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British Dogs

Meet Paddy

Sarah adopted Paddy when he needed her most, and now he’s able to help other vulnerable dogs just like him

Paddy was brought into a rescue center where I was working as a dog walker. He had been found on a busy road near Newark, and was very thin and dirty. It took him a while to warm to us, but after a lot of perseverance – and the offer of food – Paddy came home with me as a foster dog.

He’s such a gentle soul

Of course, I failed as a foster parent and adopted Paddy not long after. He’s such a gentle soul, and has proved to be extremely loving and very happy in everyday life. Over the years, he’s attended fundraiser events with me, to raise money for other dogs in recuse centers and to promote awareness of how Lurchers can make lovely pets.

To this day, Paddy loves food, and will pretty much do anything if you bribe him with something tasty! He also enjoys woodland walks, but his favourite thing to do is curl up on the sofa for some cosy snuggles.

Meet Alfie

Anna is in awe of how strong and resilient her dog Alfie is, even when life doesn’t go his way

In 2019, we noticed Alfie was starting to slow down a lot, and he seemed to be getting old before his time. Sadly, it turned out he was gradually losing his sight, and he became very withdrawn.

Alfie has shown such resilience

At the time, we were devastated, but Alfie has shown such resilience and found a way to overcome all his difficulties. He has so much strength and brings me endless happiness. He’s taught me to make the most of life andhe will forever be my best friend and inspiration!


Meet Jasper and Teddie

Nikki’s dogs Jasper and Teddie offer her endless love, laughter and affection

Jasper was our first ever rescue dog. He has so many little quirks and funny habits. He likes to sing – or howl – along to any music he hears. He also tries to eat any post that comes through the letterbox, and can bounce extremely high, like a kangaroo! This is funny because he has no sense of how tiny he actually is. Despite his size, he’s very confident and likes to protect our other dog, Teddie, whenever we’re all out on a walk together.

They’ve kept us going through lockdown

Teddie the Zuchon is boisterous and fast, but also very clumsy. He adores Jasper and spends most of his time either cuddling up to him or pestering the life out of him. Teddie likes to do tricks, such as throwing his toy up in the air and then catching it – though, he’s not always very good, and often Jasper manages to snatch it first.

Both dogs have brought so much love and hilarity into our lives. They’ve kept us going through lockdown, and definitely take care of us as much as we do them.

Meet Bailey

Amy couldn’t be without her dog Bailey, who’s stuck by her side through it all

Bailey is amazing. I have severe mental health issues and last year I underwent some treatment at a hospital. Although this meant Bailey and I had to spend a prolonged period of time apart, he came to visit me regularly. Whenever he came, he’d bounce around and brighten not only my day, but all of my fellow patients’ too.

He came to visit me all the time

When at home, Bailey and I walk for miles, which really helps improve my mental health. He always greets everyone we meet with a huge smile and a waggy tail, and they fall head over heels for him. If I’m going through a low episode, Bailey cuddles me close to let me know he’s there.

Since being out of hospital, my mobility has been limited but Bailey is still just as attentive. He’s so loving, and truly is the best friend anyone could wish for.

Meet Albus

Albus may not always show it, but he loves his owner Jayne with all his heart

Five years ago, I brought my French Bulldog Albus home. I remember spending hours searching on the internet ‘how do I know if my Frenchie is happy?’, because he always looked so grumpy!

He always looked so grumpy!

I’ve come to the conclusion that he just has one of those faces. Over the years, he’s been by my side through some really tough times, and he’s definitely helped me to get through them all. He follows me around when I'm anxious, which reminds me to sit down and take a breather. Albus always gives the perfect cuddles and loves a smooch or two.

It’s become pretty clear that Albus is happiest when I’m happy – or when we leave him home alone and he’s free to snooze on the sofa!

Meet Brody

Brody is always around to look out for Amy and her family

Brody is the most loving dog. He brought my partner and I closer togetherwhen we took him on his daily walks during lockdown. He is patient, caring and playful, and he always looks after our new-born son, laying with him when he cries, or staying at our feet when we feed him.

He always looks after our new-born son

He also has a great sense of humour and a very playful character. For instance, he likes to survey the neighbourhood as though he’s a watchdog, he barks at his treats and spends hours playing with his ball. Brody is a truly special dog.


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