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British Dogs

Meet Pebble

Pebble came into Linda’s life exactly when she needed her, and she’s made every day a little brighter since

Pebble is my little furry rock. When I lost my husband to cancer, the loneliness was so hard to bear. So, after a lot of research and talking to friends, I decided to look for a puppy. I came across a litter of Beddlington Whippets – the mum was a first cross Beddlington Whippet and the dad was a full pedigree Whippet.

Pebble was one of nine in the litter – two others were smooth-haired like her, while the other six were rough-coated. I fell for her the first moment I saw her at six weeks old. When she was old enough to leave her mum, she came to live with me and has been my constant companion ever since.

I fell for her the first moment I saw her

She's fun, makes me laugh every day and gets me out of the house. I now have plenty of exercise and stop to chat to so many people who marvel at how fast she is. In the evenings we cuddle on the sofa, and she gets into some of the most unusual goofy positions.

We go away together in my campervan and have attended many fun dog shows, country fairs and other charity events – she’s so pretty, she’s done well in many of the shows. She does also have her quirks, like recently she became scared of a new water bowl! And she’s nosey, so she’s been known to walk into fences and walls because she’s turning to look behind her. She’s the very best dog in the world and always brings a smile to my face.

Meet Shandy

Shandy may be a rescue dog, but she’s saved her owner Paula in so many ways

I rescued Shandy from Spain. She was a street dog, and some ex-pats in the village found her and took her to the local rescue centre. When I heard her story, I knew she deserved a safe and loving home with us.

Our dog has completed our family

She has long legs and almost trots when running. She won't eat her food unless I say it's OK and she’s so gentle with our other tiny rescue dog, it makes my heart sing to watch them play and have fun!

Shandy has boosted my mental health. I was feeling pretty low after losing my job, but the long walks we take together have been so good for both of us. Our dog has completed our family and watching her grow more confident every day has been a joy for us all.

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Meet Toby

After many years of working as a sheep dog for Lauren’s family, Toby is enjoying a well-earned retirement

Toby is a working sheep dog! He’s been the best dog we’ve had on our farm – no job was ever too big or too small for him. He has been my companion and best friend since I was two.

He has been my companion and best friend since I was two

Toby only retired from rounding up sheep and farm work around two years ago so has had a very long working life. He’s still going strong and now enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle just pottering around the farmyard. He’s a caring, gentle boy, and a big softy at heart. Plus, he knows how to pull at the heart strings to get his own way!

Meet Miele

Egle’s kind and caring dog Miele is more like a human than a pooch!

People meet Miele and tell us she’s a human. She has this piercing, soulfullook, so when you stare into her eyes you can’t help but think ‘she gets me’. She makes you want to tell her your secrets and talk your heart out. After spending some time with her, people always feel a sense of relief and an overwhelming calmness. She’s therapeutic!

Miele is an old soul

We take Miele with us to work, and people come in just to see her. They even bring their friends! We believe Miele is an old soul and is here to share her wisdom, something we can all benefit from. And, in return, she gets our unconditional love.

Meet Riley

After a particularly tough start, Riley is now living his best life as the newest member of Rachel’s family

My dog Riley has an epic tale to tell. He was rescued as a puppy when he was found running through the flames of wildfires in Cyprus. He then spent almost a year in kennels before being fostered by a couple and their two dogs. That’s when we found their adoption post on Facebook and began the process.

We’ll keep on loving him for the rest of his life

This dog has been through so much and yet he is truly amazing. We have had him three weeks and we’ve already made so many memories. He gets up every morning and is such a happy boy. He doesn't let his past affect him. He just keeps moving forward.

We love him so much already and have taken him for lots of walks, enjoyed fun times at the agility park and much more. He doesn't always know how to say hello without barking and lunging but is getting better when meeting new dogs. There’s no aggression. He's just full of love and we’ll keep on loving him for the rest of his life.

Meet Buddy

Buddy brightens up gardener Josh’s working day with cheerful companionship and some good, honest graft to boot!

Buddy joined our (Josh and Catherine) lives in December 2021, after we lost our amazing Jack Russell Harry. We decided to get another Jack Russell as our life was just not complete without a dog. It was decided that Buddy would be a working dog and a companion to Josh, who runs a gardening business.

Buddy has been the missing piece

Josh works long, hard days and it can be lonely, so Buddy would be the companion he needed to brighten the days and make every day special. From 9 weeks old, Buddy went to work. He started by spending time in the work van and exploring gardens. He learnt on the job to be obedient and go where he was told. He also learnt to pick up the weeds Josh would collect and find sticks where they shouldn’t be!

Some days were cold so Josh would bring heat pads to keep him toasty and on warmer days as spring came in, he would bring ice packs to keep him cool. Buddy has been the missing piece in Josh’s life and is now celebrated by the locals and customers alike. At 7 months old now he is doing so well and continues to make every day a joy. Thank you Buddy for being so amazing!

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