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British Dogs

Meet Kin

A true one-of-a-kind dog, Kin has changed Robert’s life for the better

This amazing, cheeky girl has brought so much joy to my life.

Kin is unique because she’s the very first and only Japanese Akita Inu in the UK to be actively working as a seizure alert dog.

Where there had been danger and darkness in my life due to epileptic seizures, Kin has brought safety and light. Warning me of an impending seizure, this beautiful girl has revolutionised my life – allowing me time to put myself in a place of safety and looking after me while I’m unconscious.

It’s difficult to put into words what Kin means to me

Just this week, I was having an unpleasant and painful medical procedure in hospital, and Kin was by my side throughout. She could detect that the pain was inducing a seizure, and she gave her warning signals, which I alerted the medical staff to. They heeded my instructions and Kin’s warnings, and they halted the procedure, which brought me back from the brink of having a seizure.

It’s difficult to put into words what Kin means to me, other than she is my absolute world! I love her so much.

Meet Gibson

Carley loves watching how much Gibson helps the children in her care to feel better

I work in a special needs school and regularly do respite work with children who have severe disabilities and autism. Gibson often comes with me because he’s so gentle, and his easy-going nature helps the pupils to feel calmer and more relaxed.

He’ll join us for long walks around the park, and if one of the children his holding the lead he’ll purposely not pull, just so he doesn’t startle them. He knows that he should always stay close and is so perfectly well-behaved every time.

His easy-going nature helps the pupils

Recently, a child in my care became quite distressed and started crying uncontrollably. Gibson looked concerned, grabbed a toy and lay down with this child until they had calmed down. He even allowed them to stroke his paw which he usually doesn’t enjoy, but I think in this case, he knew how much it was helping.

Gibson is my hero, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

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Meet Mildred

Sophie was told Mildred would never be affectionate, but she’s gone on to defy everyone’s expectations

We got our Mildred from a Rescue home in Chobam around 11 years ago. She didn't have the best start to life, as she was mistreated quite badly as a puppy. We were told by the trainer that she would never be able to give us cuddles or love, as her upbringing had made it hard for her to trust humans.

We decided to give Millie a chance, as we knew we could give her the love she deserved. The first year or two was difficult, as we tried to train her and gain her trust. But we pulled through, and now she’s the most loving, loyal and caring dog.

She’s the most loving, loyal and caring dog

She truly is part of the family, and she’s even become a part-time therapy dog to us. She knows when anyone is feeling down or upset and will cuddle right up to us. She has these eyes that look right into you. But we have to make sure we have a little treat for her after – especially cheese!

For a dog that was never expected to show love, it’s extremely hard to get her out of our beds! She truly is the best. It just goes to show, if you give dogs a chance and offer them the love they deserve, they’ll be forever grateful.

Meet Alfie

Anna is in awe of how strong and resilient her dog Alfie is, even when life doesn’t go his way

In 2019, we noticed Alfie was starting to slow down a lot, and he seemed to be getting old before his time. Sadly, it turned out he was gradually losing his sight, and he became very withdrawn.

Alfie has shown such resilience

At the time, we were devastated, but Alfie has shown such resilience and found a way to overcome all his difficulties. He has so much strength and brings me endless happiness. He’s taught me to make the most of life andhe will forever be my best friend and inspiration!

Meet Nova

Leanne couldn’t imagine even a day without her beautiful dog Nova, who’s constant affection and positive energy brighten up her world.

My life has been filled with laughter, love and slobbery kisses since we got Nova just over a year ago.  She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met and always looks so happy.

Always looks so happy

She loves car rides, where she sits with her head and tongue sticking out of the window. She also enjoys doing zoomies in the park and diving headfirst onto the sofa. She is especially talented at giving the best hugs.

Sharing a bed with her can be quite a challenge, as she kicks out her hind legs to get comfy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Going on walks and chatting to her every day is my saving grace and a happiness that can’t be replaced.

Meet Lilly

Whether they’re out for walks or snuggling up at home, Sam’s puppy Lilly has been the light of her life for the past year

Ever since I got Lilly, my Spanish Water Dog puppy, she’s brought me lots of love, happiness and fun. In January this year, my beloved dog Zuky crossed the rainbow bridge at the old age of 15, but Lilly has been a wonderful companion. She checks up on me to make sure I’m OK, and she’s helping me cope with the huge loss in my heart.

When I went to see Lilly as a puppy, I entered the room and she came over, licked my face and snuggled up. They do say a puppy chooses their owner! Before I got her, my health was declining rapidly. Now I feel like a different person. Not only has she been excellent for my physical health, but she’s helped my confidence with meeting people – something I find difficult due to a neurological condition I have.

Lilly’s more than just a dog

Every day we go for a walk, come rain or shine. We have lots of fun walking in the countryside, and then in the evening, we relax watching our favourite nature documentaries with David Attenborough. She gets the zoomies every evening. And she has loads of different toys, but her favourite is my outdoor Crocs!

Lilly’s more than just a dog, she’s my world. She loves her life and has everything a young dog needs to remain happy and healthy. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s also doing really well with her training as I have lots of dog knowledge, so she’s a very good puppy. She’ll soon be at her teenage stage, which could be a challenge, but I’m ready for whatever comes our way.

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