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British Dogs

Meet Norman

Carole adores her cheeky chappy Norman, even if he does have a habit of going walkabout.

As a pup, Norman was a bit of an escapologist. He managed to escape out of the house and run off round the corner. He got into a garden and went in through an open back door. He was discovered by the homeowner when he heard a noise, turned around and found Norman sitting watching tv with him and his family!

Norman was a bit of an escapologist

Another time, he managed to squeeze under our garden fence and make his way into our neighbour’s house… where he was eventually found in her upstairs bedroom.

Meet Trixey and Detchko

After three wonderful decades of marriage, Denise’s husband, Pete, sadly passed away this year. But through the good times and the tough, Trixey and Deychko have been a real pillar of support.

My dear husband Pete lost his fight for life on Saturday 25th January 2020. We had been together for almost 32 years.

Naturally I have been devastated and lonely since my loss. I have two dogs Trixey, a Doberman Pinscher, and Detchko, a Yorkshire Terrier.

My husband and I rescued Trixey when she was just over 15 months’ old. Trixey then went with us to Babbington Rescue Centre where she selected Detchko.

I am so grateful for their companionship and love as it makes the long and lonely days feel a little brighter

Trixey is a very sensitive and highly intelligent dog. She immediately sensed that there was something wrong. I feel she must have communicated this to Detchko as she was making strange sounds and a different type of bark.

For the past couple of months, she has always been by my side and has given such an out pouring of love that one cannot begin to imagine.

Without Trixey and Detchko by my side I would be a very lonely old age pensioner. I am so grateful for their companionship and love as it makes the long and lonely days feel a little brighter.


Meet Sasha

Laura didn’t know she needed Sasha in her life, but now the two of them are inseparable.

Sasha is my side-kick, my plus one, my absolute everything. I have grown up with Spaniels all my life, but when I lost my last boy Louis, I didn’t think I’d be able to ever get another one. Then, along came Sasha and she stole my heart from the moment I met her.

She stole my heart

She is the most sociable, friendly, loving dog I have ever known. It’s been just the two of us through lockdown and she has got me through it, getting me out and about on our walks every day and spending time in the garden with me.

Everyone needs a Sasha in their life.

Meet Thelma

It’s no exaggeration to say that Thelma has changed Debbie’s life, allowing her to regain her confidence.

My dog gave me my life back. I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and a few years ago, I couldn't speak and didn’t leave the house. My dad found an opportunity to train dogs for a charity, so I plucked up the courage and applied. A few months later a little eight-week-old Golden Retriever called Thelma came into our lives. She was a cute, golden ball of fluff who quickly melted our hearts. She is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Made our lives so much better!

Her smiley face and silly ways have brought us all so much joy. She alerts me when I'm having an anxiety attack by nudging me and giving me a cuddle, which really calms me down. This has helped me to leave the house on my own and find my voice again, because when I’m with her people don’t want to talk to me – it’s Thelma they’re interested in!

Thelma is the most happy, caring and loving dog you will ever meet, and she’ll always give you lots of kisses! She loves eating (who doesn't?) and helping people. She can pick things up for me, put things in the washer and out again and even does the dusting.

Everyone that meets her agrees she’s an amazing dog. Without her, I wouldn’t have a job or be where I am in life today. She’s changed my whole world and I couldn’t be without her.

Meet Paddington

Joel loves how adventurous his dog Paddington is – she’s always out and about exploring and helping with the farm work.

Paddington love climbing trees, roofs, ladders – basically anything! She was named after Paddington Bear and she definitely lives up to the legacy.

She has her own routine!

She loves spending time on our farm helping with digging or driving the tractors.  She has her own routine of following different people around, depending who needs her help.

We call her a ‘free-range’ dog because she has her own life and we are just here to provide her with treats and food!

Meet Charlie

Kelly wasn’t sure she was ready for another dog – that is, until Charlie bounded into her life.

Charlie came into our lives unexpectedly, after a text came through from a family member who knew how upset I was after losing my dog Bella. Lockdown was tough enough and without my sidekick, I was struggling.

Cute and cheeky Charlie

A change of circumstances meant Charlie faced the prospect of going back to the kennels, which was unideal seeing as he’d been through rescue centre twice already. He came for a visit one Friday night, just for a trial run – and he hasn't left since!

Initially we didn’t feel ready for another dog, but as soon as we saw him, we knew instantly that cute and cheeky Charlie was meant to be a part of our family. He’s so full of love and character, and such a happy dog.


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