Meet Mr Prince Bojangles

Meet Mr Prince Bojangles

Wonder Pug Prince has given owner Kate six years of support – and sneezes!

Prince Bojangles is my best friend and is just the greatest company. He was one of a litter of six, and we picked him because of his underbite, which we fell in love with!

He’s my best friend

Prince seems to instinctively know when you need a cuddle or cheering up, if you’d like a walk or just want to sit down. I got him after the death of my father six years ago, and he also was a huge comfort when my mother died this year.

Prince is a Pug who loves mountain walking and the beach. His personality is very human; he’s a mummy’s boy and loves a cuddle. He enjoys chasing birds and thinks he can catch them in the sky. He loves to eat (but luckily has never been into eating furniture or shoes!)

His best friend is our family dog Theo, a Bernese Mountain Dog. He also has the trick of sneezing on you when he’s very excited!