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British Dogs

Meet Oslo

Two years after the loss of her family’s first dog, Oslo came bounding into Emmie-Rosa’s life, bringing plenty of love and laughter with him

After the passing of our dearly loved family dog during lockdown, our household was deeply missing a four-legged companion, and all the fun and chaotic energy they bring. In May 2022, we decided that we were ready to bring a new pup into our lives. Little did we know that, less than 48 hours later, we’d be bringing a tiny little eight-week-old Rottsky pup called Oslo home with us.

We all look forward to a long, adventure-filled life with him!

Oslo has bought so much joy to our family in the 4½ months he’s been with us. He’s goofy, mischievous, playful and clever. He will huff and puff when you move him from his fave spot on the sofa, and then pretend to ignore you when you try and make up for it. He has the sweetest nature and so much energy. He loves to join us on every trip, whether it’s to a pub, a castle, a coffee shop or the woods.

Oslo is always by our sides. He loves everyone and everything, from adults and children to dogs and horses. He always wants to say hello. He really has been the missing piece in our family, and we all look forward to a long, adventure-filled life with him!

Meet Scrabble

When their belongings unexpectedly disappear, Lucy and her family have come to realise that Scrabble is usually the culprit

We got Scrabble at the start of June this year, and since then, she has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives. She loves stealing the laundry as you hang it on the line. We only know something has gone because suddenly she streaks past you and disappears – we call it being Scrabbled!

One time, we tried to put up guttering in our new shed, and at the key moment we found the connectors had been Scrabbled. Other times, we might go to put on walking boots, and one of them has been Scrabbled. Where do they go? Quite often in the wild part of our garden at the back, or if we are lucky, just in the dog bed!

She has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives

Scrabble won’t let you not love her. She literally bounds into your arms and licks your nose if you are not cuddling her or playing. And then, just as suddenly, she is curled up asleep.

Tonight, I walked her and my other dog, Corry, down the lane from my house at dusk. Her delight and curiosity towards the deer, owls and squirrels was so heart-warming. She always loves sniffing and sometimes eating flowers, and she’ll come up for a quick stroke if she’s unsure where we’re going. I could never be alone or lonely with that little girl!

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Meet Teddy

As a Tibetan Terrier, Teddy’s unlike any of Michelle’s previous dogs, but she loves him more than words can express

I grew up with dogs, as did my husband. So, when we got married, we decided we wanted to get our own dog. My husband had grown up with Tibetan Terriers and said we had to get one. I’d never heard of the breed, but I did a bit of research, found a breeder and Teddy came along in August 2019. He totally changed our lives!

Everyone says their dog is the best, but I know mine really is

Teddy is stubborn, fussy, wonderfully intelligent, independent, loving on his own terms, funny, playful, and full of character. He’s almost human and loves being outside – he’d probably live outside if I let him!

He’s the total opposite to the dogs I had growing up, but I wouldn’t change him for the world, and I’d never get a different breed now. I can’t put into words how much I love my furry boy. He’s loved so much, and he knows it! Everyone says their dog is the best, but I know mine really is.

Meet Max

Max has brought Natalie’s whole family together, even helping to boost her daughter’s confidence

After many years of saying ‘One day we will get a dog’ and looking at everyone else getting puppies, we researched and looked and Max came into our lives at 15 weeks old in June 2021. He has brought the family together for walks and makes us smile. He’s very laid back and chilled, except when there is a cat walking across the garden. The way he trots, it’s almost like he’s a show pony!

The way he trots, it’s almost like he’s a show pony!

My youngest daughter often finds new situations stressful and can clam up, but Max is able to give her the confidence to try, and always reassures her that it’s OK. He has fitted into our lives and even enjoys a caravan holiday. But even though he enjoys exploring new places, he is just as happy being with us all.

Meet Rodney

As a nurse working on the front line, Joanne has her work cut out for her, but her dog Rodney is always there to lift her spirits at the end of a long day.

My Golden Retriever, Rodney, is one in a million. Although he’s nine years old, he acts like he’s only nine months old. He still loves going for a run and adores a swim in the sea – he also loves a quick dunk in a muddy puddle!

A wagging tail and a smiling face

As an A&E nurse working through the Covid-19 pandemic, Rodney has really supported me. Every day when I get home from the end of a shift he’s there, with a wagging tail and a smiling face.

Some people have kept their distance since finding out where I work, but Rodney has stayed with me, lying on my knee and always keeping me company whenever I’m around him.

Meet Lily

Lily’s love for life has helped Kathryn’s children to get outside and stay positive

Lily is a fun-loving English Springer Spaniel. She is obsessed with tennis balls and loves to swim!

Her boundless energy and love for the outdoors is helping my four teenagers to get through lockdown. She gives them something to do each day and gets them out of the house and into the fresh air.

She keeps our whole household smiling

One of her favourite pastimes is chasing my 19-year-old son as he skateboards around the park. Lily is truly bonkers and a best friend to all of my children. She keeps our whole household smiling through even the darkest days.

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