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British Dogs

Meet Lola

Despite her sprightly nature, Lola still loves snuggling up with Elisabeth at the end of an action-packed day

Lola is a live wire who’s full of energy, like many Lurchers. We adopted her as a small puppy and she’s now nine years old.

She’s full of energy, like many Lurchers

We go most places together and she loves going to pubs, restaurants, cafes etc. She enjoys lying there on a mat, just being with us. She also loves cuddling up on the sofa.

Lola is a home girl. She currently shares her home with a relative’s Whippet, Lexi, who we look after during the day when her owner is at work. They get on well and race around together at a similar pace. Lola snorts and dreams when she’s asleep, so she twitches a lot, which is always funny.

Meet Millie

Nick might have rescued Mille from a shelter, but the favour has more than been returned.

Millie came to us from a rescue shelter based in Romania. She's been a positive influence in our lives in from the day we got her, which seems fitting seeing as she was a gift for my wife to celebrate six months of sobriety.

Mille has been my motivation

I live with a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia. Since diagnosis, my general health and mobility has been declining due to pain and fatigue. Millie has been my motivation to become more active and get out of the house every day. It's such a joy to see her having fun, and she's even enabled me to forge new friendships.

My illness isn't going away, but thanks to Millie, my quality of life has improved immeasurably. She's a rescue dog, but really, she rescued me.

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Meet Indy

Working from home can get lonely sometimes, but Brittany knows she’ll always have Indy to keep her company.

Indy is a huge part of my life, even though he's only been with us for four months! He's an important part of our family and I couldn't imagine life without him

This year, I’ve been working from home all day, while my partner still goes into his office. It can get lonely sometimes, but Indy is always there to put a smile on my face, whether that be by zooming around the house or playing tug of war with me!

Always there to put a smile on my face

Indy is very well trained. He’ll always sit on command and is often complimented for his politeness and charm (if he sees a woman walking towards him when we're out, he always sits for her!). He really is the best thing that’s has ever happened to us.

Meet Broden

Broden has gone from a loving family pooch to a fully fledged therapy dog thanks to his big heart.

Broden has been with us from eight weeks old – always rather stubborn but the best family dog ever. He’s welcomed new grandchildren into the family, loving their cuddles.

The best family dog ever

He became a Pets as Therapy dog and has visited care homes and schools. If faced with a person in a wheelchair he will lay his big head on their knees so they can stroke him. He has helped schoolchildren read and helped a child overcome a fear of dogs.

Since my husband retired he has been his walking companion, even walking the Cotswold Way and the Coast to Coast with him. He’s slowing down a bit now, but still has the biggest heart and personality.

Meet Merlin

Merlin may not be an official assistance dog, but he goes above and beyond for Fiona every single day

Merlin is a very friendly and good-natured Black Labrador. He’s also extremely helpful, and likes to assist his Aunt Scatty (our neighbour) clean out the stable. He follows her up and down the paddock whenever she’s going to the trailer, keen to be of use in any way he can.

As my unofficial assistance dog, Merlin helps my husband Darren care for me. He fetches him when he thinks I need a hand and always looks after me when I fall. He loves to be there for me, picking up things when I drop them and carrying my stuff around the house.

Merlin is my companion and my best friend

My medical problems and disabilities mean that I spend a lot of time resting and confined to my bed. You can always find Merlin curled up on the end, keeping me company. Sometimes, he shares the role with Sammy the cat so he can have a break. Merlin is my companion and my best friend. Most importantly, he knows when I’m upset and always gives me extra kisses and cuddles to make me feel better.

Darren is diabetic, and so Merlin likes to look after him too. He’s quicker than we are to pick up on his low blood sugar, and always knows when Darren needs his medicine – often, he’s the one reminding me!

Merlin is very caring and affectionate, but he can also be a little scamp. He loves putting his cold nose in your ear and trying to give you a bath. He also likes to lend a paw whenever he can, and can often be found helping out with DIY jobs around the house. When he’s not assisting us in our day-to-day lives, Merlin enjoys running around outside and playing with his favourite toy, Bertie Bunny.

Meet Taryn and Rocco

Rocco provided Taryn with the love and support she needed to get back on her feet.

Shortly after Rocco was gifted to me as a Valentine’s Day present, I underwent major knee surgery, resulting in me having to learn to walk again rather than devoting my full attention to my puppy. As I regained my mobility, Rocco was a vital part of my recovery, providing unconditional love and support along with companionship when I was back on my feet.

Rocco was a vital part of my recovery

Earlier this year, as a personal challenge I committed to walking 100,000 steps in seven days for charity. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it was incredibly challenging for me to do, and my hound was with me every step of the way. He joined in the early morning walks when he would prefer to be snoozing in bed, he trotted alongside me each lunchtime delaying his set time for dog biscuits, and he continued with me every evening exploring each new location I took him to. At the end of the week, I had done 4000 extra steps and Rocco had earned consecutive exercise badges on his doggy fitness tracker attached to his collar.

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