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British Dogs

Meet Mylo

From his funny quirks to his winning smile, Mylo has brought nothing but joy into Liam’s life

I rescued Mylo from Spain when he was a pup. Ever since the first day he moved over, he’s never not had a smile on his face. He’s such a positive influence in my life, as his happiness takes away all the negativity.

He’s such a positive influence in my life

He has such a funny habit when I have a cup of tea. He sits there, waiting to make sure he gets a bit at the end. And if I tell him ‘no’, oh the back chat I get!

Mylo also has lots of love to give, as I rescued another dog called Oscar, and Mylo takes care of him like a brother.

Meet Dougie

Dougie is the dog that Carol has always wanted, and together, they have endless adventures and hours of fun

I’d wanted a puppy for as long as I could remember, but it was never the right time for me to get one. Then one day, Dougie the rescue dog bounded into my life, and the rest is history.

He was actually six years old when I first met him, but his playful nature made it feel as though he was a lot younger. He really is a dream, because I get to enjoy all the good parts about having an energetic dog, without the work of looking after a young puppy!

It’s been so lovely to watch how happy he’s become

Dougie was pretty stressed when we first brought him home, but he’s settled in well over time. He had never been taken out much before, and so we got to do a lot of ‘firsts’ with him. So far, we’ve taken him to the beach, the river, on holiday and even on a boat. It’s been so lovely to watch how happy he’s become.

His favourite place is by far the beach. He enjoys nothing more than rolling around in the sand, so much so that we’ve even got him his own sandpit to play in at home. He’s not so sure about water and tends to sit and bark at the sea – though I think he’s making progress, and I’m sure that soon he’ll want to splash around and go for a paddle.

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Meet Luna

Whether she’s comforting them or making them laugh, Luna has been a lifeline for Denise and her husband

We adopted Luna from a rescue centre soon after lockdown. She’s been my husband’s saviour as he suffered heart failure after contracting Covid and will never be fully well again, either physically or mentally. Luna seems to know when to give extra love and she sits with him to comfort him. She keeps me sane too, as I can get out for walks with her and chat to other dog owners.

She is such a sweetie and loves nothing better than rolling on her back wherever she fancies. This can be on the carpet indoors, outside in the sunshine, on the grass, on the beach or most recently in the snow. Sometimes she has a naughty day and will roll in mud, or worse!

She’s also really lazy and will easily sleep for 10-12 hours at night, which we don’t mind at all. Her latest thing is demanding a head massage by thrusting her head into my lap and then she closes her eyes in bliss!

Every day she amazes, astounds and brings us such joy, which is a bonus as she came with a list of behavioural issues that have all disappeared. She travels well and we’ve taken her 500 miles to Scotland on holiday where she loves the forests, beaches and the self-catering cottage we rent. We couldn’t hope for a better companion.

We couldn’t hope for a better companion

Meet Seero

Seero may be small in size, but he’s made a big impact on Ashleigh and her fiancé

In February 2020, my fiancé and I were looking to adopt a shelter/rescue dog. We live in an upstairs apartment so wanted a small dog. None of the shelters around us had any though, so we took to searching through Facebook.

Adopting Seero was the best decision we’ve ever made

My partner came across an appeal for a little black dog in Cyprus. He had four separate posts from the charity hoping someone would take an interest in this little boy, but nobody seemed to. That broke our hearts – he looked absolutely perfect to us and we fell in love with the photos of him. We thought it would never happen. How would we get him to North East Scotland from Cyprus? I messaged the shelter's page to enquire. A week later we were picking Seero up from a drop-off point in Glasgow. We couldn't believe our luck.

I've had a horrible year due to poor health and being unable to work for the time being, and Seero has definitely saved me – and my partner – more than we saved him. Waking up to his little face, a wagging tail and big kisses has been amazing. He really seems happy now. His eyes were once sad, but now they’re full of love. Adopting Seero was the best decision we've ever made. I would advise everyone to consider adopting.

Meet Jaxson

Jaxson has helped Rebecca and her family transform their lifestyle and find an appreciation for the great outdoors

We got Jaxson in October last year and he has completely changed our lives. We were not very active and had an unhealthy lifestyle, but since Jaxson has been in our lives we have two daily walks and really enjoy our time out in the fresh air.

He has completely changed our lives

He is a Cocker Spaniel and is full of energy and is very cheeky but also so loving. I have always been a cat person and never knew I could love a dog as much as I do ours. He brings us all so much joy and laughter.

Meet Teddy

Teddy provides Victoria-Ellen with support as well as a laugh.

Teddy has a mischievous streak. Last Christmas, my mum made a super trifle. Unfortunately, no one noticed Teddy climb on the chair to reach the table, where he promptly started to eat it! My mum straightened up where he had nibbled and none of us noticed what he had done.

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love

I had his DNA done, and he is a real mix – he’s part Dachshund, part Yorkshire Terrier and part Shih tzu!

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love and seems to know how I am feeling. I have a learning disability and Teddy is a fantastic support to me.

Once a month he has a hydro session to help his front legs and ease his arthritis. He really enjoys this swimming and it is nice for him and me to do something together just the two of us.

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