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British Dogs

Meet Pepsi

Jacqui’s life was turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with COVID-19. But thankfully Pepsi has been there every step of the way.

Pepsi is a 9-month-old female border collie. We knew that she was a great dog, but she really proved that when Walt, my ambulance technician partner, got COVID-19. I'm a community nurse so I looked after him at home for four days. Pepsi sat on the decking below his bedroom window listening to him cough. He was so ill that he was unable to move. She couldn't understand what was happening.

After four days, he really deteriorated and was admitted to a hospital 80 miles away. I was lost. I didn't know if I'd ever see him again alive. I didn't want to get up – the days were too long and scary. However, I knew Pepsi needed me so we sat in the garden and played ball. If I cried after seeing Walt on a videocall she would jump up and cuddle me.

Life is on the up again

Walt began to give up the fight in the hospital. He hated being away from us and he was so ill with the constant cough and fatigue. We sent videos of the dog and encouraged him to stay strong so he could come home to his ‘therapet’ (we always called her that). When he was finally discharged, she rarely left his side and I know he needed her every bit as much as he needed me to nurse him.

Now, Pepsi is his reason to fight the fatigue and get out. She has recently learned to swim, so we go places where Walt can just sit and watch her play.

I know every dog is their owner’s best friend but Pepsi is an ace dog who has really earned her ‘therapet’ nickname. We love her. She loves us. Life is on the up again.

Meet Lacie

Vivienne and Lacie share a close bond and an optimistic outlook on life

Lacie is our beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s such a gentlesoul who brings my family and I so much joy. She was born with hip dysplasia and has undergone several knee operations to correct this. It can’t have been easy but she soldiers on, with her beautiful smile and waggy tail.

She’s my sunshine dog

As I suffer from an ankle disability, it feels like Lacie and I were meant to be. We both take life in our stride and at our own pace. She’s my sunshine dog, and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love. Lacie is truly one of a kind.


Meet Bibi

Bibi has a hard start in life, but that doesn’t stop her being a ray of sunshine for owner Lisa.

My husband was on Facebook when he came across a post that had been shared about rescue dogs. We saw a picture of Bibi who was found under a bush with seven puppies.

Some kind lady brought her to a shelter in Bulgaria where Bibi nearly died as she was so weak from looking after her puppies. I messaged them to find out if she had found her forever home, which she hadn’t, and then that was it – she was coming to the UK to be loved and cared for with us and our other dog Gunner.

Bibi was like she had been sent from an angel above

Unfortunately we lost Gunner to leukaemia over two years ago but having Bibi was like she had been sent from an angel above! She is absolutely beautiful. She has the most loving personality and has helped me so much with losing my other dog. She loves cuddles and wants to stroked all the time. She is so happy and is amazing considering what she went through.

Only a couple of weeks ago we rescued another gorgeous dog from Bulgaria where we got Bibi from to give her a play friend, which she loves. He was found chained by a wire around his neck and his fur was so long he was unrecognisable. He is now safe with us and Bibi has a play mate!

Meet Remus

Remus has worked his magic on Lyndsey, who has fallen into a state of deep puppy love.

We have a new puppy called Remus, named after Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. He’s only been in the family for three weeks but he’s already provided us with many laughs!

His personality is very cheeky

His favourite thing to do is to nip at the children’s toes, or at the slippers he carries around (even though they’re bigger than him!). He’s also very snuggly, and just wants to be with someone all the time.

His personality is very cheeky, and he’s so confident. He has no fear of any other dog at all – in fact, they seem to be scared of him even though he’s tiny!

Meet Treacle

Jo and her dog Treacle had plenty of time to bond on their adventure through Europe

Treacle was found abandoned in the Bulgarian ski resort we were working at last winter. She was only about two months old, and not in the best condition. We took her in and nursed her back to health until she was strong enough to go outside and play in the snow. She grew into a happy, cheeky puppy who loved to spend time with us.

When the first lockdown happened, we were stuck in Bulgaria and couldn’t get home, so we found work on a campsite nearby. Treacle adored having us around all the time, and spent her days going on long walks and playing with the other dogs on the site.

She’s a major hit with all the guests

After a while, we managed to get a new job with a caravan park in the UK, and drove all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France with Treacle sleeping in the backseat. She was so well-behaved, charming every border control team we encountered and even waiting patiently when our van broke down.

Now we’re back in England, and Treacle loves her new countryside life. She likes to sit outside on the decking of our caravan and watch the world go by, or join us for a ride around the site in a golf buggy. She’s a major hit with all the guests too, and always manages to wrangle a treat out of them!

Meet Albus

Albus may not always show it, but he loves his owner Jayne with all his heart

Five years ago, I brought my French Bulldog Albus home. I remember spending hours searching on the internet ‘how do I know if my Frenchie is happy?’, because he always looked so grumpy!

He always looked so grumpy!

I’ve come to the conclusion that he just has one of those faces. Over the years, he’s been by my side through some really tough times, and he’s definitely helped me to get through them all. He follows me around when I'm anxious, which reminds me to sit down and take a breather. Albus always gives the perfect cuddles and loves a smooch or two.

It’s become pretty clear that Albus is happiest when I’m happy – or when we leave him home alone and he’s free to snooze on the sofa!


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