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British Dogs

Meet Paddy

Sarah and Paddy have been through a lot together over the years, from fundraising events to the loss of their furry friend, Oscar

Paddy was brought into a local rescue centre, where I was volunteering as a dog walker. He had been found on a busy road near Newark and collected by the dog warden, and he was very thin and dirty. He was so frightened, he actually weed as the warden removed him from the van, and we couldn’t see his tail as it was so tightly tucked between his legs.

It took Paddy a while to warm to us, but after a lot of perseverance – and the offer of a hamburger – he decided we were not so bad. I was asked if we would consider fostering as the rescue centre was full, and Paddy came home with me that afternoon.

He’s been there for me, my children and now my grandchildren

I failed as a foster parent and adopted Paddy not long after. When he settled in, he was such a gentle soul, and he proved to be extremely loving and very happy in everyday life. That tail was soon visible and is now always wagging.

Over the years, Paddy has attended fundraiser events to raise money for other dogs in rescue centres and to promote awareness of how Lurchers can make lovely pets. There are so many Lurchers in need of a forever home.

Paddy loves food and will do pretty much anything if you bribe him with something tasty! He’s been there for me, my children and now my grandchildren – he absolutely adores kids and is very gentle around them.

He’s also helped our other rescued Lurcher, Bella, settle in and he’s very tolerant of our resident cats. We sadly lost Oscar, our Labrador cross, to bone cancer last year and Paddy was his companion for 12 years, so we helped each other move forward. Now aged 15, Paddy often likes to sleep in, but he still enjoys his walks – just at a steadier pace.

Meet Luna

Whether she’s comforting them or making them laugh, Luna has been a lifeline for Denise and her husband

We adopted Luna from a rescue centre soon after lockdown. She’s been my husband’s saviour as he suffered heart failure after contracting Covid and will never be fully well again, either physically or mentally. Luna seems to know when to give extra love and she sits with him to comfort him. She keeps me sane too, as I can get out for walks with her and chat to other dog owners.

She is such a sweetie and loves nothing better than rolling on her back wherever she fancies. This can be on the carpet indoors, outside in the sunshine, on the grass, on the beach or most recently in the snow. Sometimes she has a naughty day and will roll in mud, or worse!

She’s also really lazy and will easily sleep for 10-12 hours at night, which we don’t mind at all. Her latest thing is demanding a head massage by thrusting her head into my lap and then she closes her eyes in bliss!

Every day she amazes, astounds and brings us such joy, which is a bonus as she came with a list of behavioural issues that have all disappeared. She travels well and we’ve taken her 500 miles to Scotland on holiday where she loves the forests, beaches and the self-catering cottage we rent. We couldn’t hope for a better companion.

We couldn’t hope for a better companion

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Meet Hendrix

Rebecca had always dreamed of being a dog owner, and at 28 she finally got her wish when she and her partner adopted Hendrix – four months before their wedding!

I have dreamt of owning a dog since I was five years old. When I was a kid, I saved my pocket money and bought collars and leads dreaming of one day having a dog to put them on.

It wasn’t until I was 28 that I was finally ready to bring my first ever dog into my life. We were getting married in August 2019, and in March 2019 I saw an advert for Collie puppies. We were told we were mad to get a puppy four months before our wedding, but along came Hendrix in April. We used our honeymoon fund to buy him, so instead of a honeymoon we had a puppymoon!

Hendrix is a bundle of energy. He is a typical Collie – incredibly clever, always thinking ten steps ahead. For example, if we start getting ready to go out, he will know from our voices and movements whether he is coming with us or not. If he thinks he is, he will go and sit by the front door, but if he thinks he's not he will get up on the sofa and lay down. How he knows I will never understand!

Instead of a honeymoon we had a puppymoon!

We do trick training together and he is now an expert trick dog. We started because he had some hip issues so needed some extra mental stimulation, but we've carried on as he is an absolute natural and loves learning new things! It’s also had wonderful benefits on his mental health too. He is a very anxious lad and this has really built up his confidence.

He has completely and utterly changed our lives. I am disabled and used to lack motivation. I would sleep till gone noon and stay up all night. Now I am up by 8am every day with Hendrix. He wakes me up by licking my wrists every morning and then we start our day of adventures!

He gives me a sense of freedom that I never had before. He also makes us laugh so many times a day with his clumsy silliness. Hendrix is my absolute world and I love him so much!

Meet Lulu

As laidback and low maintenance as they come, Lulu the Maltese has fitted perfectly into Caroline and her partner’s busy lives

Our Maltese, Lulu, brings us such joy every day. We both work long hours as a chef and housekeeper, and Lulu is happy to wait for us in our flat, sleeping during the day or quietly entertaining herself with all her toys.

She loves to lie at the top of our staircase, waiting for us to climb to the top to and rub her stomach before she stretches awake. She even has her own mini staircase to climb onto our sofa and our bed at night. She insists on sleeping right at the top of the bed in between the two of us, and never wakes up before we do.

She just likes being with us

We both suffer from allergies and don’t have always have time to take her for very long walks, but we chose her breed as she’s hypoallergenic and very happy with just a short walk and play. She doesn’t often need to be entertained and never really demands attention. She just likes being with us, and we love having her to cuddle and laugh with. She’s always in a good mood!

We always plan our day off around her and she always comes with us on car journeys around the UK during our holidays. She loves an adventure, but also loves to lie down and do nothing sometimes, too.

Meet Dusty

For many years, Dusty has been an invaluable source of support for Heather’s son, despite his health challenges

Our eldest son, who is six now, was born with several medical conditions. Dusty has always seemed to know this. From a puppy, she was always next to Stanley. Stanley was unable to see for a significant time and Dusty would bring her ball and drop it into his hand so he could throw it for her. Then she’d chase it, bring it back to him and place it in his hand again.

Stanley was also born with complete weakness on his right side, so he struggled a little with his walking. So, Dusty would press herself against him to support him whilst he was going about his day-to-day business. When our youngest was born, Dusty became protective over him too, but she always knew Stanley needed a little more help.

She almost sees herself as a sibling to the boys

Thankfully, an operation back in March 2020 meant that Stanley’s vision was much improved. Old habits die hard though, so Dusty still treats him as though he has trouble seeing. She sleeps at the end of the bed. If he wakes up in the night, she guides him to the bathroom and back to bed. And if he rolls too close to the edge, she lies alongside him to keep him from falling out.

It seems like she almost sees herself as a sibling to the boys. She joins in with their games and follows them round. Quite often, she sits next to the play kitchen while they ‘cook’ her dinner, or helps them dig in the sandpit. She even follows them around in the sea on holiday! Then she rounds them up and she makes sure that nobody is left behind.

Dusty goes everywhere with us. As soon as we open the car door, she jumps straight in. She’s a best friend to both of our sons and our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

Meet Milo

Throughout every step of Lauren’s journey, Alfie has been a loyal and protective companion. He’ll never stop looking after her!

I bought Milo as a puppy just after I was diagnosed with cancer (aged 20). He was old enough to come home with us just two days after I had major surgery.

He was a lovely pup, very caring and always eager to stay near me. When he was nine months old, I had another, even bigger operation, which affected my arm and face – and Milo was a dream. He was so gentle and careful not to touch the affected areas, and he always lay next to me to keep me company while I was recovering.

He was so gentle

Similarly, when I had six weeks of radiotherapy treatment, he provided me with so much love and continuous support. He’s almost six now and I’ve just reached five years of being cancer free!

I love how he still twirls in circles when he wants a treat and gets so excited when visitors come over. He still likes to sleep across my lap, even now I’m recovered – he’s like my own little therapy dog.

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