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British Dogs

Meet Lulu

As laidback and low maintenance as they come, Lulu the Maltese has fitted perfectly into Caroline and her partner’s busy lives

Our Maltese, Lulu, brings us such joy every day. We both work long hours as a chef and housekeeper, and Lulu is happy to wait for us in our flat, sleeping during the day or quietly entertaining herself with all her toys.

She loves to lie at the top of our staircase, waiting for us to climb to the top to and rub her stomach before she stretches awake. She even has her own mini staircase to climb onto our sofa and our bed at night. She insists on sleeping right at the top of the bed in between the two of us, and never wakes up before we do.

She just likes being with us

We both suffer from allergies and don’t have always have time to take her for very long walks, but we chose her breed as she’s hypoallergenic and very happy with just a short walk and play. She doesn’t often need to be entertained and never really demands attention. She just likes being with us, and we love having her to cuddle and laugh with. She’s always in a good mood!

We always plan our day off around her and she always comes with us on car journeys around the UK during our holidays. She loves an adventure, but also loves to lie down and do nothing sometimes, too.

Meet Marley

Lucienne has watched her dog Marley grow from a timid pup into a happy-go-lucky dog, and she couldn’t be prouder.

Marley came into our lives at five months old, as a sensitive but funny pup. He didn't like loud noises and eventually stopped going out for walks in the evening as he was scared of fireworks, and associated them with the dark.

He is a big tail wager, and developed 'Happy Tail Syndrome.' After the third bout, his tail was amputated but this hasn’t stopped him wagging what he has left.

A wonderful, gentle soul

Marley is a wonderful, gentle soul and is the most patient pal to our two children. We now live in the countryside, which means all his fears are easing. He loves his walks and snuggles on the sofa, and apples are his favourite treat.

He truly is a beautiful boy, greying around the face and getting slower over the last few years, but such an important member of our family!

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Meet Rogue

Nicola is so grateful to have a companion as loyal and loving as Rogue

I lost my hair in 2017 due to alopecia and developed chronic fatigue syndrome in the same year as a result of severe stress. It was a real blow, as I used to be outdoorsy and sporty, and I was left spending a lot of my time indoors and isolated.

I’d wanted a dog for years, but my working life meant it was never really possible for me to get one. In February 2018, I finally convinced my partner that a dog would be great for my confidence, for my mental health, for companionship and to encourage me to get outside again. Shortly after, we drove two hours to Leeds and back to bring home Rogue, our German Shorthaired Pointer.

She even brings me the post

She’s given me a reason to get out of bed and to get outside (twice a day, every day for at least an hour). I’ve trained her to pick things up and carry them for me including light shopping bags from the car, and she even brings me the post.

A while ago, we moved to a house with a two-acre garden and completed a two-year renovation. At every stage she was there to “help” the tradesmen and to “quality inspect” any materials arriving on site by running off down the garden with them and throwing them around in the air. She was checking their sturdiness for the job, clearly.

Now the house is finished she spends most of her time with me in the garden. I’m planning to start a veg bed and flower patch, so she helps by digging holes – just not always where I want them!

Meet Pixie

When Pixie’s previous owners put her up for adoption, it was love at first sight for Janice and her husband

We found Pixie from an advert on Facebook. Her owners were looking for someone to take her as they had a new baby. When my husband phoned, they said he’d be in a queue with 12 others, but we could go and meet her. As soon as we walked in, we fell in love with her. We also understood why they wanted to rehome her, as the baby wouldn't leave Pixie alone and kept pulling her ears and tail. They also already had another massive dog and two cats.

At the end of our meeting, they said they wanted us to have her. After making sure our home was suitable, they told us they needed to have her spayed as they didn't want her used for puppy money. We agreed, so they let us have her over the weekend to see what she was like with us. She was brilliant and made no mess at all.

As soon as we walked in, we fell in love with her

After her operation, they kept her at their house to keep an eye on her. I was so worried that we wouldn't have her back, but after two days they said we could go and pick her up. She had a neck shield on, but she was okay, and we brought her home.

She settled in brilliantly, but did come with some issues. She doesn’t eat her food straight away, and if we give her a treat, she goes under the table to eat it. She had a dog crate in her last home, so I think she spent a lot of time in there to escape from their other dog. But now she comes everywhere with us, and we don't leave her on her own for one minute. She’s so loving and gentle and I wouldn't be without her.

Meet Norman

Carole adores her cheeky chappy Norman, even if he does have a habit of going walkabout.

As a pup, Norman was a bit of an escapologist. He managed to escape out of the house and run off round the corner. He got into a garden and went in through an open back door. He was discovered by the homeowner when he heard a noise, turned around and found Norman sitting watching tv with him and his family!

Norman was a bit of an escapologist

Another time, he managed to squeeze under our garden fence and make his way into our neighbour’s house… where he was eventually found in her upstairs bedroom.

Meet Teddy Bear

When Tina first laid eyes on Teddy Bear, she knew he would be a friend for life. From Canada to the UK, they’re always there for each other.

While living in Canada in 2014, we visited an event called Bark in the Park and came across Teddy Bear who was offered for adoption. He melted my heart and as my husband worked away from home, knew he would be the perfect company for my son and I. He came home with us that day and we have never regretted it for a moment.

He joined our family and immediately became boss. His nickname was ‘Houdini’ as he managed to escape out of four crates – let's just say it was his way of telling us he hated to be penned in.

In 2016 we decided to move back to the UK and flew Teddy back on the same flight with us. We could never have left him behind.

He melted my heart

He's a big dog, German Shepherd and Husky cross. It took him some time to adjust to the new urban lifestyle as he missed the snow, but with lots of fuss from family he soon became a member of their family too. Teddy loves being outside so we taught him to ring a bell with his nose when he wants to go out – and yes, he rings them all the time!

His favourite thing to do is play ball. He’s a very clever pooch and loves to talk when he wants attention and cuddles. He also loves to be bushed and will just sit there all day wanting to be petted, brushed or massaged.

He also has a quirky one ear up and one ear down so always looks cute. As my husband works away Monday to Friday Teddy has become my main companion. My working life revolves around Teddy to ensure he is not left alone too long. He is my youngest baby and my best friend.

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