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British Dogs

Meet Mishka

Whether Mishka is stealing clothes or making people smile, she always brightens Samantha’s day

Mishka is my beautiful seven-year-old British Timber Dog. She was the world's naughtiest puppy and managed to destroy three sofas and hundreds of socks in her younger days, but it just made her all the more adorable.

Mishka brings a smile to everyone

Unfortunately, she’s been unwell over the past few years, but she’s still the sweetest, most affectionate girl. Mishka brings a smile to everyone and is adored by her family. When we’re out and about she manages to make friends with strangers, who always seem happy to be greeted with such a cute bundle of fluff.

This last year has been tough for us all, and we’re so proud of the way Mishka has helped people to smile through even the most challenging of times.

Meet Alfred

Alfred is an empathetic dog and a loyal companion, especially to Julia’s daughter – and his quirks just make him all the more loveable!

Alfred is a Weimararner. He gets really anxious if he is left alone and is a very much-loved part of our family. We have a daughter with autism and Alf is her companion and helper, who always seems to sense and know when he needs to be with her and when she needs him. He is also my husband’s personal trainer, getting him outdoors and exercising.

Alf has some strange habits

Alf has some strange habits – he likes to sleep across the arms of two sofas, or if he’s on the sofa then he sleeps with all four legs in the air! He loves the freedom to run around the Dorset meadows at the end of the lane that we live on and is a happy chap with our two cats and always greets them by licking them.

He is such a handsome boy that people always comment on him when he is out and about. He is playful and has a box of toys, his favourite being Gilbert the sloth! He has a favourite kennel, which is in Turnpike in Motcombe Dorset and all the kennel workers love him! He like to ride in my car in the front seat, especially in the Summer with the top down and the wind blowing in his ears!


Meet Bernie

Yvonne decided to adopt Bernie after losing her dog, and he’s been making her smile ever since.

Bernie is my fur baby bundle of joy. I lost my dog Lucky who I had for ten years very suddenly, and I swore never to get another dog as the pain losing them is horrendous. But after four months of coming home to an empty house, I decided to adopt.

That’s when I got Bernie and I’m so glad I did. He makes me laugh and cry. We have cuddles and he sleeps by my side, he snores and belches very loudly after every meal or treat! He loves his tennis ball – I sometimes have to throw it in the house for him.

Every dog deserves to be loved

My friend calls him Lamb Chops because he looks like one! He jumps very high when he wants your attention or to go for walk. I just love him to bits as he's helped me through some really bad times. In summer or when weather’s fine, there’s a group of us with dogs and he loves playing with all his friends. It makes you smile knowing they are happy. Every dog deserves to be loved.

Meet Shylow

When you’re feeling blue, having someone to listen to you can make the world of difference. And for Claire and her husband, Shylow is always all ears.

Shylow is the most ‘human’ dog! He has guided my husband through a very dark period of depression and listens to his every word. He sat beside my husband, tilting his head, listening to every word and rambles back. Shylow understands everything we say to him and my husband and the dog share their own howling conversations. Shylow is our motivation to get up and get outdoors.

Watching him live his best life with us has enabled us to live ours with him

He brings toys to play with and tells us exactly what he wants. Shylow enjoys the finer things in life like freshly cooked sausages – or a packet of beef hula hoops! He is very well-behaved, and watching him live his best life with us has enabled us to live ours with him.

Meet Dexter

Lucy’s dog Dexter is so good at trouble-making, he actually became famous!

Dexter is a master of destruction. We’ve dubbed him with the nickname ‘Choppers McGee’, and his vet and the nurses call him ‘Dexter Naughty Pants’!

You may be wondering how he’s earnt himself this reputation. Well, at just 14 weeks old, he managed to eat the earpiece from our son’s headset and ended up in emergency surgery. It was about the size of a ring donut, so it’s quite incredible that he swallowed it in the first place. On that day, the CBBC crew from the TV show ‘Pet’s Factor’ happened to be filming. After hearing about Dexter’s antics, they decided to run a story on him – they even turned him into a cartoon character called ‘DJ Rex’!

They even turned him into a cartoon character

Regretfully, the experience hasn’t made him any more sensible. Watching his own exploits on the TV seems only to have motivated him further, and recently he tried upgrading to swallowing a pair of socks. Of course, it didn’t work and he soon returned them, covered in slobber. He seems to have developed a fondness for shoes in general, and now enjoys chewing flip flops as well as the occasional nibble on the garden hose.

He may be naughty, but Dexter is also incredibly smart, and has learnt to open the patio doors from both the inside and the outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll come indoors though when asked though – he’ll usually stay outside until we lure him in with a treat!

Dexter is a fabulous, goofy, one-of-a-kind dog who is a very much-loved addition to our family.

Meet Mango

Even when the sun isn’t shining, life seems a little brighter when Julia sees Mango clowning around.

Mango has made life in lockdown so much more enjoyable. She loves playing in the garden and is a very fast runner! When there is hot weather, Mango loves jumping around in the water from the hose. She also loves playing with ice cubes filled with treats.

She has been such a loving companion while we work from home

We love her cute snoring and clown-like behaviour. She has been such a loving companion while we work from home. She loves nothing more than playing with other dogs, her food (which she munches down in seconds!) and playing with squeaky toys. We love you Mango – you might be a bit of a clown, but we wouldn’t change a thing!


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