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British Dogs

Meet Ned

Ned’s visual impairment hasn’t stopped him from being a wonderful friend to Lindsay – as well as a fantastic worker

This is Ned, our English springer spaniel. He lost his sight in one eye shortly after he was born due to a detached retina, but it doesn’t stop him from being a brilliant working dog, a great big brother to 18-month-old Flo the springer, and the best companion to our two children.

We wouldn’t be without him

Ned loves exploring new places with his partners in crime by his side. He’s a loyal, loving, high energy bundle of fun. We wouldn’t be without him!

Meet Saber

Superhero Saber helps owner John keep going when times get tough

My dog Saber has been the mainstay of my life in total. I am 66 years old and lost my partner of 30 years to Cancer. I was depressed and went inside myself with grief. Then I got the opportunity to get a dog, Saber. He is a cross German Shepherd/Siberian Husky.

Life during lockdown would have been impossible without his companionship

He has brought me out of myself ever since I brought him home. He inspires me to get up and out in the morning, he has taught me how to live in the moment and gave me the inspiration to exercise and get out each day instead of feeling sorry for myself and my situation. Life during lockdown would have been impossible without his companionship.

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Meet Bear

Bear has taught his owner Trupti how to appreciate life’s simple pleasures

Bear was adopted in 2020 and became my ray of hope during the pandemic.

He’s my inspiration

He’s my inspiration for finding joy in the little things in life, too. For example, he loves rolling in freshly cut grass, jumping in puddles, running into the waves, soaking up the sun, digging holes and burying his favourite toys before forgetting about them.

He’s given me new meaning to the phrase ‘there’s nothing like the present’.

Meet Ruaridh

Although it hasn’t always been easy, Emily adores Ruaridh and all the positivity he has brought into her life.

Little Ruaridh came into our lives only one month ago but the impact he has made has been substantial. Although extremely hard work, he has already made our little family happier and healthier in every way. From getting us up bright and early (5am!) to getting us out in the fresh air more – he really has improved our wellbeing.

He really has improved our wellbeing

He’s the greediest dog and the loves to explore the world through his mouth. The strangest thing he enjoyed eating was the binmen’s gloves after the binman tried to give him a cuddle.

As he grows, so do Ruaridh’s eyebrows and his long golden hair often glimmers in the sun. We love our little bundle of fluff and would love to spend some quality time away with him on his first holiday.

Meet Ozzie

Whether he’s sunbathing, sleeping or showering her with good morning kisses, Ozzie has brought joy to every part of Abby’s life

I have struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember, and nothing has done more for me than Ozzie. From the minute I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, he brings me so much joy.

Oz is a retired racing Greyhound and, after a lot of training, he's now got great recall and is allowed off lead. Nothing makes me happier than seeing his smiling face as he goes hurtling past me at 40mph with his helicopter tail spinning at full force.

Every morning I wake up to him in my bed (all 100lbs of him). As soon as he hears me say ‘Good morning!’, he attacks me with kisses and throws himself into the cockroach position so I can rub his belly.

From the minute I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, he brings me so much joy

He's obsessed with sunbathing, just like me, and will do it at any opportunity. Two degrees outside? As long as the sun’s, out Oz will be on his sun lounger soaking it up. Out for a walk? Who needs exercise when you can sunbathe!

One of his favourite ways to show affection is by ‘nitting’, where he uses just his front teeth to nibble at me when I'm stroking him. His favourite game is ‘smacky bum’ where I tap his bum like bongos and we chase each other round in circles.

Ozzie goes into a deep sleep about 50 times a day, usually with his mouth agape, tongue hanging out and legs twitching (presumably chasing cats in his dreams). I also suffer from endometriosis and whenever I'm having a flare up, he just knows. He sticks to me like velcro and follows me everywhere.

I could sit and write about him forever. He really is my best friend and has changed my life more than he'll ever know. He gives me a reason to get out of bed each day. I love Oz more than anything and would be totally lost without him.

Meet Denham

Denham is thrilled that Laura is at home to keep him company all day long

Denham is an English Springer Spaniel. We like to joke that he only operates at two speeds – full steam ahead and zero power!

He is such a loving dog, always there for a cuddle and forever brightening up our day. We just can’t imagine being without him. One of his favourite pastimes is pestering the local wildlife. He likes to bark at the squirrels, and every time he sees a pheasant he’s so sure that he’ll be able to catch it, even though he’s yet to succeed! It makes me so happy that nothing seems to deter him from trying and giving it his all.

We call him our little shadow

Denham loves to spend time with us, which is why we call him our little shadow. He’s really enjoying the fact that I’m working at home now, and always snuggles up to me to keep my feet warm. He also likes to sit on the kitchen window ledge, where he’ll stretch out and keep an eye on the world outside.

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