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British Dogs

Meet Jester

Lockdown has been tough on Barbara, but Jester’s love and personality are just what she needs to get through.

Jester is just three months old but has already made a big difference to my life. I was widowed suddenly last year and I am classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, so found the first lockdown very hard. My daughter and family did all they could but obviously cannot be here 24/7.

He has already made a big difference to my life

This lockdown is hard, but I have a purpose: woken at 6.30am, puppy training, regular meals, games and enforced rest whilst he sleeps – usually on me, given the chance!

He may not be able to talk but he cocks his head and listens, probably thinking ‘is she going mad?!’ Help in the garden involves digging, pulling trailing plants, collecting and dispersing fallen apples.

Meet Sully

Sully is the most loyal of dogs and likes to accompany Paul everywhere – he won’t even eat a biscuit without him!

Deep down Sully is a big softie at heart, very loyal to my wife and I. He gets nervous when out and likes to cuddle his teddy – in fact, he is so attached to it that he’s been known to carry it around with him on his walks!

He loves to go fishing with me

We do walk together a lot, but he loves to go fishing with me. He goes mad when I catch a fish, watching my line until I bring it in. He sits there for hours with me. We also go to watch my daughter play football, and he’ll sit on my lap while the game is going on.

If my wife gives him a biscuit in the morning before going out, he won’t eat it until he has shown it to me when I come home in the afternoon. All it takes for us is to say to him ‘where’s the cat?’ and he’ll go up the garden barking like mad, even though there is no cat!


Meet Scooby

If Neville was ever in trouble, Scooby would break down any barrier to be by his side.

My dog Scooby is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Schnauzer. He’s now eight years old. When I and my now departed wife went to the farm with our daughter, he was the last puppy left all alone in a barn. He was just too lovable to be left on his own.

He was just too lovable

He is a very friendly boy and always looks for attention. I am 69 and currently in isolation with an underlying health condition. I had to go to the hospital at the end of March and the poor little soul didn’t know what was going on – he broke through the fence looking for me! My son-in-law went looking for him and I got a call from the person who had caught him. Luckily, I came home that night and we were reunited.

I also have a Husky (Mia), a kitten (Tommy) and a budgie (Clyde). They all get on with each other, which is a blessing in the current climate!

Meet Maisie

Maisie takes it upon herself to look after everyone, her owner Louise and their pet guinea pigs included!

Maisie is a loving, sociable dog. Even though she has doggy dementia, she still adores life and loves long walks, body boarding and rock pooling! I love going with her and watching her snorkel – once she even caught a crab!

She treats our guinea pigs like her puppies

She also loves little kids and treats our guinea pigs like her puppies, grooming them and sharing (or stealing) the veg from their plates as she loves sprouts! She will do a repertoire of tricks if you don’t give her a treat.

She is intelligent, stubborn and intuitive and can identify when my partner is in pain to the point when she will lie against her back and refuse to move when she has a flare up. Maisie has also helped me through tough times, allowing me to gradually get from agoraphobic to being able to go out with her by my side.

Meet Molly

Anita and her husband were finally able to get Molly once they retired, and they haven’t looked back!

Both my husband and I retired and decided we would get our longed-for fur baby now that we had time. Molly is an absolute joy. She loves everyone. Her best times are when any of our 13 grandchildren are around. She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles.

She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles

She is so loving and generates happiness! She loves being outdoors and greets everyone and everything with gusto. Her favourite outdoor time is chasing her ball. She always gets attention because she is so friendly.

Many people say she cheers them up as she so obviously loves life and loves being cuddled. She is very mischievous and funny and always keeps us on our toes. I never thought having a dog would be this rewarding.

Meet Ferdie

Dea’s Doberman Ferdie is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

20-week-old Ferdie was a hard decision to make honestly. We lost our previous dog three years ago and were heartbroken. He had been a rescue dog and no other could replace him. We agreed to wait until we had more time on our hands before we would consider getting another. We occasionally talked about getting a dog but that was as far as it went until we were told about some Doberman puppies. I was very reluctant as I wasn’t used to a large breed of dog and I’d heard some (incorrect) bad press stories about the Doberman dogs. My partner was more enthusiastic than I was but we decided to go and investigate. And, as they say, we never looked back!

He has given us a new lease of life

This charming boy came along at just the right time. He has given us a new lease of life. Like any puppy he’s been hard work, but we’ve been rewarded with the most gentle and soppiest of dogs. There’s not an aggressive bone in his body and he has such a lust for life. In fact, he’s got so little aggression that all his toys remain intact. He has one downfall though – he’s not keen on getting his feet wet and we live right by the sea. Even damp sand causes a disdainful look! He is a regular window ornament and likes nothing more than to lie there and watch the world go by. I have plenty of doggy nose art to clean on a daily basis!


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