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British Dogs

Meet Peanut

Peanut never fails to bring a smile to Bella’s face, filling her home with love and a little bit of mischief

Ever since Peanut came into my life, every day has become an adventure. At just four months old, this little Frenchie already knows how to keep me on my toes with his sassy personality and hilarious antics.

His mischievousness makes me smile

Whether he’s chasing his own tail or stubbornly refusing to move until he gets his favourite treat, Peanut fills my home with laughter and love. His playful mischievousness makes me smile, even on the toughest days.

Peanut truly has this special ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Meet Gin

Caroline couldn’t have asked for a kinder, more loving furry friend than her dog Gin

We got Gin during lockdown, and she injected some colour into my very grey life. She is so fun, sweet and kind, and truly doesn’t have a bad bone in her body

She injected some colour into my very grey life

When she was just 14 weeks old, I suffered from a broken knee which meant I had to spend a lot of time resting at home. Gin stayed so patiently by my side the whole time. We expected her to get bored and maybe even a bit naughty with all her unspent energy, but she was an absolute dream.

Now, Gin is seven months old and I’m fully mobile again, so we’re looking forward to lots of long, relaxing walks together.

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Meet Max and Millie

Max and Millie might be chalk and cheese, but they are the perfect pair and together they’ve brightened up Charli’s life.

We had not long moved into our first home, and decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local rescue centre. After looking at a couple, we eventually went to Birmingham dogs home where we set our eyes upon Max. He looked so sad in his kennel, he had no name and apparently, he was a stray. After getting him out of the kennel into the exercise area, he loved being outside and running around. He gave us that ‘feeling’ and four days later we brought him home.

We noticed an instant change

It was the start of a journey — he was scared of everything. However as soon as you let him off his lead, his half-greyhound side comes out and boy does he love to run! The woods are his favourite place to explore and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Although we had made progress with him, it was clear he needed a friend so we were advised to get another dog— and this is where we welcome Millie!

From the same rescue home, Millie was six when she came home with us. We noticed an instant change in Max. He was more confident, not so scared of the big wide world. As Millie likes to socialise with other dogs (typical Labrador trait) we started to meet with other dog owners in the local park, and now at least once a week we meet up and let the dogs play.

Meet Stag and Harper

It’s double trouble for the Vincents after adopting greyhounds Stag and Harper.

Stag and Harper are both ex-racing greyhounds. We adopted Stag when he was three years old, after he had broken his leg on a racetrack and been put into rescue. He is the perfect doting, quiet and gentle boy.

They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies!

One year after adopting him, we volunteered at his rescue sanctuary, and were asked to foster another three-year-old greyhound for four days over Christmas until her family could collect her. We agreed, but on Boxing Day her new family never showed up. We had her for months and months but no one would adopt her as she had a tiny limp, which was why she got ‘fired’ from racing after coming last in all six of her only races.

Eventually we gave in and adopted her, becoming failed foster parents. Harper had a tough life being moved from sanctuary to sanctuary and being unsuccessful in finding a home. She is the opposite of Stag – utterly bonkers and needy. But despite her background she is never happier than in the company of any and all humans. They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies! We’d love to take them away for a little break. Both are super well behaved and a joy to be around.

Meet Broden

Christine has countless precious memories with her charming dog Borden

Broden has been part of our family since he was just eight weeks old. He’sthe kindest, most gentle and handsome dog, but can also be very stubborn and greedy when he wants to be!

He made people smile

He’s travelled with us on boats and trains and has even been on cable cars in the mountains. When he was younger, he became a Pets as Therapy dog, and for five years he visited schools, day centres and care homes where he made people smile and helped children learn how to read.

Since my husband retired, Broden has been his daily walking companion. Although Broden is getting old, they often cover five miles each day, which helps both of them to stay active. Our dog brings us so much joy and he is loved by everyone who meets him.

Meet Coco

Ursula’s love for her dog Coco knows no bounds, and over the years, they’ve been a huge support to one another

We rehomed Coco when she was only 15 weeks old. At the time, she was extremely fearful and was in a bad way behaviourally.

Within a few weeks however, she started to trust us and became very in tune with my illness – lying beside me and alerting my husband whenever I was having an episode.

She’s my unofficial therapy dog

Now, six years later, I can groom her, clip her claws and clean her ears and eyes. She trusts me when we visit the vets, which used to be traumatic for her. She loves her food and snuggles and despite still having some fear within her, she’s my unofficial therapy dog.

I love her to the moon and back.

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