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British Dogs

Meet Nemo

Nemo had a tough start in life, but he’s happy as Larry with owner Margaret

Nemo is the light and heart of our family. He hasn't had it easy as he was a rescue dog. He was so untrusting and agitated when he came home, but now he's so trusting, loving and playful.

It's very hard to think of a time when we hadn't got Nemo. He's still like a puppy – he greets us every time we leave him even if it’s for one minute. He's also a fantastic guard dog as whenever anyone rings the doorbell they back off. It’s quite funny really seeing a big burly delivery man running to the top of the driveway!

It's very hard to think of a time when we hadn't got Nemo

I'm disabled myself and Nemo is at my side when I really need him. His instincts are spot on. My heart bleeds for him as I think about what his life was like before. He is our rock as he makes our lives much richer and he lights up the whole house with his zoomies round the garden, his barking at the doorbell (realistically the only time he barks), the way he plays with his toys with love and hugs and the occasional tugging of the stuffing.

I could go on forever praising him but I think I've said enough for now. So Nemo thank you for making our lives so glorious and I hope he has a safe and restful life with us because he's certainly made a huge difference to ours.

Meet Hero

Grief is an overwhelming thing. But, by simply being by her side, Hero has been an invaluable source of comfort for Julie.

Hero, a rescue dog, came into my life after my husband died. I took him in initially to be part of the family and to train up at agility.

But dealing with the death of my husband then took its toll on me and I now find life very hard to deal with. There is so much that I feel unable to do without support – and that support is coming from all my dogs, but especially Hero who is constantly by my side.

It’s almost as if we’re healing each other

He reads my emotions and responds in the way he feels best. He is now on the way to becoming my emotional support dog. He was such a mess when I took him on, it’s almost as if we’re healing each other. With his help, I hope to get back some normality and I eventually want to see him compete with the rest of our dogs in agility.


Meet Teddy

From the moment Beth saw Teddy, she knew he was going to be part of her family

Teddy came into the vets where I work needing a home. My little girl had been desperate for a dog for so long, and I knew straight away he was theone for us.

I knew straight away he was the one for us

We brought him home just before the first lockdown and he is the best thing that could have happened to us. He became my daughter’s best friend and helped her get through a really tough time. He also gets us out for walks in all weathers, which has been amazing for our fitness. He is like a snuggly little bear, and we feel like the luckiest dog owners in the world.

Meet Wolfgang

Ever since settling in with owner Kerri, Wolfgang hasn’t let blindness stop him living life to the fullest

Wolfgang came to us as he was born blind with no eyes. When we first got him, he was very timid – wouldn’t walk, eat or play. But by the second day he was running and playing like a normal puppy.

He doesn’t let his disability stop him in any way

He doesn’t let his disability stop him in any way and likes to play with his toys and our other two dogs. He’s come on great in the five weeks we’ve had him, going from 0.9kg to nearly 2kg! He is looking forward to experiencing his first Christmas and getting to play with all the wrapping paper.

Meet Bobby

Bobby fills Stephen’s days with love, laughter and endless affection

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in most of my joints, so I struggle with mobility. My dog Bobby is a great companion for me, as I don’t get out very often. He’s so funny and full of life, he makes my days a lot more bearable.

He can also be quite mischievous

Bobby enjoys going out for walks with my wife, and he also attends doggieday carewhere he gets to play and socialise with other dogs. He’s very friendly and especially loves children, but he can also be quite mischievous. Bobby has been found guilty of digging holes in my garden, and sometimes when we have guests round, he’ll pinch the television remote so he can present it to them as a gift!

I’m so glad we have Bobby, because he brightens up our life a great deal.

Meet Bailey

Amy couldn’t be without her dog Bailey, who’s stuck by her side through it all

Bailey is amazing. I have severe mental health issues and last year I underwent some treatment at a hospital. Although this meant Bailey and I had to spend a prolonged period of time apart, he came to visit me regularly. Whenever he came, he’d bounce around and brighten not only my day, but all of my fellow patients’ too.

He came to visit me all the time

When at home, Bailey and I walk for miles, which really helps improve my mental health. He always greets everyone we meet with a huge smile and a waggy tail, and they fall head over heels for him. If I’m going through a low episode, Bailey cuddles me close to let me know he’s there.

Since being out of hospital, my mobility has been limited but Bailey is still just as attentive. He’s so loving, and truly is the best friend anyone could wish for.


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