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British Dogs

Meet Monkey

When Monkey isn’t competing in shows with Diana, he’s spreading cheer to those who need it most

Named after his love for climbing trees, Monkey enriches my life as well as the lives of many others.

The change he makes to my life is remarkable

We volunteer with Therapy Dogs Nationwide where he brings joy to people in a dementia home, school and prison – all of which are places where the comfort of a dog can brighten difficult days.

The change he makes to my own life is remarkable, too. He loves agility, so we compete in shows. I’m a pensioner but it provides me with a great social life as well as a reason to stay fit and active!

Meet Monty

Monty loves going for a dip in any stream, lake or canal he can find. Unsurprisingly, his life with Christine is going swimmingly!

I first fell in love with Monty when I saw his photo on a Labrador rescue site. By the time I had registered with them, he had been taken. To my amazement, he was back two weeks later as the lady that had taken him couldn’t cope. The following day I was off to collect him.

I took him to a field to do recall training and soon learned that he loves water! He sniffed out that there was water nearby and took off. The lead went through my hands like butter. He went swimming in the lake with all the ducks, and I ended up in the hospital with second-degree burns. He’s a typical teenager but I still love him!

He’s a typical teenager but I still love him

We couldn’t go past any stream, river or canal as he would want to be in it – and usually was. So, I took him to the local hydro pool for dogs. He loves it and now goes once a month. He cannot wait to be in the pool.

He is a retriever by name and by nature. If it’s on the floor, he will bring it to you, whether you want it or not. If he’s bored, he will fetch you anything he can find, and then run around the living room with it.

He is also a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog, so he visits our local hospital, as well as one in Leeds. They all love him, have his photo on the walls, and know when he will be coming to their ward. We walk into our local hospital and everyone seems to know him. You can be walking down a corridor and hear someone say “Look, Monty is coming”.

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Meet Fern

Fern’s life as a racing dog was far from easy, so now Karen is making sure she gets the love she’s always deserved

Fern has been with us a few weeks now. She’s an affectionate girl, learning to play, eat nicely, and come to terms with her young, bouncy four-legged brother. She loves a snuggle, she walks like an angel, and she’s always kind to both people and other dogs. She’s also always up for a fuss!

Fate brought Fern into our lives, and she will stay in them for the rest of hers

Before she came to us, she’d had a life in a cage, having to race and being hurt if she didn’t want to. Eventually she was too damaged by racing, so she was deemed useless and moved from Ireland to England. She was put into rescue kennels, then went to a home for a short while, but ended up back at the rescue, through no fault of her own.

Fate brought Fern into our lives, and she will stay in them for the rest of hers. She doesn’t know that yet, of course. She doesn’t know we love her and her gentle ways already. I love her tattooed ears, and the way her burn marks and scars have grown back as white fur on her grey coat. I love her weird jerky attempts at playing, and how she waits patiently for her meals. She will have the life she deserves now, and we will have less room on the sofa!

Meet Holly

Throughout his cancer battle, Jeff’s beautiful bond with his dog Holly has kept him going

Holly allows me to be her guide person. She is totally blind but still does everything with such determination, whether it’s visiting new places, climbing steps or gently nudging me when she wants a cuddle.

Her strength gives me the determination to keep going

Every new surface she walks on is a challenge, which she courageously accepts. I have stage four prostate cancer and multi-level spinal stenosis, but her strength gives me the determination to keep going.

Holly makes me realise that life is a challenge, but we can all overcome whatever it throws our way, as long as we have the support of someone special. Holly has become my someone very special. Every day is a new adventure.

Meet Scrabble

When their belongings unexpectedly disappear, Lucy and her family have come to realise that Scrabble is usually the culprit

We got Scrabble at the start of June this year, and since then, she has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives. She loves stealing the laundry as you hang it on the line. We only know something has gone because suddenly she streaks past you and disappears – we call it being Scrabbled!

One time, we tried to put up guttering in our new shed, and at the key moment we found the connectors had been Scrabbled. Other times, we might go to put on walking boots, and one of them has been Scrabbled. Where do they go? Quite often in the wild part of our garden at the back, or if we are lucky, just in the dog bed!

She has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives

Scrabble won’t let you not love her. She literally bounds into your arms and licks your nose if you are not cuddling her or playing. And then, just as suddenly, she is curled up asleep.

Tonight, I walked her and my other dog, Corry, down the lane from my house at dusk. Her delight and curiosity towards the deer, owls and squirrels was so heart-warming. She always loves sniffing and sometimes eating flowers, and she’ll come up for a quick stroke if she’s unsure where we’re going. I could never be alone or lonely with that little girl!

Meet Alfie

Thanks to her dog Alfie’s unconditional love and support, Debra knows she can face even the hardest of days

Alfie the Springer Spaniel is my best friend. He loves nothing more than spending time outdoors and so we spend hours exploring forests and nature trails together. He also enjoys snuggling and snoozing, and most evenings you can find him curled up on my daughter’s bed – she’s the family member that spoils him most!

Alfie always knows how to brighten my day

He is such a well-behaved dog. Recently, I was diagnosed with a visual impairment and started to struggle both physically and mentally. Luckily for me, Alfie always knows exactly how to brighten my day – it’s almost as if he can sense that I’m having problems with my sight. He sticks closely by my side no matter where I go and always likes to make sure I’m not left alone to struggle. He is my very own adorable hero.

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