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British Dogs

Meet Max

Max is an all-rounder – he helps teach children how to respect animals, he supports other dogs with their social skills, and he has even helped Jess hand-rear rescue kittens

Max has been renamed ‘Super Max’ by all the local children as he often goes into schools to meet them. We have a programme where we teach young children how to be safe around animals, and their favourite part is coming to stroke him at the end of the lesson.

Max is amazing with all the children and can walk into any environment calmly, making everyone feel instantly relaxed. A lot of children who were initially too scared to sit with the class during the first part of the session will build up confidence to come and say hello to him by the end.

He’s been renamed ‘Super Max’ by all the local children

He has also helped me hand-rear lots of rescue kittens over the years, and more recently a litter of wild baby rabbits. He loves the babies and will protect and clean them like they’re his own.

On top of everything, Max has helped a lot of other dogs build up their social skills. He is such a kind and calming influence. He always knows they’re nervous so he’s very patient with them.

Over the last five years, he has come out with me on all my training sessions as my wingman and he’s never put a foot wrong! He really is the bestest boy through and through.

Meet Nymeria

Nymeria has been through a lot, but Tabitha is in constant awe of how she takes everything in her stride

I’ve had Nym since she was just a puppy, and since then she has remained closely by my side. When she was younger, I taught her lots of tricks such as rolling, walking on her hind legs and pirouetting. She has got me through many tough times with her calm demeanour and cosy cuddles.

She very quickly grasped how to live with her blindness

In early 2020, Nym went suddenly and completely blind. She started running into things and became much more nervous. Fortunately, she’s a sweet and trusting dog, so she very quickly grasped how to live with her blindness, learning new words such as ‘careful’ and ‘step’. Now she’s used to navigating using her sense of smell and hearing and has even memorised the layout of the house as well as our regular walking routes, so she can get around with confidence.

I love my dog just as much now as the day I got her. I wouldn't change her for the world.


Meet Coco

Coco proved the perfect addition to Joanne’s family, especially for her son James

Coco was bought for my son James. James was an only child and Coco soon became his best friend. James looked after Coco and walked her everyday (I know kids always say they will then lose interest but James never did).

James really came out of his shell since getting Coco and became more confident. James started joining after school clubs and joined the Sea Cadets, and when he left school he joined the Royal Navy and is a serving sailor who has just been deployed for his first Christmas away.

Coco’s tail never stops wagging

Coco misses him very much when he goes, and needs lots of TLC. When James is home on leave they still share that special bond and Coco’s tail never stops wagging. Coco gave James the confidence to start to do things; he realised that he could take care of a dog and therefore he could do things he would never have tried.

For all Coco loves rolling in smelly things, barks at the wind and farts a lot, she is a big part of our family and helped to shape my sons teenage and early adult years.

Meet Buster

Kirsty didn’t anticipate how much work it would be to take care of Buster – but more importantly, she could never have dreamed of the positive influence he would bring into her life.

We got Buster from a breeder when he was just nine months old. The breeder didn’t warn us of how nervous Buster gets around new dogs and new situations. Being the first time I have looked after a dog on my own this was quite overwhelming but I didn’t want to give up on Buster as he has such a kind heart and so much love to give. He just needed the right guidance in certain situations.

Since we adopted Buster we have worked so hard with him and a trainer to start to get him more confident in these situations. I expected to work hard and I expected there to be highs and lows – but what I never expected was how much I would learn from Buster.

Has taught me patience and perseverance

Buster has taught me patience and perseverance in his training. He has taught me to accept flaws and love unconditionally. Most importantly, he has taught me to take everything one step at a time and to be happy and celebrate the small accomplishments.

Busters favourite thing to do is to play fetch and train with his toys. He is very toy-motivated and will do pretty much anything for a tennis ball! When he’s is at home, he spends his days sitting at the window watching the squirrels or on his back snoozing on the sofa. He absolutely loves human attention and is a sucker for a belly rub!

Buster really is a special dog. He was much more than I bargained for and requires lots of work, but I don’t think I could imagine a world without him anymore. We tackle problems together, and it’s so rewarding watching him overcome his fears.

Meet Skye

Blair has suffered with depression for many years, but since Skye came into her life, things have started to turn around for the better.

Skye is the best thing to ever come into my life. I have suffered with depression since I was 14, I am now 28 but the past four years with her have been a game changer.

Because of my dog, I wake up with a smile on my face every day. She understands when I'm down, comes and gives me a comforting paw and then gives me all of the loose socks around the house. As its socks that make her the happiest, I assume she thinks they will make me happy too. Along with her beaming and infectious smile, they’re enough to turn even the hardest person into a melted puddle.

Skye has changed my life

Skye has changed my perspective so much that I'm able to see the positive side to life nowadays. I can see the simple things that make a dog happy and that has changed the way I think about things. I'm now a happy person who enjoys going out and socializing. I went through periods where I wouldn't leave the house for weeks on end, struggling to deal with my thoughts. Having Skye has given me the strength to be able to leave the house and also engage with people.

She doesn't allow me to avoid people as she is the most sociable dog anyone has ever seen. She loves people so much that it’s rubbed off onto me. Skye has done more for me than I will ever be able to express in words. She is everything to me. Every moment I get to spend with such a beautiful creature is a moment cherished.

Meet Jarvis

Pamela has hours of fun with her dog Jarvis, who is always rearing to go and ready to play.

Jarvis is such a character, he always makes me smile!

He likes a lot of cuddles and kisses, and thinks he's very funny when he leaps onto the sofa and then bounces and gives you a kiss on the nose, even though I end up spilling a lot of tea! He will not get up to get a biscuit, but expects them to be brought to him.

Gives you a kiss on the nose

When he was a puppy we use to play a game called ‘put the puppy in the box’ – I would sit on the floor with a box and Jarvis would run and bark at me. I would say ‘put the puppy in the box’ and he would run off but he would keep coming back barking – he loved it!

He likes to go for walks and is always popular with people we meet – and he knows it! He loves it when people stop to give him a cuddle. He is our first dachshund and he has been amazing.


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