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British Dogs

Meet Pablo

Pablo gave his owner, Traci, a reason to smile when she was feeling low

Pablo originally lived in Gran Canaria. He came over to England in November 2019 and went to live with a foster mum in Sheffield through a charity called Pet Pals GC. Around this time, our beloved border collie, Barney, had been diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma and we were told he wouldn’t make it to Christmas. We sadly lost Barney in December and our hearts were truly shattered.

I was sad, but I also I knew I had the room in my heart to look after another dog. We’ve always had big dogs, but I had recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine and knees, so I felt a smaller breed would better fit the bill. I came across Pablo while browsing animal charities online and arranged to go and visit him in Sheffield the following week.

As soon as I met him, I could feel my heart melting

As soon as I met him, I could feel my heart mending a little bit, as he sat straight on my lap and covered me in kisses. A couple of weeks after taking Pablo home, we went into lockdown. We’d go out for walks every day around the golf course, where Pablo loves playing in the sand bunkers.

He makes us laugh and smile every single day. I still miss my Barney boy, but my heart is now full of love again thanks to our little Spanish street dog.

Meet Pepsi

Jacqui’s life was turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with COVID-19. But thankfully Pepsi has been there every step of the way.

Pepsi is a 9-month-old female border collie. We knew that she was a great dog, but she really proved that when Walt, my ambulance technician partner, got COVID-19. I'm a community nurse so I looked after him at home for four days. Pepsi sat on the decking below his bedroom window listening to him cough. He was so ill that he was unable to move. She couldn't understand what was happening.

After four days, he really deteriorated and was admitted to a hospital 80 miles away. I was lost. I didn't know if I'd ever see him again alive. I didn't want to get up – the days were too long and scary. However, I knew Pepsi needed me so we sat in the garden and played ball. If I cried after seeing Walt on a videocall she would jump up and cuddle me.

Life is on the up again

Walt began to give up the fight in the hospital. He hated being away from us and he was so ill with the constant cough and fatigue. We sent videos of the dog and encouraged him to stay strong so he could come home to his ‘therapet’ (we always called her that). When he was finally discharged, she rarely left his side and I know he needed her every bit as much as he needed me to nurse him.

Now, Pepsi is his reason to fight the fatigue and get out. She has recently learned to swim, so we go places where Walt can just sit and watch her play.

I know every dog is their owner’s best friend but Pepsi is an ace dog who has really earned her ‘therapet’ nickname. We love her. She loves us. Life is on the up again.


Meet Dotty and Mo

Johanna thought that life with her dog Dotty couldn’t get any better, but the arrival of Mo proved that you can never have enough puppy love!

We have had Dotty the Cockerpoo since she was eight weeks old, and I can honestly say she has made me laugh daily for 11 years! She is a great guard dog, barking at any potential murderer that might walk past the house (who'd have known little old ladies and postmen were such a threat) even though she would only lick them to death. One tickle of the tummy and she is anyone's! If you approach her when she's lay down she raises her paws for a tummy tickle.

She used to be so fast! I'd let her off her lead and off she'd go! Twice she has walked away from the house unseen and taken herself to the field where I walk her! She's old and poorly now, and is very slow and less agile. But she still 'smiles' when I get in from work and puts her arms round my neck for a cuddle. Her favourite thing is - food!

They complete our family

Dreading when she can no longer have a good life we recently rescued a Romanian dog, Mo. He is so naughty but so cute! He is the only dog Dotty has ever had to compete with, and she is usually jealous of other dogs getting my attention – but not with Mo! He is the cuddliest dog and sits so close to you, if not on you, the whole time. They play together so it's nice company for Dot, and she keeps Mo in his place.

A house is not a home without a dog. When they went to be groomed the house was eerily silent and felt wrong. They complete our family and provide good therapy for my daughter who suffers from extreme anxiety. Dogs give unconditional love and their faces are so expressive. They know if they're being told off, they know what to do to get a treat. They are bonkers, like us, and I would not be without my special little guys.

Meet Molly

Anita and her husband were finally able to get Molly once they retired, and they haven’t looked back!

Both my husband and I retired and decided we would get our longed-for fur baby now that we had time. Molly is an absolute joy. She loves everyone. Her best times are when any of our 13 grandchildren are around. She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles.

She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles

She is so loving and generates happiness! She loves being outdoors and greets everyone and everything with gusto. Her favourite outdoor time is chasing her ball. She always gets attention because she is so friendly.

Many people say she cheers them up as she so obviously loves life and loves being cuddled. She is very mischievous and funny and always keeps us on our toes. I never thought having a dog would be this rewarding.

Meet Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear has majorly improved Larissa’s quality of life, and she loves him to infinity and beyond.

I adopted Buzz Lightyear when he was a puppy. He has become an amazing therapy dog, who has helped improve my mental health. He has helped me with living on my own independently, and I couldn’t go a day without him by my side.

He has improved my life drastically

He loves a good run around, and if you throw a ball that’s his favourite thing to do. He loves the outside, and although it’s difficult for me to sometimes get about because of my MS, he relaxes my state of mind with that smile on his face.

He has improved my life drastically and I love him so much. I can live independently and do as I wish, as I know I have him to help me along the way. He is the best dog, always friendly, energetic, full of personality and there to cheer me up when I am not in a good place. I couldn’t wish for a better companion, I adore him. Whoever you are Buzz will always greet you with a smile — he is just one happy, loving dog.

Meet Artie

Artie loves Amy’s grandad almost as much as he enjoys stealing takeaways..

Artie is a rescue Greyhound who is wonderful in every way. My partner and I are both key workers, and our sensitive Artie always offers us endless comfort and support at the end of a long shift.

Artie brings him so much joy

He has also proved to be a very understanding dog and loves to cuddle with my grandad. Despite his young age, Artie always stands by his side, gently snuggling into him and lapping up the attention. My grandad has Alzheimer’s, but Artie brings him so much joy.

Artie is an entertaining dog and loves jumping on the spot and skidding onthe floor when he sees you. He is the perfect addition to our family, even though he tries to steal all of our takeaways by grabbing them off the kitchen table! He will always have a place in our hearts.


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