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British Dogs

Meet Millie

Millie is everything to Sharon – she gets her out the house, helps her feel safe and steals her socks for good measure

Millie has a very important job to do, which is making me go out on a walk every day. It doesn't matter if it’s raining and cold, or if I'm tired and in pain, Millie needs her walk, and it never fails to make me feel better. Her inbuilt home security system has also enabled me to feel safe and secure in my own home – she may be small, but her bark is mighty!

Welcoming Millie into my life has been the best decision I've ever made

Millie is the ultimate companion dog. She’s affectionate, loves snuggles and enjoys human company. Playing with her and teaching her new tricks keeps us both entertained. I am constantly amazed at how clever she is, and her intelligence means I am always learning new things about dog training.

Millie is also the best stealth sock and loo roll thief in the South West, so there’s never a dull moment with her around. Welcoming Millie into my life has been the best decision I've ever made.

Meet Soldier

Soldier is always inspiring Vicky with his determination to live a normal life, despite his disability

Soldier amazes me on a daily basis because he lives life as if he’s ‘normal’. Our story together started when he was just five weeks old. He was born with a spinal defect and couldn’t use his hind legs normally, so he wasn’t able to walk.

As I own a canine hydrotherapy centre with physiotherapists, we thought we could help. However, after weeks and weeks of hard work, Soldier still couldn’t walk normally. So eventually we decided to have a set of wheels made in America that were specially measured for him. Twelve months later, he is now on his big boy wheels and doing amazingly. He can use his back legs sporadically, which helps him move along at some speed!

All I see is a dog full of light who’s just living his best life

Soldier absolutely loves his independence on wheels. He keeps up with our other dogs with absolutely no problems. When he comes out on walks, he never gets left behind and is definitely the happiest boy I’ve come across!

Some people pass us and tut or say ‘poor dog’ but all I see is a dog full of light who doesn’t know any different and is just living his best life. He runs through fields and woodlands, and paddles in rivers and lakes. He still loves to swim too – I just put him in a life jacket, lift him out of his wheels and let him go.

Soldier won’t have a long life, but we make the most of every day together. And for as long as he’s not in pain, he’ll continue to be my superhero!

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Meet Bibi

Bibi brings endless joy to Lisa’s life, and she’s also been great at helping her son with his epilepsy

Bibi is an absolute joy! She is a rescue pooch from Bulgaria, and we’ve had her for five years now. She was found on the streets with seven other pups. We saw her and wanted to give her the life she deserves.

She’s a beautiful angel that’s been sent from heaven

She’s very shy but since we’ve had our new puppy Bonnie she’s really come out of her shell. When she first arrived, she’d never seen traffic, a TV or dog toys before – everything was new to her.

My son was diagnosed with epilepsy five years ago and she always knew when he was going to have a seizure. While he was having one, she would lay by his bedroom door and bark and then lie on him. Honestly, she’s a beautiful angel that’s been sent from heaven. She’s gorgeous inside and out. We spoil her so much and she deserves it.

Meet Dash

Josie will always be grateful to Dash for helping to bring purpose to her days

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since my teenage years, and over lockdown, I was in a really bad place. My fiancé and I had talked about getting a dog since we met, and after buying our first home last year, we decided that the time was finally right – enter Dash.

He is such a blessing. I’ve never known a dog as affectionate as he is! He’s obsessed with giving us cuddles and kisses, and always seems to know when I’m struggling. He gives my days a structure and fills them with light.

He gives my days a structure and fills them with light

I get up in the morning because I know I have to feed him, and I look forward to playing with him on our daily walks, which bring me such joy. Getting out of the house and exercising in the fresh air is good for both of us. I was crippled by my anxiety before and wouldn’t even leave the house, but Dash has given me a purpose and now I look forward to exploring new places together.

Dash absolutely loves playing, especially fetch with his favourite ball, or a game of tug. He’s never happier than when the three of us are out in the garden together, and I love seeing his tail wag as he bunny hops through the grass.

Meet Etta

Lynn adopted Etta on the premise that she was trouble, but really, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Etta used to live with her sister and another family, but they couldn’t cope when the two dogs started to fight. Luckily for me, that meant I got to take her on, and she’s been absolutely amazing.

She’s done everything I’ve asked of her and been a fantastic companion. I can’t bend down easily because of a bad hip, so she helps me around the house by picking up things I drop.

She helps me around the house

She’s even competed and won at HTM (dog dancing) and has learnt all sorts of tricks. She now does scent-work and is enjoying competing at that. She’s also no stranger to the screen, and has been in an episode of Doc Martin, as well as a German and an Australian film.

Best of all, Etta loves long walks and going for a swim. Her love of life has got me through lockdown and her companionship has truly kept me sane.

Meet Bess

Mell has worked hard to bring her dog Bess out of her shell, and now there’s only one thing that can scare her...

Bess is a rescue Border Collie. We’ve had her for just over two years now. When we first brought her home it was quite difficult, because she wasn’t used to living in a house. She would just hide under the trees in the garden all the time – but now she has fully settled in.

Particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase

She’s a very gentle dog, and doesn’t bark when you come to the door – rather, she just sits in the hall and waits patiently. She is very afraid of noise and particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase, and especially Bradley Walsh! I don’t know what it is about him, but every time it comes on she just sits there and shakes.

We’ve bought Bess many toys over the years but she ignores them all, because her favourite thing to play with are flower pots. Bess may have been neglected in the first year of her life, but we make up for it by showering her with endless love and affection every day.

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