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British Dogs

Meet Lizzy

Eris loves everything about her dog Lizzy, who might appear a bit grouchy on the outside, but is the kindest, most loving dog on the inside.

Lizzy is all the things you don't want. She's stubborn, always thinks she knows best and incredibly grumpy if her dinner is late.

Despite all that, she's been my rock since we rescued her at three years old. She's seen me through clinical depression and anxiety, and still is there for me when I need her. With the isolation the current climate has brought, taking her for walks and spending lots of time cuddling has been my therapy.

She’s been my rock

Lizzy never fails to make me laugh, and she remains bouncy and energetic, lighting up whenever she gets a sniff of agility equipment. I'm honestly not sure how she keeps going, behaving like a dog half her age, the only real sign being that after her mad romps she does need to sleep for a while. But, as soon as that's done, she's ready to go again!

Meet Maximus

Maximus has made his owner Louise so proud, by helping to care for her poorly sister and offering everyone never-ending affection.

Maximus is a 7-year-old German Shepherd, a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

We are so proud of him!

Over the lockdown period we have had to care for my sister, who is currently receiving chemotherapy for bowel cancer. I can honestly say that Maximus has been like a magnet to her. On chemotherapy days he waits for her to return, and then doesn’t leave her side once she’s home. He has amazed us all and we are so proud of him!

He is a delightful boy, and is obviously very sensitive to how people are feeling. We love him dearly.


Meet Mr Prince Bonangles

Wonder Pug Prince has given owner Kate six years of support – and sneezes!

Prince is my best friend and is just the greatest company. He was one of a litter of six, and we picked him because of his underbite, which we fell in love with!

He’s my best friend

Prince seems to instinctively know when you need a cuddle or cheering up, if you’d like a walk or just want to sit down. I got him after the death of my father six years ago, and he also was a huge comfort when my mother died this year.

Prince is a Pug who loves mountain walking and the beach. His personality is very human; he’s a mummy’s boy and loves a cuddle. He enjoys chasing birds and thinks he can catch them in the sky. He loves to eat (but luckily has never been into eating furniture or shoes!)

His best friend is our family dog Theo, a Bernese Mountain Dog. He also has the trick of sneezing on you when he’s very excited!

Meet Dexter

Dexter has perked up Elaine’s home life with his cheeky grin and outdoor escapades.

After losing my previous Labrador after 13 and a half years, life was far too quiet. Enter Dexter to shake it up again – a loveable, cheeky, friendly puppy who’s now seven months old now. He's very loyal, loves to please and will do anything for a hot dog sausage. He loves to play ball, chase the birds, collect sticks and run in the fields. Then its home for a bath and some chill out time on his sun lounger. With Dexter, life is now rich again and far from quiet!

With Dexter, life is rich again and far from quiet!

Meet Carmen

Carmen has been Wendy’s saviour during lockdown, but she hasn’t got the hang of video calls just yet...

Carmen is my Canine Partner, who’s been with me for just over a year now. She’s a beautiful Golden Retriever with the longest fluffy tail.

My dog helps me with tasks around the house. If I stop breathing at night, she wakes my husband by jumping on the bed, and is even trained to use an emergency phone to call an ambulance.

She is extremely caring but also has a wild side

She is extremely caring but also has a wild side and goes crazy on the beach. I think she’s trying to dig her way to Australia! The way she runs and plays, it’s hard to believe she’s the same calm girl that helps me through every day.

Carmen used to be a school reading dog, which she loved. She always looked as though she understood every word the children were saying. Now the reading classes take place over a video call, and Carmen always tries to get behind my laptop to see if the children are actually there behind the screen.

I don’t know how I’d have coped with lockdown without Carmen by my side. She is my angel and I love her to bits.

Meet Treacle

Jo and her dog Treacle had plenty of time to bond on their adventure through Europe

Treacle was found abandoned in the Bulgarian ski resort we were working at last winter. She was only about two months old, and not in the best condition. We took her in and nursed her back to health until she was strong enough to go outside and play in the snow. She grew into a happy, cheeky puppy who loved to spend time with us.

When the first lockdown happened, we were stuck in Bulgaria and couldn’t get home, so we found work on a campsite nearby. Treacle adored having us around all the time, and spent her days going on long walks and playing with the other dogs on the site.

She’s a major hit with all the guests

After a while, we managed to get a new job with a caravan park in the UK, and drove all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France with Treacle sleeping in the backseat. She was so well-behaved, charming every border control team we encountered and even waiting patiently when our van broke down.

Now we’re back in England, and Treacle loves her new countryside life. She likes to sit outside on the decking of our caravan and watch the world go by, or join us for a ride around the site in a golf buggy. She’s a major hit with all the guests too, and always manages to wrangle a treat out of them!


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