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British Dogs

Meet Louie

When things were tough for Hayley, Louie helped her to look on the bright side again

I had a stroke at the age 32, and it knocked me sideways. I struggled to live my life how I had before, and as a result was feeling quite low. My partner knew exactly how to get me moving, and that was by bringing Louie into our lives. We fell in love with him instantly, and he helped me to get more active and find a focus again.

We fell in love with him instantly

Louie is always smiling, loves playing with his toys and is the best cuddle-giver. He is so mischievous, and we often find socks and underwear that he’s stolen and hidden in the garden. He also likes to help when we’re doing projects around the house, though often he’s more of a hindrance – like when he thought he could paint the wall by dipping his head into the paint tin!

Meet Sasha

Laura didn’t know she needed Sasha in her life, but now the two of them are inseparable.

Sasha is my side-kick, my plus one, my absolute everything. I have grown up with Spaniels all my life, but when I lost my last boy Louis, I didn’t think I’d be able to ever get another one. Then, along came Sasha and she stole my heart from the moment I met her.

She stole my heart

She is the most sociable, friendly, loving dog I have ever known. It’s been just the two of us through lockdown and she has got me through it, getting me out and about on our walks every day and spending time in the garden with me.

Everyone needs a Sasha in their life.


Meet Milly

Nicky’s dog Milly is a cherished member of the family

Milly is a loved, slightly bonkers, Flat-Coated Retriever.She is a valued member of our family and makes us all laugh every day.She has taken it upon herself to look after everyone and is both an assistance and a therapy dog.

Recently, both of my children have been unwell, and Milly looks after them so lovingly.She searches for them when she doesn’t know where they are and lies with them whenever they need some comfort.She even tells us when our daughter is having a seizure, if there is no one else in the room.Milly is incredibly tuned into the children and very gentle and caring, but at the same time she’s great fun and always ready to play.

She has taken it upon herself to look after everyone

She has many of her own special quirks, and likes to collect stones from the beach, sing along to the harmonica, look after her toy squirrel ‘babies’and always starts every morning with a few yoga poses – a downwards and backwards dog.After breakfast, she runs upstairs to get the children out of bed and give them a good wash.We would all be lost without her and are very grateful to have such a special pooch.

Meet Juno

Lee couldn’t be without his assistance dog, Juno, who’s as loving andloyal as they come

This is Juno, my husband, Lee's, Hearing Assistance Dog. Lee became Deaf at a young age. He has had many difficulties throughout his life, struggling with things most of us take for granted. When Juno came along two years ago, she changed his world forever.

She changed his world

She was given to us by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and is trained to help in so many ways. Juno can alert Lee to the doorbell, alarm clock and the smoke alarm amongst other things. She's also a fantastic emotional support and such a loving dog. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t have a cheeky side – Juno has a particular fondness for stealing socks and underwear!

When she's not working, she enjoys cuddles and playtime with her favourite tennis ball. We love Juno and would be so lost without her in our lives.

Meet Bailey

Amy couldn’t be without her dog Bailey, who’s stuck by her side through it all

Bailey is amazing. I have severe mental health issues and last year I underwent some treatment at a hospital. Although this meant Bailey and I had to spend a prolonged period of time apart, he came to visit me regularly. Whenever he came, he’d bounce around and brighten not only my day, but all of my fellow patients’ too.

He came to visit me all the time

When at home, Bailey and I walk for miles, which really helps improve my mental health. He always greets everyone we meet with a huge smile and a waggy tail, and they fall head over heels for him. If I’m going through a low episode, Bailey cuddles me close to let me know he’s there.

Since being out of hospital, my mobility has been limited but Bailey is still just as attentive. He’s so loving, and truly is the best friend anyone could wish for.

Meet Bonnie and Bella

Julie loves how well Bonnie has taken little Bella under her wing

Bonnie is a gorgeous, fun-loving and affectionate Cocker Spaniel. She is always wagging her tail, which never fails to cheer me up. We go for walksat least twice a day and she loves nothing more than chasing after a ball. She also does agility training once a week, and that’s helped me to get fitter.

Never fails to cheer me up

We take her on holiday with us, and this year we’re looking forward to going on a staycation where we can enjoy long and peaceful walks. We’ll also be joined by another little Cocker Spaniel called Bella. Bonnie has taken so well to the new pup, mothering her, and enjoying the odd game of tug of war with her new companion. She even washes Bella, and they always like to sleep curled up together. It’s so adorable!


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