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British Dogs

Meet Lizzy

Eris loves everything about her dog Lizzy, who might appear a bit grouchy on the outside, but is the kindest, most loving dog on the inside.

Lizzy is all the things you don't want. She's stubborn, always thinks she knows best and incredibly grumpy if her dinner is late.

Despite all that, she's been my rock since we rescued her at three years old. She's seen me through clinical depression and anxiety, and still is there for me when I need her. With the isolation the current climate has brought, taking her for walks and spending lots of time cuddling has been my therapy.

She’s been my rock

Lizzy never fails to make me laugh, and she remains bouncy and energetic, lighting up whenever she gets a sniff of agility equipment. I'm honestly not sure how she keeps going, behaving like a dog half her age, the only real sign being that after her mad romps she does need to sleep for a while. But, as soon as that's done, she's ready to go again!

Meet Norman

Carole adores her cheeky chappy Norman, even if he does have a habit of going walkabout.

As a pup, Norman was a bit of an escapologist. He managed to escape out of the house and run off round the corner. He got into a garden and went in through an open back door. He was discovered by the homeowner when he heard a noise, turned around and found Norman sitting watching tv with him and his family!

Norman was a bit of an escapologist

Another time, he managed to squeeze under our garden fence and make his way into our neighbour’s house… where he was eventually found in her upstairs bedroom.


Meet Whiskey Sox

Yvonne was at a low point, but the moment Whiskey Sox bounded into her life, things changed for the better.

I was off work after being diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression and had been thinking about getting a dog for a while. We decided it would provide me with a focus, and since I would be at home, I’d have the time to help with the house training.

My husband, sister in law and I went to the breeders. She had a room of six-week-old puppies. As we talked, her 'house' dogs and a three-month-old pup wandered into the room. She was the runt of the previous litter, and the breeder had kept her back to build her up, but the arrival of the new puppies meant no one wanted her. Well, I did!

You couldn’t get a playing card between us

We took her home and named her Whiskey. From the very first day she was 'my' dog. She slept next to me, snuggled with me on the sofa (you couldn't get a playing card between us) and followed me everywhere.

I have since returned to work, but she is still my security blanket, my treasure and my dog. When I’m at work she stays with my husband, but I’m still her favourite. In a household of men, we stick together!

Meet Sasha

Laura didn’t know she needed Sasha in her life, but now the two of them are inseparable.

Sasha is my side-kick, my plus one, my absolute everything. I have grown up with Spaniels all my life, but when I lost my last boy Louis, I didn’t think I’d be able to ever get another one. Then, along came Sasha and she stole my heart from the moment I met her.

She stole my heart

She is the most sociable, friendly, loving dog I have ever known. It’s been just the two of us through lockdown and she has got me through it, getting me out and about on our walks every day and spending time in the garden with me.

Everyone needs a Sasha in their life.

Meet Bramble

Bramble likes to help Julie in more ways than one – but one thing she won’t get involved with is the weekly shopping run!

Bramble is a Registered Assistance Dog. She helps me in my day-to-day life with tasks like retrieving objects and pulling the washing out of the machine. Shopping, however, is not something she enjoys. Every time we pull up to the supermarket, she’ll look out of the car to see which one we’re at, and if it’s one she doesn't like it, she’ll just sit there and refuse to come in!

She’ll just sit there and refuse to come in!

Bramble was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. She loves to give me cuddles and has helped to build up my confidence. Now, I can do more things own my own, and she even encourages me to stop and speak to people I wouldn't normally chat with.

Meet Molly

Anita and her husband were finally able to get Molly once they retired, and they haven’t looked back!

Both my husband and I retired and decided we would get our longed-for fur baby now that we had time. Molly is an absolute joy. She loves everyone. Her best times are when any of our 13 grandchildren are around. She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles.

She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles

She is so loving and generates happiness! She loves being outdoors and greets everyone and everything with gusto. Her favourite outdoor time is chasing her ball. She always gets attention because she is so friendly.

Many people say she cheers them up as she so obviously loves life and loves being cuddled. She is very mischievous and funny and always keeps us on our toes. I never thought having a dog would be this rewarding.


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