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British Dogs

Meet Lizzy

Eris loves everything about her dog Lizzy, who might appear a bit grouchy on the outside, but is the kindest, most loving dog on the inside.

Lizzy is all the things you don't want. She's stubborn, always thinks she knows best and incredibly grumpy if her dinner is late.

Despite all that, she's been my rock since we rescued her at three years old. She's seen me through clinical depression and anxiety, and still is there for me when I need her. With the isolation the current climate has brought, taking her for walks and spending lots of time cuddling has been my therapy.

She’s been my rock

Lizzy never fails to make me laugh, and she remains bouncy and energetic, lighting up whenever she gets a sniff of agility equipment. I'm honestly not sure how she keeps going, behaving like a dog half her age, the only real sign being that after her mad romps she does need to sleep for a while. But, as soon as that's done, she's ready to go again!

Meet Poppy

Poppy is a huge inspiration to Joanna – no matter what life brings her, she keeps on going!

Poppy was the runt of her litter and was going free to a good home. She has had so many things go wrong in her life, but she takes it on the chin and just accepts them as being part of life. Last year she was diagnosed with low-grade mouth cancer and had a month of radiotherapy treatment. The treatment was successful, and it has not returned, but during a check-up scan in February, we discovered her gall bladder was in a poor state and she had to go on liver support meds. A scan in September found it to be worse, and she had to have it removed in October.

She brings joy to each and every day

Her recovery has been impressive, and she’s just got on with her life. On top of this, she has an allergy to certain types of pollen and requires a monthly immunotherapy injection to combat it. Poppy remains the most positive of dogs though and is a lesson to us all about accepting knock backs and getting back up and dusting yourself down again. I would be lost without her. She brings joy to each and every day with her positive outlook on life especially in the darkest of years that 2020 has been.


Meet Percy

Owner Paul has always enjoyed listening to Percy’s musical talents, and clearly he is not the only one!

Percy is a singer. He has several favourite tunes, but his go-to is A Kind of Magic by Queen. No matter where he is, he can't control himself, if he hears this song he must sing to it!

Singing at the top of his voice

A couple of years ago, we were on holiday in the south of France, and found a pub we liked to go to every evening. One night, Queen came on the jukebox and Percy was away, singing, or more correctly, howling, at the top of his voice – much to the amusement of the guests.

The bar owner cottoned on to this, so every evening at the same time he would turn on the jukebox and Percy would do his thing. One night, there was a Karaoke competition. Needless to say, Percy took center stage – which was an upside down beer barrel with a microphone placed in front of it – and started singing at the top of his voice. He attracted quite a crowd and won by a mile, and afterwards became somewhat of a local celebrity!

Meet Bess

Mell has worked hard to bring her dog Bess out of her shell, and now there’s only one thing that can scare her...

Bess is a rescue Border Collie. We’ve had her for just over two years now. When we first brought her home it was quite difficult, because she wasn’t used to living in a house. She would just hide under the trees in the garden all the time – but now she has fully settled in.

Particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase

She’s a very gentle dog, and doesn’t bark when you come to the door – rather, she just sits in the hall and waits patiently. She is very afraid of noise and particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase, and especially Bradley Walsh! I don’t know what it is about him, but every time it comes on she just sits there and shakes.

We’ve bought Bess many toys over the years but she ignores them all, because her favourite thing to play with are flower pots. Bess may have been neglected in the first year of her life, but we make up for it by showering her with endless love and affection every day.

Meet Archer

Rach fell under Archer’s love spell as soon as she set sight on him, and now he is a happy part of her family.

We wanted a dog to share our adventures with and to explore new places. We had our heart set on a blue Great Dane, and when we met him as a puppy, we knew he was the one for us. With an arrowhead shaped white patch on his chest, we called him Archer and he’s been a fantastic addition to our furry family.

We knew he was the one for us

He shares his sofa with his feline brother and sister and shows his gentle side with them. He helped me through a mental breakdown and gave me something to focus on during my recovery. He really is a gentle giant, and always gets showered with attention wherever he goes, putting on the charm and snuffling out snuggles with everyone he meets.

Meet Sprocket

Georgina’s dog Sprocket has oodles of energy, and that’s exactly why she loves him so much

Sprocket is the best thing to ever have happened to our family. His endearing quirks never fail to put a smile on our faces. For instance, he always runs with his legs so straight he looks like a cartoon, and in the evening, he huffs and puffs very loudly before dramatically opening his pen, just to let us know he wants to go to bed.

He can sometimes be a bit of a diva

He’s a tiny bundle of energy and always ready to play. I wouldn’t say he’s spoilt, but he is well-loved and so always enjoys – and expects – a cuddle or two in our bed. He can sometimes be bit of a diva, and we often find ourselves having to pause the TV because he’s making a racket by digging around or barking because he wants to go out.

None of this really matters though, because our little pup is such a sweetheart. We love him for all of his funny habits and his adorable personality.


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