ miles on the trot. She’s a favourite at the leisure centres I work for, and she just helped me propose to my fiancée.

Sometimes I just stare at her and can’t believe how lucky I am that she chose me.

Meet Jessie

In 2019, Lisa raised more than £2,000 for her local Christie Hospital to thank them for the care she received there, and she couldn’t have done it without her dog, Jessie

I've always been a keen walker and, in 2019, I embarked on a challenge to ‘walk the year’ – 2,019 miles with my best walking pal, Jessie, a Bedlington Whippet cross. We were raising funds for our local Christie Hospital, where I had been an inpatient 10 years previously. I was discharged from their care that year and felt the need to give something back.

Together, we soon raised, and exceeded, the target of £2,019, and we completed our challenge by August 2019. In truth, Jessie probably completed the challenge in March or April, such is her boundless energy.

She has an innocent zest for life

Jessie was with me every step of the way. Her good humour and enthusiasm was always there to keep me going. She has an innocent zest for life and she’s the most willing of walking companions, especially if there's cooked chicken in my rucksack.

We spent glorious days exploring the West Pennine Moors and beyond and, without Jessie, I know I wouldn't have ventured out on some of those wet and wild Lancashire days!

Having a walking companion who listens without interrupting, who goes where you want to go and who is happy to just be with you is priceless. And when I found myself lost on the moors, she was always there to give me a kiss and a cheery smile.

Meet Doris

Doris supported Alice through her struggles with depression, and now she continues to fill her life with love and laughter

Doris is my rock. She is the four-legged love of my life and my absolute best friend. She was by my side through my depression and just understood – she knew I needed her.

She was, and still is, my reason to get out the house each day, even though she is a complete princess and HATES wind and rain. She’s the reason I laugh and smile so much.

She is the four-legged love of my life

She’s also a complete sass queen and will always refuse to leave the beach. She’ll walk round any puddle and go to extreme lengths to avoid mud, but will charge straight into the sea!

Doris will shred a tennis ball in seconds, but will treasure any cuddly toy for months – or years. Her favourite game is chase but, if no one’s around to play, she’ll take a toy to the top of the stairs and launch it down by herself on repeat!

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