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British Dogs

Meet Kenny

Over the years, Kenny has helped his owner Prudence through some of the most challenging times

Kenny is a joy. I got him as a puppy when I was 19 years old, and he has been a constant companion and support in my life ever since.

He’s brought me through so much

When I was 27, I lost my mum very suddenly and Kenny became my reason for carrying on. He’s brought me through so much and has always been full of character.

He was very unwell last year when I was heavily pregnant, and I was scared I was going to lose him, but thankfully, he pulled through and although he’s now very old, he’s still full of life! My baby might never remember him, but I’m so glad they’ve been able to meet one another.

Meet Jasper

After Christine’s traumatic car accident, Jasper was exactly what she needed during her recovery

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. In November 2015, I was driving home on the motorway when, all of a sudden, I was involved in a horrendous accident.

An HGV collided with my car, and I was dragged side-on down the motorway. I was extremely lucky to have walked away without any broken bones. However, I suffered from PTSD and severe anxiety from the trauma.

He helped me to get out the house and overcome my anxiety

Around that time, my partner's dog had a litter of pups. From the get-go, Jasper was drawn to me and I to him – we were like magnets. I loved him so much. He’s so caring and helped me to get out the house and overcome my anxiety.

Today, he’s still my 'cuddle puppy,' and I now also have his daughter. Both of them bring so much joy to my life and I am so grateful to have them.

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Meet Max

With Max around, Barry doesn’t get much peace and quiet – but he wouldn’t have it any other way

Max is my West Highland Terrier. He’s always making us laugh, especially when he tries to be at one with nature – he spends hours watching the birds in our birdbath, and loves playing with the squirrels in the garden.

He likes to keep me company on the charity walks that I take part in. Last year, my wife and I completed a 16-mile walk for the British Heart Foundation. We came home absolutely shattered, but energetic Max lay down for a grand total of 10 minutes, before running around like a sprinter again! This year, I’ve completed a 3.4 million step challenge for Diabetes UK, with my little mate Max by my side all the way.

Max gets excited by anything and everything

Max gets excited by anything and everything, which is a joy to see. The first time he visited the beach, he ran around and around in circles, to the point where my wife was crying with laughter! When he first saw snow he rolled over until he was soaked through – he just has so much energy and finds happiness in everything.

He makes us smile every day. One of the things he loves most is cuddling with his mum (my wife). He’ll jump up and paw at her until she gives in and lets him flop onto her lap. He gets jealous when we’re snuggled up without him, and will even wedge his way in-between us so as not to miss out!

Meet Scrabble

When their belongings unexpectedly disappear, Lucy and her family have come to realise that Scrabble is usually the culprit

We got Scrabble at the start of June this year, and since then, she has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives. She loves stealing the laundry as you hang it on the line. We only know something has gone because suddenly she streaks past you and disappears – we call it being Scrabbled!

One time, we tried to put up guttering in our new shed, and at the key moment we found the connectors had been Scrabbled. Other times, we might go to put on walking boots, and one of them has been Scrabbled. Where do they go? Quite often in the wild part of our garden at the back, or if we are lucky, just in the dog bed!

She has become this whirlwind of affection, fun and mischief in our lives

Scrabble won’t let you not love her. She literally bounds into your arms and licks your nose if you are not cuddling her or playing. And then, just as suddenly, she is curled up asleep.

Tonight, I walked her and my other dog, Corry, down the lane from my house at dusk. Her delight and curiosity towards the deer, owls and squirrels was so heart-warming. She always loves sniffing and sometimes eating flowers, and she’ll come up for a quick stroke if she’s unsure where we’re going. I could never be alone or lonely with that little girl!

Meet Dexter

Dexter has perked up Elaine’s home life with his cheeky grin and outdoor escapades.

After losing my previous Labrador after 13 and a half years, life was far too quiet. Enter Dexter to shake it up again – a loveable, cheeky, friendly puppy who’s now seven months old now. He's very loyal, loves to please and will do anything for a hot dog sausage. He loves to play ball, chase the birds, collect sticks and run in the fields. Then its home for a bath and some chill out time on his sun lounger. With Dexter, life is now rich again and far from quiet!

With Dexter, life is rich again and far from quiet!

Meet Mac

Deb’s dog Mac may look like an old man, but he’s got the spirit of a young pup

Mac is my confidant. I have health issues and have had to retire because of them, but Mac keeps me going, even on my darkest days. It’s almost as though he can sense when things are really bad, because he’ll always give me lots of cuddles to cheer me up.

Mac keeps me going

Balls are his favourite toy, so he has a rather large collection. He also has a few quirky habits, like how he hates walking on the tiled floor and will refuse to come in unless I put his bed down for him, or how much he barks at the postman. Mac always waits until you’ve finished your food before he eats his, just in case you give him any extras!

As he’s getting old, he has a few health issues now, but as soon as you throw a ball, he turns into a young pup again. He does look like an old man with his bushy eyebrows and podgy tummy, but that just makes him all the more adorable.

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